United Kingdom · 1 Days · 8 Moments · February 2017

Christmas & New Year in Goa, India

26 February 2017

Our New Year celebration was amazing. We went to Alex's shack on the beach as he was having a New Year's Eve party with an Indian buffet. Family had arrived in Goa on that day so they also came along for the evening to celebrate with us. We had lovely food, plenty of drinks and also played games which were fun and allowed us to talk to other families. At midnight, there were more entertainment and fireworks to let in the new year. To top the night off, we all let off lanterns and watched them fly as we walked along the beach towards our hotel. It was a perfect night 💫
We spent our Christmas Day on the beach all day then for our Christmas dinner we ate a Chinese, despite being in India. It was so good. 👌🏻
Goa holds a special place in my heart as this is where my husband proposed to me. 💍 27.12.14
The flag of Alex's shack and gorgeous sunset we watched while sat inside the shack drinking cocktails 😍🍹
The streets of Calangute.
Goa... What a fascinating place! [December 2014] We fell in love with it after a few days. What's not to love; lots of culture, animals roaming free, very cheap prices and a lovely beach. We loved going to Alex's Shack in Candolim everyday where the friendly staff constantly bring you drinks 🍹
A historic building in Baga.
The elephant experience! Incredible! We did an overnight trip to the jungle where we stayed in a little stone hut in the middle of nowhere. It was so cute. The first day we were able to feed the elephants, bath the elephants, ride the elephants and have an elephant shower. All amazing but my favourite was bathing an elephant as it lay there still while we washed it's skin with smooth rocks 🐘 The second day we had a trip to Dudhsagar waterfall and trekked the jungle. The waterfall was stunning and there were small monkeys everywhere.