Austria · 12 Days · 15 Moments · December 2014

Christmas in Austria

29 December 2014

Morning walk

25 December 2014

3rd christmas
2ed christmas

24 December 2014

First present for Sofie

23 December 2014

The whole family together, singing and celebrating 😃
The tree is ready :)
At the top of the Rinsennock, 2334m above sea level. Left some Christmas Presents. 🎁 After climbing to the top, I got my present :) And rode down on the perfect slope on my snowboard. Wonderful!!! 😎☀️❄️
lets get it hot in here :D
just arrived
Quick stop to get a Jause and now lets go higher.

22 December 2014

our tree 🌲
Henry the cat and Sofie.
Visiting the local farm in my home village with my sister. 🐮🐷

21 December 2014

Back in Carinthia. Its the 1st day of three without fog in the Valley of Roses :) ☀️

17 December 2014

Christmas Market at Karl's Cathedral in Vienna. We had Glühmost at the Kärntner stand. 🔥🍷🎅