Norway · 1 Days · 8 Moments · July 2017

Chryssi's journi to Norway

31 July 2017

Ok it is 4:57 am and we just ate LUNCH... 😶 We are in Oslo still and we ate from a place called Fjola Ya it's crazy, these r some pics I had orange juice and some sandwich with Swiss cheese and bacon and eggs... I am gonna play flappy golf... Ttyl, Chryssi
Ok it's 3:26 am and I'm hyper. Ok, so technically for me it's now it's actually 9 am since I'm in Norway. There is an amazing view and it has a great temperature. Did I mention the totes high class bathrooms! Well I just did. It's clean, high security, and has a whole clean counter for makeup and hair stations. It's lit. My dad is on Facebook messenger talking to relatives. I'm bored so I'm gonna watch some utube. Ttyl, Chryssi

30 July 2017

Now the time is 5:43. We just finished. It cost 64$. The gyro was de lish! I can't wait to go to Oslo. I'm eating gum now. Ømg that's sooo random. We are gates B63 Terminal ? I spoke to Vidhi before and she got a new scooter and clothes. I also chatted with Sarah and she was bike riding. Well, I'll talk soon... Ttyl, Chryssi
Me at airport
It is 5:00 pm. We are still at the air port we are at the Mediterranean Bistro. We are ordering a beef gyro for me, a burger no bun, a beef gyro for dad, turkey club panini for Maria. This is gonna be soooooo cool. Gtg! Ttyl, Chryssi
It is now 4:17 pm. We are at the airport just at the gates. We went through check ins really slowly. Anyway, we are going to eat something cuz we R all starving. We are going to be traveling nonstop for 2 days, no sleep, always alert. I am so excited for meeting my gramma and seeing Oslo, at least through airplane Windows. I have now traveled with Delta, American Airlines, And now SAS. Well, now we are going through security so I got to go!! Ttyl, Chryssi