United States of America · 6 Days · 13 Moments · December 2017

The Faulkner Family Vacation

21 December 2017

Bryce Canyonfrom 12 - 1:30. Cold!! 14F and 22 mph winds.

20 December 2017

Departed Zion Lodge at 9:40. About 2” snow last night beautiful morning!!
Check in to Zion Lodge after hiking lower and upper emerald pool trails. All participated andHana did amazing. Zell and Clate went on rock climbing adventure. Arrived at the trails at approx 2 pm.
Departing Masawik Lodge at Grand Canyon. Headed to Zion!!

19 December 2017

Sunrise at Mather Point.

18 December 2017

Blue Mesa Trail. This bench reminded me of papa c.
Painted desert!

17 December 2017

Taos Ski lessons

16 December 2017

Made it to Taos. Sagebrush Inn.
Windmills along the highway
Starting out from Ft Smith. Goal is Taos.
Ft Smith for the night!

15 December 2017

Were on our way!!!! Montana here we come!!!