United States of America · 30 Days · 3 Moments · July 2017

Christy's voyage in United States of America

21 August 2017

Totality solar eclipse! Best and cool experience ever! We had the privilege of being with our huge group of friends on a private lake house. Watched the eclipse while floating in the water with everyone. Food and drink galore!! One for the books, for sure!

19 August 2017

Drove up to Chicago with my husband to see Pretty Lights and The Floozies at Huntington Bank Pavilion. The show was amazing, but the venue sucks! Forever to get in, b/c they search every person for at least 3-5 mins! We talked and met some cool local kids at the show, and me and Nick danced! After the show we met a couple from San Francisco and went to eat, but they wouldn't serve us b/c we accidentally went in through the window... took an Uber back to our spot and hungout for a bit in our rad pad donut airbnb! Cool host, had donuts and beer waiting for us!! The next morning we left headed back to Missouri for the totality solar eclipse!!

22 July 2017

Had the greatest time visiting friends and going to an indoor music festival. Kc always never fails a good time!! What makes it great, is the people! Rivers, Margret, Eric, Derek, Joey, Charlie, Allen, and Mercaides! Got to see Jenni and Jake and danced the night away, after we met up for Jenni's book signing at Mike Kelly's! An unexpected surprise, seeing Shayla behind the bar! Haven't seen her since 2009, when I met her in the college days!! When we got to the venue, I helped nick load his drums. We danced to Quasar camp to start off the night! Then Break Night when on, killed it. Nick had to play with a broken rib, and still sounded solid! Then we went down to see Mountain Sprout, haven't seen them play since 2011.. another awesome surprise, Kyle was in the band playing and singing harmonica! Sounding amazing!!! We used to hang with him back when we lived in Springfield, Mo. Love the small world! Finished the night with the Schwag, and Tower Tavern!! Love my friends!!!