Morocco, Portugal · 2 Days · 8 Moments · September 2017

Aidh in Portugal

2 September 2017

Sunset along the Tagus River, with monuments to Portugal history of exploration & sailing. We stopped and listened to and old man playing guitar. Beautiful place, nice moment.
Jeronimos Monastery
MAAT museum is built in the old Lisbon power station. They have the generators intact and restored so you can climb all over them, explore, and learn how the power station worked. They had some cool kids exhibits on electrical theory, and some strange art exhibits. The campus is beautiful, right on the water overlooking the sister bridge to the Golden Gate with a constant stream of sailboats cruising by out to the Atlantic. Down the river is their underground Oval Gallery, which had a fascinating exhibit on resource use, that had a city park built inside rapidly cycling through day & night scenes. It was strangely peaceful and hard to leave.

1 September 2017

Excellent lunch & wine at great outdoor restaurant by the water, beautiful vistas of the river & ocean while walking around.
Room wasn't ready, taking almost an hour to get it ready. Suits us just fine--the patio overlooking the city is so high up it's almost silent. As the white walls & red roofs shine in the sun, I'm sliding further & further down in this shaded chair as the canaries sing, cathedral bells chime and the cool breeze washes over us... Amazing cooking smells keep floating up from below... we'd better go investigate.
Walk up the hill to The Keep (hotel) through the winding narrow streets. Feels a lot like a movie set, and a little like central Macau. Lots of dumb tourists like us on the streets, but still quaint & lively.
Beautiful water& coast flying in!
Royal Air Maroc it is.