Around The World · 19 Days · 28 Moments · July 2018

Christophe and Lizzie’s tour through Namibia

27 July 2018

Day 18 - we’re halfway home - arrived at Terminal 2 E after an uneventful flight and now making our way to Terminal 1 gate Z50 for our connection to ATL - luckily we have this very informative airport map...🤪

26 July 2018

Day 17 - one last look at our lodge and then it’s on to Windhoek for some shopping and getting to the airport. It has been an amazing experience.

25 July 2018

Day 16 - we’re leaving Fish River Canyon behind us and head to the Kalahari Desert near Mariëntal. After some rest at the lodge, we go on a final game drive and sundowner, and spot some wildlife we haven’t seen before, including a meerkat (one of the ‘shy five’) and aardwolf 👍. A sunset with gin tonic wraps up our last night in Namibia.

24 July 2018

Day 15 - today we visit the Fish River Canyon, the world’s second largest canyon, more than 120km long and 550m deep. Unfortunately 4x4 excursions down into the canyon are no longer permitted, so we enjoy the scenery, including some very interesting but hard to spot critters and beautiful plants, from the different viewpoints along the east rim. Lizzie even has time for some Beto-shuffle moves 😃

23 July 2018

Day 14 - part 3 - From Garub, we continue to Keetmanshoop to see the Quiver tree forest and the Giant’s playground. From there, it’s another 140km drive to our lodge for the next 2 days, near the Fish River Canyon.
Day 14 - part 2 - after our visit to Kolmanskop, we spend some time in Lüderitz and then drive back to Garub to see the Namib wild horses.
Day 14 - part 1 - in the morning we visit Kolmanskop, the Ghost Town near Lüderitz. Once a thriving community of diamond miners, it was finally abandoned in 1958 and left for nature to take it back. At its hay day in 1908, 20% of the world’s diamonds were mined here - although ‘mining’ might not be the right word, as the diamonds were basically lying on the ground...

22 July 2018

Day 13 - today is a driving day - 400+ km, only 3 of which on paved road... The scenery and wildlife we encounter along the way more than make up for it - we see more gemsbok (oryx), we spot some bat-eared fox and even some ostrich with a dozen or so chicks - too bad the air temperature near the ground is too high for good photos at a distance. Right before we get to our lodge for the night in Aus, we get a flat tire - the spare is quickly mounted and we get a new tire at the gas station slash car shop in the village. Just in time to enjoy a beautiful sunset.

21 July 2018

Day 12 - we say goodbye to Jonathan who is flying back home today 😢. Today will be a relaxed day, with only a visit to Sesriem Canyon.

20 July 2018

Day 11 - We get up early for a hot air balloon ride at sunrise over the Namib desert. The experience is amazing, the views are spectacular. After the flight we have a champagne breakfast near our landing spot, followed by an eventful drive back to the starting point 😜

19 July 2018

Day 10 - part 2 - we made it up Big Daddy, so now we have to get back down. We take the short route, straight down to Dead Vlei, the pan with the 900 year old trees that have been dead for 500 years. Spectacular doesn’t describe it. We then make our way back to the car and to Sesriem where we watch the Tour de France and enjoy a Magnum 🤪 From there it’s another 50km to the Namib Desert Lodge where we’ll be staying for the next 3 nights.
Day 10 - part 1 - today we’re getting up very early as plan to visit Sossusvlei and Dead Vlei. The gate opens at sunrise and it’s about 95km from where we stayed for the night - on unpaved roads, in the dark... We arrive at the gate around 7:25am and a queue is already forming. At 7:45am the gate opens and we can drive 60km to Sossusvlei - and this road is paved :) The parking lot at the end of the road is actually 4km away from Sossusvlei, but since we have a 4x4 we can drive straight on, through the sand - fun! We decide to tackle ‘Big Daddy’, the tallest dune around - exhausting but with beautiful views along the way and from the top.

18 July 2018

Day 9 - part 2 - we arrive in Solitaire and of course we must try the world famous Apple pie at McGregor’s Bakery - we’re not disappointed 👍. Right at the entrance to Solitaire, there is a car ‘museum’ - photo opp! On our way to our lodge for the night, we spot a couple of giraffe, and once arrived, we settle for the night.
Day 9 - part 1 - after breakfast with an ocean view, we’re on our way to Solitaire in the Namib Desert. Today is way too windy for the planned dolphin and seal cruise, so we stroll around a bit in Swakopmund, and visit the Holy Rosary Catholic Church. Just outside Walvis Bay we pass by Dune 7, supposedly the highest sand dune in the world at 383m (1256ft) from its base. We drive on through Kuiseb Pass, with some beautiful scenery, until we arrive at the Tropic of Capricorn.

17 July 2018

Day 8 - 4x4 Excursion to Sandwich Harbour. We see flamingo, a Dancing White Lady Spider, a Namib Dune Gecko, seals, black-backed jackals and lots of sand. Splendid scenery, exhilarating drives up and down the dunes and a champagne and oyster lunch in the middle of the Namib-Naukluft National Park - life is good.

16 July 2018

Day 7 - Today we’re driving from Twyfelfontein to Swakopmund, via the Spitzkoppe, a cluster of granite mountains, where we stop for lunch and a small hike up one of the smaller domes (the one on the right in the 3rd picture).

15 July 2018

Day 6 - Today we plan to visit the Twyfelfontein UNESCO Heritage Site. First stop of the day: the ‘reception’ at the Organ Pipes (basalt rock formations). Next up, the amazing 6000 year old petroglyphs including the famous ‘Lion man’. We then take the scenic route to the Petrified Forest, with 280 million year old pine trees that have turned to stone. After some more unpaved road (by now we have almost rattled the fillings from our teeth), we get back to the lodge by 3pm so we enjoy the rest of the afternoon at and in the pool.

14 July 2018

Day 5 - today we’re leaving Etosha and driving into Damaraland - on the way to Khorixas we stop by Vingerklip. We drive on to Twyfelfontein, a UNESCO World Heritage site, passing through some magnificent scenery!

13 July 2018

Day 4 bis - more wildlife... on the dinner menu this time 😜and with live entertainment from the local music band!
Day 4 - Etosha NP - lots of lions today! Tomorrow we’re moving on to Twyfelfontein.

12 July 2018

Day 3 continues! We wrap up the day with a spectacular viewing of a herd of about 25 elephants coming to bathe, drink and play at the watering hole in the sunset.
Day 3 - Etosha National Park. We’re driving around from one watering hole to the next. No lack of wildlife LOL. We also stopped at the salt pan for a selfie.

11 July 2018

Day 2 - drive from Erongo Mountains to Etosha. We’ll drive into Etosha Park tomorrow.

10 July 2018

Day 1 - drive to the Erindi Game Reserve. Late afternoon game drive and sundowner.

9 July 2018

Early morning landing in Windhoek - it’s chilly!
After a good shower and afternoon nap at the Hilton Garden Inn next to the airport, we are ready for our next flight 🛫
First part of flights ☑️ (ATL - FRA ; Airbus 330 -300) . Airplane window shots from Frankfurt 🇩🇪👍.

8 July 2018

Today’s the day! This afternoon we’re flying to Frankfurt and then tomorrow onwards to Windhoek! Things are getting real now 😀