Netherlands · 2 Days · 22 Moments · May 2016

Cindy's adventure in Netherlands

15 May 2016

And now the wacky part of the tour... Red lights district...
Time for a rest and for a coffee..
Con el parcerísimo Vincent Van Gogh
Esta fue la sorpresa más linda del viaje ❤️❤️ Encontrarme de casualidad a mi Medallo en una carta del museo Stedelijk 😍. Aquí sólo ofrecen este tipo de café. - This was definitely the best surprise ever during my solo-trip: finding accidentally my hometown name in the menu of the museum Stedelijk!!! They ONLY offer coffee from Colombia. The funny part is that I was reluctant to order coffee 'cause I normally prefer tea, but after reading Medellin all doubts faded away!!!
And now lunch time at Stedelijk Museum... ... I thought a solo trip in Europe couldn't be as cool and interesting as in Asia. Amsterdam nailed it absolutely! ❤️🇳🇱 #feelinggrateful
Definitely a good decision, visiting this museum 😊... It's been a while I hadn't contact with cool modern art museums since last time in Pompidou (Paris)... a refreshing and inspirational sensation ✨🖌🇳🇱
Soooo the line was pretty long, so I made a reservation online for 4pm and then I could skipped it 😁. In the meanwhile I visited Museum Stedelijk.
Another line for Van Gogh Museum 😩 It will worth it....

14 May 2016

Amsterdam weather can be described as the humor of a 50 years old women 😒... Spontaneous rains surprised me while biking (including hail!!!). Here it looks dark and threatening... And then...
... And then the sun shone back 😒. Cindy biking in Amsterdam: wet - dry - wet- dry- again dry and chillin' and then suddenly wet with hail crashing face.... ☀️🌧☀️🌧 ennn finn!
Súper feliz de por fin haber conocido la casa de Ana Frank, y continuar el día vagando en bici por la ciudad sin programas o planes. Es lo que más disfruto de los solotrips: vagar, observar, conocer y, si me da la gana, salirme de lo turístico y pasearme por los otros tantos sitios sin turismo pero seguro con historia... Ps: estoy segura que esta parte del muelle fue decorada por asiáticos (nótese él buda al fondo).
After waiting 30min in line, finally I'm arriving to the main entrance of Anne Frank House ❤️
And this is the queue for Anne Frank House 😩
Amsterdam Museum: Goliath and David...
En este barrio los hombres tienen que evacuar después de las 5pm!!! Estamos hablando de casas del siglo XVII y XVIII Exclusivamente para mujeres
Muchachomalo .... Sólo para bad boys!
Vintage shopping babbeyy!!
#neverimagined Coming to Amsterdam for vintage shopping 🙈😆
At the center Por el centro