North America, Europe · 5 Days · 15 Moments · September 2015

European Vacation 2015

30 September 2015

Simplicity at its finest is truly the way to live. From my experience in these small Italian towns I have learned that happiness is found in in many different ways. No one is on cell phones when eating. No one is texting. They are enjoying the company of friends over a glass of wine or coffee. We have it wrong. The Italians seem to enjoy the moment. It is early morning and I am on the train back to Milan to fly to Paris. Learned to appreciate things more in Italy. Can't wait to see what Paris brings.

29 September 2015

Endin Italy with limoncello. Now onto Paris!

28 September 2015

What I have learned in italy so far: 1. 1/2 carafe of wine per person is a good start. 2. Limoncello ice cold. Great for after dinner. #secondroundevenbetter 3. Based on the picture menu the waiter could tell what we wanted for breakfast. #standouttourists. #sweatervestgivesitaway #donteateggsforprotein 4. No matter what, always meet retirees at train station from Florida. 5. First class on trains #assignedwindowseatsamust 6. Santa margarita is beautiful in the Italian Rivera. #lookslikeretireesinsarasota 7. Portofino Italy, nicer then the portofino resort at universal. 8. Don't eat dinner at same time as wait staff. You may be waiting a while. 9. Learning more about Italian toilets then I care to know. #stilllovethefloorflusher. 10. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. #hiking cinque terra.
Dinner in portofino Italy.

27 September 2015

The funicular that takes you to the top of the mountain.
Top things I have learned so far in Italy 1. Dogs are everywhere even in stores and they have their own seats at restaurants. 2. Everyone smokes. Every restaurant has an ashtray. Lots of young people smoking. 3. Italian men and women are beautiful. It is amazing. 4. Cars are crazy! They drive super fast. 5. Life is simple. It is about good Food, good drink and smoking. 6. You flush the toilet on the floor. It is an interesting concept and one the US should think about. 7. I see why people think the US is gross. Enough said. 8. Been here for a few days and not sure how the whole tipping thing works. 9. No one here is overweight. Again they are all beautiful and smoke. 10. I like this way of life.
The way lunch should be.

26 September 2015

Trying to upload pics. Wifi is slow!!
Today we arrived in Milan and had a car take us to Como. We had cappuccino and pastries in a cafe. We then took a ferry through the little towns to Bellagio and had wine, pizza and gelato!!
Beautiful small towns
Awesome ferry ride!

25 September 2015

For those of you betting in the pool, our plane's takeoff weight is 483,321 lbs. Congratulations.
As we are getting close to boarding Charlie the pilot comes out to the waiting area and welcomes us. He likes to have a personal conversation with everyone. Explains the weather in Milan the length of the flight (7hrs 3 min) and talks about why there are 3 pilots (so one can nap, we shouldn't get nervous if we see one sleeping). When he was done the whole crowd in the lobby clapped for him nice way to start the trip. I like pilot Charlie!!
Just had Shake Shack, now this...
Nothing like a treat bag at the gate from my favorite Delta flight attendant Tom!!