Colombia · 7 Days · 4 Moments · September 2017

Clarissa's journi to Colombia

8 September 2017

Loving the moment as we're celebrating davids 39th birthday. We're eating amazing food in the old city!

4 September 2017

Me and David love the cupcakes at casa rosa! The cupcakes are like homes but they hold their wait for sure!

3 September 2017

Fun day at the beach! Started out with some a shrimp cerviche that was to die for and then moved on to an awesome pina colada... Ended he day with some snorkeling with the fishes!

2 September 2017

Pretty awesome time at alameda mall in Monteria Colombia. Funny thing is i didn't end up going shopping at all. Instead Marie-Alejandra and I end up spending some pretty serious time playing at a children's game park. It was awesome when we got revenge using bumper cars! And mi mama seemed to really enjoy the massage chair.