North America, Europe · 7 Days · 20 Moments · December 2018

31 December 2018

Barcelona was an unexpected journey that had many gifts in store for me. I felt nurtured by this change in perspective of the world and of myself in it. I feel so much more connected to my source as I have been better able to stay present with myself and the holy spirit in me. This trip has been energizing, grounding, reviving, and loving. I think some of Sue's strength, confidence, and conviction has rubbed off on me, too. Barcelona was the right place, at the right time, with the right person. Love you, Sue!

30 December 2018

Our last night in Barcelona 💔 we got back to the flat after dinner around 1am! Party animals!
This city is bursting with creativity
Had a blast playing with Sue around the city. Pure joy.

29 December 2018

PAELLA CLASS! I got to cut up the cuttle fish, it was a high honor. Marta was a character. This was a wonderful, hands-on experience that was unlike anything I have ever done before. Sue was an excellent recipe reader, too!
We had a splendid afternoon exploring the neighborhoods and hitting up a chocolate museum. It still feels unreal to be in Barcelona.
We had a fine dining experience at Chez Coco tonight. I ate a rotisserie chicken that was killed at four weeks old. 100% would recommend that no one eats a chicken any older than that- it was a perfectly ripe bird.

28 December 2018

These bitches went to Sitges!
Absolute mayhem trying to find our train! Shout out to all the people who went out of their way for us American tourists!

27 December 2018

Miscellaneous moments involving transportation and tha streetz 😏
Funky stuff for us funky gals!
I just couldn't resist posting more pics of the Sagrada Familia.
Today I had a spiritual experience at the Sagrada Familia. This neo-gothic cathedral began in the 1920s, and is set to be completed 2026. This masterpiece was yet another work by Barcelona's favorite architect, Gaudi (fun fact- he's buried here after having been hit by a train). He created this sacred place to look like a forest, making it just barely shorter than the highest mountain in the region, because "No man's work should try to exceed God's work". The pictures don't do it justice, this was the most beautiful and creative thing I have ever seen. It literally took my breath away. The reverence here was tangible. I'm not crying, you're crying.

26 December 2018

Dining at Mont Bar was the biggest adventure yet! It was definitely an emotional rollercoaster. I don't even remember everything I ate, it's all a blur. It was an amazing experience, a new bit of exposure to Spanish culture, and it was a blast as always with Sue. The wine wasn't bad, either 😉 PS- Te Amamos, Fernando! Xoxo
Park Guell! Magnifico.
I FINALLY GOT SOME EUROS! Most of the ATMs wouldn't accept my card... It made me sweat a little. Thankfully, Sue had my back! We finally found the magical ATM that decided to bestow some cash upon me. Ballin' out on every level
Our first stop this morning was the Casa Batllo! It was a commissioned house that was designed to look like water. SO amazed by the creativity of the architect, Gaudi. There are no straight lines in the whole place...

25 December 2018

I sprinted across the Amsterdam airport to get to my connecting flight, hand in hand with my new BFF from the first flight. We were frantically yelling at each other, cussing, and and running about. I hope she made it to Florence. It all paid off, and I boarded the last flight just in the nick of time!
Sue and I have already stumbled across amazing sites while walking around the city. It is gorgeous! Love the old architecture- I never really realized how "young" America looks in comparison...

24 December 2018

Hitting that Thunder Road with my hot pink suitcase (that I packed just this morning)