Canada · 12 Days · 9 Moments · June 2017

It's All In!

21 June 2017

Movers have been and gone..we are left with the carnage of figuring out where to stuff all of it. Ed is currently cursing an IKEA bed that was disassembled 2 times in the last couple of months... sounds like it's not one of those things that gets easier with reps. Dogs are back from Doggy day camp.. it would appear they worked awfully hard as they are racked out and snoring. They did the tour of the new yard, marked some territory and decided to nap. Apparently we have connectivity, phone and TV... yet to be verified when we find those items. We work off faith and crossed fingers... apparently the Bell Alliant guy was a bit too busy to play our guess which box game. We had our celebratory supper of chicken and salad.. that's 3 days in a row now.. not feeling it so special any more.. gonna have to mix it up now that I have some kitchen tools. Mom dropped by for a visit and the grand tour. So happy she was able to get her on her own steAm.. pretty good for 82 yrs!

20 June 2017

Quick update.. I had to go dark there for a couple of days as I messed up. We were supposed to take possession of our house yesterday however I missed a small detail. When a couple of weeks ago we had to chg our possession date by one day to facilitate the movers on this end, we signed all the docs etc... but I neglected to tell the bank...dahhh. When the lawyer told me yesterday they had not received the mortgage instructions I could not figure out why... till it hit me like a ton of bricks, because they thought closing was the next day! Very fast backpaddling occurs at these moments.. lots of apologies and lots of hopes for goodwill. And there was lots of good will.. our house was officially ours at 10 am this morning and an illegal fence that was being installed since 8 am suddenly became legal. Phewww. Life on the edge is not for the faint of heart. Stay tuned for pics tomorrow... I have no wiifi yet and almost out of data. Still sliding by.

18 June 2017

After a rest we were up and on the road early yesterday as we would lose another hour as we hit Atlantic time. As it happened we lost more than an hour b/c we immediately got on the wrong road and took a scenic route out of RivereDu Loup lasting about 44 mins more than planned. It was a twisty turny roller coaster ride that I would highly recommend to our m/c riding friends..but not for people trying to get home in a hurry. Many sleepy much so a raccoon walking down the middle of the road to welcome us. Once we hit the TCH, rOads were beautiful. NB and NS can be proud of their major highways..they were a pleasure to drive other than the rain and more rain. I just realized it is Father's Day today..special breakfast of precooked bacon, week old muffin and yogurt and berries(old berries) I need to up my game. Yesterday we drove in tandem across the NS border honked horns and high fived our way home we needed to rush to beat the store closing in Amherst..a craft store,all good

16 June 2017

Today we made it to Rivière du loup in good time and are parked looking out at the St Lawrence. It was a very long emotional day as our thoughts and hearts were with our beautiful daughter Jennifer whose furbaby, Clover was hit by a car last night and died. We are so far away and the pain is palpable. It was hard to even comfort each other as we are in separate vehicles. Say a wish and a prayer for Clover who is at rainbow bridge chasing rabbits with all the loved fur babies who went before him..Bud, Chelsea, Katy and Rupert. We are devastated, exhausted and signing off for tonight. Love to you all.

15 June 2017

It's been a great day all the way around, if you can forget waking up to more rain and wet dogs. 1st off Kirbys won the bacon war, amidst wet dog and cramped quarters. Then there was the find of bCake timbits..with sprinkles.. yes that birthday is packed up and put to bed. Very few places add the sprinkles. And then there was finally the check of a 6 month old Ontario lottery tickets.10 bucks and a free play. It may take another 6 mons to check that ticket. We had a 10 hr day today and made it to Renfrew which is about 1 hr north of Ottawa. Hopefully rivière du loup tomorrow...and then slide into home on Saturday. Dogs have been extremely good. We got the small business of Chloe's irregularity thankfully taken care of.. Ed was concerned about a hazardous waste dump in the van... yay Chloe the grass. Small fact, c&w music piped in to every KOA...what does that really say? I faintly remember Celine in the QC KOA.. kinda the same. Ed back fm the beer run. Gotta go!

14 June 2017

Well the rain did come..and the wind and the thunder. Not a huge deal but with 3 dogs in cramped quarters it gets interesting. We had all the evening duties taken care of however the wind required a get up from ed to secure the cooler and outside table. We managed breakfast with everyone in the trailer however I suspect the knocking over of the bacon was no accident as the mad scramble ensued in the 2x2 space under foot. Dogs 1 Kirby's 0 Luckily we got packed up quickly and on the road by 0730. The cross winds/gusts were brutal for the fist couple of hours.. the Prius worked hard.. however still using 1/3 the fuel of the van. Once again my co-driver was napping with her tongue out when I could have used a bit of support through the wind and rain.. thank god Ed humoured me every now and then with the walkie talkie..Nicki showed his support and concern by whining for most of the day..poor Ed dealing with all of us. We are in sault st Marie.. the Taj Mahal of KOAs

13 June 2017

1st day of driving done..I only needed One nap.. 3 bathroom breaks. I think I'm cramping Ed's driving style however as you can see from the pics I've had to fire the navigator. We arrived in Thunder Bay KOA just after supper time. Thankfully meals were leftovers that only required reheating..special birthday supper don't you know. Sadly/oddly we did not locate any bday cake Timmys timbits today..our quest will continue tomorrow this birthday cannot be considered put to bed till bday cake timbits have been consumed. Losing an hour on the highway is just crappy..if is now officially passed my bedtime.
I guess somehow what I wrote this morning did not publish. We had a busy 2 days of final packing and then witnessed mathematical precision to see the movers fit all of that stuff in 27 ft of cargo space with a dramatic finish that included everyone pushing the door closed latching it and plenty of high fives. Those 4 men worked so hard yesterday... hats off to Winnipeg movers. Our evening was spent with final goodbyes to our lovely neighbours. And then we retired to our driveway for our final sleep at 34 Thornhill bay.. with the 3 dogs in our trailer. They had no trouble sleeping as the had spent the day at doggy day camp and spa and Maggie was exhausted fm supervising the movers.. however I cannot claim to have had the best sleep. There were dogs everywhere... oh well.. must get on with the days celebration.. Ed'z birthday and we need to get this convoy moving. The pic is of the moon over our house.. one last time. Good night moon.

10 June 2017

Another day of goodbyes to loved ones and final visits to favourite haunts. In typical Winnipeg fashion there was rain and then the sun broke through with the heat. Charleswood, St James, Shelmerdines, St Norbert many local products by local farmers and artisans that I have looked forward to each year, so familiar and such fun. Ed was home "tweaking" the garage packing. Lord I hope the movers are bringing many strong people...or a crane. They will be worn out before they even get to see my craft "stuff". There is no doubt there will be questions about what could possibly be in that many bins all labeled "basement". The plan for the convoy on Tuesday goes like this.Maggie is lead dog in the Prius with mom driving.Maggie will also be in charge of the GPS. Ed and his crew of Nicki and Chloe will follow in the van hauling the housing unit,the trailer. All "crew" members will be getting bathed and groomed before commencing their duties. Maggie is at the spa today!