Europe, Asia · 26 Days · 63 Moments · December 2015

Christmas in Singapore

11 January 2016

So that's it...back in the UK after an incredible 3 weeks away. Great to see the boys and tick a few things off the bucket list. Now time to recharge and save for the next adventure...see you all soon x

10 January 2016

Final drink in Raffles Hotel and it had to be a Singapore Sling. It's tradition to have a big bag of monkey nuts and throw them on the floor after....if I worked there that would be a tradition of change haha
Can't say I'm keen on this place
Last day in Singapore and what has been an incredible adventure and break from cold England.

8 January 2016

Afternoon steak lunch at Luke' steak of my life and a dry martini, followed by an espresso martini, all thanks to Simon Walker incredible bloke and a booze hound (terrible rig ;) and no chat ) #highsociety

6 January 2016

Today's session was a little tiresome

5 January 2016

Today has been mostly this and a bit of fitness

4 January 2016

Chilled week in Singapore. Went to the cinema last night and watched Star Wars in these bad boys complete with table service

3 January 2016

Bangkok airport is utter carnage

2 January 2016

This went down range
Very cool bar "Day of the Dead"
Down the Khao San road for a look. Not bad, little less seedy than Phuket
Room with a view
Got to Bangkok all fine, very tired but we booked into a nice hotel to get some RnR. But off food in town and a good old ride on a Tuk Tuk

1 January 2016

My pit space for the night #trainlife #thuglife
On the overnight train to Bangkok. Had some very suspect Pad Thai on the street and JC is now feeling a bit worse for wear

31 December 2015

So full moon party checked off the bucket list. Great time and fun had by all. 50000 people on a beach going mental #findyourself

30 December 2015

Just what the doctor ordered
Party in the jungle. Unbelievable environment and atmosphere

29 December 2015

Back of a cab
Thai food done right, although the cockroach running over my foot was off putting but added to the experience
So this is the new accom....not the smartest but a bargain for 3 nights
The passion wagon
Ever seen a bus driver mixing his beats whilst driving? I have
At the 1st stop before we are on the coach in the back ground
4 hour drive to get the ferry stuck in this thing with a bunch of randomers. Was in a world of pain but we got through it
Things got messy...not sure the other bloke is

28 December 2015

Short taxi ride to Patong....this was before going to the Hostel but it's playing up
Checked into the hotel, ran out of battery at the beach but now a few beers before heading out
Pool chill at an incredible hotel after a bit of a WOD
Morning chill before breakfast then a guided tour of the facility for work then into a smally work out to test the facilities

27 December 2015

What a hotel! First stop on the Thailand trail in lovely Phuket
Departing for Thailand

26 December 2015

Boxing Day brunch at Jangos #puglife #puglifethuglife

25 December 2015

The carnage continued to town
Great day at the orphans Xmas brunch. All you can eat and drink from 1030-4pmAmazing Turkey and incredible Company . Got a few good secret Santa gifts but I did end up a dribbling mess by 3pm and had to have a little lie down interrupted by kids throwing stones at me haha
Christmas Day attire...went down very well, but sweaty in Asia though
Christmas Eve at the Towers aka 4 was an experience to say the least

24 December 2015

Cultural differences....4 waters vs beers and sangria

23 December 2015

Still on it. At one of the rugby bars with incredible discount 😀 drinking with the real wolf of Wall Street
Post work out chicken and bucket of beers

22 December 2015

Great bar with class decor. Also the best Gin and tonic I've ever had
Nice walk through the botanical gardens

21 December 2015

Chinatown in Singapore. Some sort of smells and food
War memorial
Raffles hotel. Home of the Singapore sling. Nice to walk around and get some cheesy phots
Nice walk down the old streets
Big ol crabs
Little trip down to the marina bay.

19 December 2015

Don't trust Danny to drive a moped drunk...ends up taking out a street vendor with my leg and toe
Absolute carnage on the roads
What a bunch of lads
So these were 25p a bottle......oh dear oh dear
What a day. Good to see the boys after to long a break. Story time 😀
Streets of hostels and bars
The craziness begins in Vietnam. First job survive the traffic
Finally arrived in sing. Get to the condo complex and find this outside our window. Bars, restaurants and cocktails for miles and miles. 5 hours and we are back in a plane to Vietnam

18 December 2015

Couple of stamps
Quick stop in Beijing for a beer and watching Danny struggle with the chop sticks
When asked what we want for breakfast we went for the local dish, chicken porridge....not the best choice we've made

17 December 2015

Who's your mate Danny?
Finally at the airport with Danny. Few quiet ones to help us fall asleep after take off