Indonesia · 2 Days · 6 Moments · August 2017

Christy's adventure in Lombok, East Lombok Regency, West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

20 August 2017

When we got to Tiu Kelep, the view was simply breathtaking. There were quite a few people taking a bath near the waterfall. There is a local myth that Dewi Anjani bathes there and whoever does will become 3 years younger. It was very rewarding to take a dip there after a long walk. We took a lot of nice pictures before heading back. The walk back to Sendang Gile was a piece of cake. We stopped at Sendang Gile to take some more pictures. The walk back up the stairs was the most tiring part of the whole trek!! We didn't realize there were so many stairs when we were on the way down. However, we did manage to get back to the entrance. We stopped for cold drinks and dinner at Alpa Restaurant just outside the entrance. Today was another great day.
We went around on the motorbike for a bit. We managed to get a good look around the area that is Senaru village. We were going to go down to the waterfall with the guy who offered to be our guide yesterday, but we couldn't find him and the people at the place weren't nice. So we rode the motorbike up to the entrance of the stairwell down to Sendang Gile (the first waterfall). We were set on going down on our own and only up to Sendang Gile, but a guide approached us and convinced us otherwise. We're glad he did! The walk down the stairs to Sendang Gile wasn't that bad, we managed to get there in under 10 minutes. We didn't stop by Sendang Gile as we were going to do that on the way back. The walk to Tiu Kelep, the second waterfall, took a bit longer, but the way was mostly flat and easy and the scenery was great. We had to cross two rivers to get to Tiu Kelep, and there were kids helping us cross the river. They were very helpful.
Today we woke up at 9 and got ready for breakfast, which was banana pancakes and hot tea. Simple but delicious! Then after talking for a while we walked uphill to the nearby ATM. I bought a hat at the souvenir shop and Daniel bought a pair of pants. As we were walking down, man approached us to offer transport. We managed to rent a matic motorbike with him for the day for 100 thousand IDR. Very useful! Then we had delicious lunch at a Warung near our hotel.

19 August 2017

The journey from Warung Paradiso to our lodging, Anak Rinjani, was a pretty far car ride. We had to rent a private car and driver because it was difficult to get public transport that goes all the way up to Senaru village. Mas Agung got us the car and driver. There were a lot of pretty beaches and sights along the way, but we only stopped at Malimbu Beach 2 to take some pictures. I slept for most of the rest of the car ride. The driver was driving really fast!
We walked 3.2 kilometers from where the DAMRI bus dropped us to reach Warung Paradiso. The warung is on the seaside. The water is so blue and clear. The food is reasonably priced and tasty. We had nasi goreng and cold drinks. It was a welcome treat after walking so far.
Lombok, we're on our way!