Italy · 7 Days · 7 Moments · April 2018

Ciao from Retrotrippers in Italia 2018

10 April 2018

WHAT A WIN 5-1 aggregate!

9 April 2018

Started early and drove to Trento in Arialdo’s car. Bill went to work, we went sight seeing, cathedral coffee etc. Met Peepo for lunch drove to Verona to pick up the hire car and I drove Arialdo’s. Bit nervous! Went to Nicky and Sandra, had a Pirlo with Arialdo, pizza at Pizza Castello. Lovely Bardolino Classico Superiore! Back for drinks before bed.

8 April 2018

An eventful day. We drove from our hotel to Cittadella a 13C walled city in the shadiow of the Dolomites. Usual coffee and stuff then walked the walls and headed for home then.............wallop......... cam belt snaps oil leak, all emergency lights come on. Damn. 2nd car of Arialdo’s Bill has buggared! Arialdo came to rescue us and we went back to his for Gianfranco’s excellent salami and Risotto with pork and Risotto and mushroom. Delish. Met the vet and his wife and drank Laphroig.
What a bizarre day! Started with a journey to Treviso en route to see Pippo (Bills new name) mate Luigi. We arrived in the square for 5 mins of silence in remembrance of the bombs which devastated the city in 1944. I remember standing there thinking, I hope they weren’t British bombs! (It was the Yanks!). We checked into our hotel, had drinks and waited for Martha, Pippo’s friends partner, to pick us up. She arrived in a Fiat 500 - which was fun trying to get into that. Luigi wasn’t at home when we arrived so Martha showed us around his weird garden full of steel sculptures. Luigi arrived, showed us his party shed complete with kitchen, massive home-made wood burner, full size disco and cellar with lift!! We were joined by Jed and Pia (lots of good tips for Croatia) We had amazing risotto and massive T bone steaks cake and enough wine and grappa to drown in. Then the phalic coffee pot came out, the disco kicked off and we rocked till 2 pm. Completely unexpected evening and great fun!!

6 April 2018

Check out the trendy boys with their “short long trousers! Seems that how everyone is wearing their kecks nowadays! Judy says we look like bovver boys! Circa 1970 ish. We had coffe ( of course) and went to Bardorlino for a walk and lunch. Bill bought a coat and so did Judy! Lovely sunshine and a lovely town. Went for a train ride around the town - sad, is this what it’s come down too! Choo choo!! Had the usual Pirlo with Arialdo and then dinner at Fontana back in Solforino.

5 April 2018

Long lie in till 10 today! All the excitement after the 3-0 win for LIVERPOOL! What a night! We found a bar in Desenzano that specialised in prosecco and stayed open for us to watch the game. What a night. And a great way to celebrate Bill and Sandra’s anniversary. Today we went for coffee in Castiglione then onto Pademge on the lake. Walked for a bit then had a bite and drink on the beach. Met up with Mario, Arialdo and Lucia and her two children, Stefano and Guya. Went for our fave pizza with an excellent Bardarlino superiors with Parma ham and Parmesan cheese. Great night!

4 April 2018

We set off for our happy holiday at 5am with Bill and Sandra. We cut it a bit fine at the airport - which was manic - but we made it! I was sat next to 2 Polish guys who were on their way to watch the Milan Derby tonight. They were both drinking larger at 8:15 and were fans of Liverpool and Jerzey Dudek, ex Lpool goalie, so good omen for tonight’s big game! Headed for the supermarket for lunch and the weeks shopping, you know, wine, beer, prosecco, cheese, salami etc. Just got to have a nap before meeting up with Arialdo to watch the main match Liverpool v City! Exciting! Come on you Reds!!