Poland · 3 Days · 20 Moments · June 2017

Claudio's adventure in Kraków, Poland

17 June 2017

Lunch in the autogrill...terrible weather, and we have to spend the left over slothi
On the way to Dresden....a bit of sadness inside. I liked this country, especially the persons

16 June 2017

Memorial building at the end of the railway and crematorium destriyes by the sonder commando
Toilette - 200 for the entire camp, every prisoner had 40 sec per day to use it, one sleeping building (700 persons per block). Selection place on arrival. Path to death (between the wire, to the crematorium in the forest).
Birkenau. Entrance
Interiors of the building , execution wall and obscured windows (Mengele building with expwrimebts of women sterilization)
Still belongings of the prisoners plus toilette
Belongings of the prisoners and Zyklon B cans
Inside one building. Camps map
Inside Auschwitz camp. Where the orchestra played twice at day and arbeit macht frei
Auschwitz memorial visit

15 June 2017

Hop on hop off bus tour
Hop on hop off bus tour
Hop on hop off bus tour
Hop on hop off bus tour
City center
Oscar Schindler fabrik
City center
City center
Just arrived. The hotel looks good from outside, but actually it is not. It is more an hostel for students. The restaurant was not bad. The food is good and cheap