United Kingdom, South Africa · 11 Days · 27 Moments · October 2017

LAT's journi to South Africa October 2017

23 October 2017

And so our journey comes up an end! We're sad to leave but have had an amazing experience and have formed some strong partnerships. Plenty to reflect on over the next couple of weeks, as we consider how to take our projects forward! In the meantime- here are the top 'Sprylights' Entertainment at its best!

22 October 2017

Rhinos, zebra, elephants, leopards, lions, buffalo, ostrich, warthogs, hippo, crocodiles, rhino and hyenas, giraffes - a bit more than the big five!!!

21 October 2017

Kruger - plenty of look alikes on tour! Recognise anyone??? 😂

20 October 2017

Jo'burg - here we come 👍
Great presentations from our LAT schools at the British Council conference this afternoon! A perfect end to a perfect week 😊
What a fantastic time we've had in Cape Town, very sad to leave the wonderful Hidayatul Primary! Been both humbled and enthused by what we have experienced. The sheer sense of community, love and respect is impressive. Firm partnerships and lifelong friends made! Now to start fund raising to get them over to us. Cape Town - we'll be back 😉

19 October 2017

Another whirlwind day at Hidayatul Primary, looking at gender stereotypes - an invite to the Kensington women's council. These women were responsible for founding the school and nursery! #communitylove
Five go to Robben Island. A (very) bumpy ride over there but well worth it. A tour given by an ex-prisoner, and a poignant insight into the political struggles of South Africa.
Proud of our Hidayatul children - finished their presentations on gender equality today, and presented to our Year 5 and 6 children back at Woodfield. The wonder of a FaceTime link (thank you Georgia for sorting it out!)

18 October 2017

Penultimate gender stereotyping lesson today - lots of discussion and Oracy skills. We can see the impact on the learners already. Tomorrow is presentation time 👍
Then straight on to Cape Point - the most southerly tip of Africa, with a view of the Cape of Good Hope. Stunning views. Only problem was that we got sidetracked by a baboon on the way out and nearly got locked in the national park 😉 all safe though!
Next stop - Boulders beach at Simon's Town (!!!!) Penguins on the beach, in the sun! Amazing 👍😊☀️
Whistle stop tour of the cape this afternoon. First stop Muizenberg - lucky no sharks 🦈 to be seen 😮
Early morning gift at school 😊

17 October 2017

After 3 days of rain and cloud, we've finally made it to the top of Table Mountain! Hooray!
Full on day at school today! First stop, teaching a maths lesson at 7.45am (!!!!) followed by opening and replying to letters, from Year 6 at Woodfield. We finished the morning with a fabulous Oracy session, on our joint project on gender equality! We've been well fed and watered along the way, with gifts of food from staff and children!
Oxford Reading Tree gets everywhere! Biff, Chip and Kipper in Afrikaans 😁

16 October 2017

What a lovely welcome for Woodfield to Hidayatal School. Assembly outside, no displays, no books to read, no interactive whiteboards, no technology! Just lots of chalk and talk. But, totally blown away, with the sheer joy, respect and attitude of the children! We have a lot to learn about creating ethos and culture within our schools! Looking forward to teaching tomorrow.
Hidayatul Primary - inspiration in the staff room 😁

15 October 2017

Back in the city later in the day ... the rain had blown away and for the first time, we actually saw the top of table mountain! Hooray! So, out for a leisurely stroll around the V&A! Complete with a cocktail or two 😉
Despite the fact we booked our tickets weeks ago, our trip to Robben Island was cancelled, due to poor weather conditions. So, where better to pass a blustery afternoon than the winelands! With roaming goats, a spot of yoga and a random zebra in the bush! Many a laugh was had, quaffing wine and eating cheese! Ps - Simon was designated driver (unlucky!!)
All prepared for school tomorrow! Met Jayne, our Cape Town link at Kirstenbosch Gardens and bumped into Elburton Primary colleagues! Excited and ready for the next stage of our adventure tomorrow!

14 October 2017

An afternoon at Camps Bay before it rained. Always tricky trying to navigate the streets of Cape Town in your hire car, whilst trying to keep up with Mr Spry!
Saturday night in Cape Town! After walking down Long Street (there's a reason why it's called Long Street) we happened upon an Irish bar - The Dubliner @ Kennedys. Some good food and a spot of dancing - yes even Mr Spry boogied the night away. We realised on the way home why it's not particularly safe to walk around Cape Town at night! All safely tucked up now - ready for another adventure tomorrow!
25 hours of travelling and we're finally here ... welcomed by clouds!!!!! 😮

13 October 2017

Ready to board. Next stop Jo'burg 👍
Heathrow! Woodfield and Salisbury Road have arrived 😉