Indonesia · 19 Days · 16 Moments · December 2016

Christmas and New Year in Bali

9 January 2017

Beach love Nothing much to do in Nusa Dua other than chill by the pool or head to the beach, oh is a hard life eh?! We took a stroll along the beach, observing the water sports, stopping along route for a couple of chilled ones and a bite to eat. Time to say farewell to Bali πŸ‘‹

7 January 2017

Nusa Dua Moved from Ubud to the South for a bit of scenic beach life for a couple of days. Day 1 was mainly spent splashing about being idiots in our pool πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ Note how I get a nice picture of Jack and all he can manage is a stupid picture of me looking oh so fetching in my goggles πŸ˜•πŸ™ƒ

6 January 2017

And relax! I'm feeling rejuvenated after an hour long full body Balinese massage! The experience was finished off with some fresh fruit and a cup of Chai tea resulting in a very relaxed Charlie 😌 In the evening we went to a Mexican restaurant and ordered a feast! It's safe to say neither of us have felt this full in a long time, especially after getting used to the tiny Asian portions. A well fed fiancΓ© is a happy fiancΓ© πŸ˜€

5 January 2017

Hiking through Ubud Woke up decided to venture into the greenery on a brisk 10k hike this morning. We left our Homestay and walked to the start of the route I had found in a backpackers guide book. The hike took us past two rivers, between the fields of 'elephant grass' (used to make thatch roofs), over the ridgeway, past the rice fields and back through the village communities until we reached Ubud Palace. It felt good to stretch our legs, even if it was in the baking hot sun (hence having to wear my daft beach hat since I seem to have lost my cap). We cooled off with a cold shower and used it as the perfect excuse to have yet another ice cream πŸ˜‹

4 January 2017

A day in the life of Ubud Our first day of exploration continued to find yet more charm to this town. Most people would argue that wet season is not the best time to travel, but those downpours make it all seem worthwhile when you see the bright green colours of the rice fields. Wandering through the markets eating ice cream and a bite to eat amongst the paddy fields all resulted in a relaxing afternoon ☺️
Wandering through Ubud We spent the day trying to get a feel for what Ubud has to offer. It's not quite like any other place we've visited. It's full of quirky cafes, handmade arts and crafts, traditional temples and the friendliest of people. Okay so none of this seems out of the ordinary, but somehow Ubud has a very different feel about it. The town is set amongst beautiful greenery and gives off an extremely chilled out vibe, albeit with the usual Asian chaos brought by motorbikes. Luckily the motorbikes are never too much of a distraction, your attention is soon captured by the sound of the locals performing their religious rituals or a monkey running across your path to steal fruit. Overall, it seems like the perfect place to relax and we hope to make the most of it!

3 January 2017

Home sweet home, Ubud I was sad to say goodbye to Gili T as we have had an amazing time celebrating New Years out there. Thankfully on our arrival in Ubud we were greeted by a lovely host and shown to this little temple looking building which turned out to be our room! Typically Balinese in style and a true local home stay. Looking forward to a few relaxing days exploring this quaint little town.

2 January 2017

Diving Turtle Heaven, Gili T We made time for a final dive on Gili T to a beautiful site called Turtle Heaven. The dive site definitely lived up to its name! We saw so many turtles, a few of which were 5 foot in length, it was absolutely incredible! The coral was also amazing, filled with so many interesting fish, our favourite dive to date! Perfect farewell to this lovely island 🐒🐒🐒 (Photo courtesy of google, we must invest in a go pro!)

1 January 2017

Gili T in a nutshell I haven't been the best at taking pictures on this island as I haven't had my phone out much, but here's a snapshot of what we've been up to... Spent the days exploring, snorkelling, chilling by the pool and even managed to squeeze a jog in on New Years Eve! The night times have been pretty heavy, dancing the nights away! We brought in the New Year with a group of 19 of us in a busy beach bar, watching the fireworks! One of the highlights was taking to the ocean for our first fun dive and seeing white tipped reef sharks a couple of meters in length, just incredible! Still so in love with this place πŸ’—

29 December 2016

Gili T We travelled by boat to this small island and fell in love straight away! The only transport here is by foot, bicycle or horse and cart which adds to the islands charm. You can walk around the entire island in a couple of hours! We're settling in and spending 5 nights here over New Year, can't wait to explore ☺️
Genius! They should definitely introduce Mcdelivery in the UK!

27 December 2016

Water park!!!! Jack and I had great fun running around this playground for adults. We'd never been to a water park together but safe to say it was a massive hit! The park had so much to offer, it's rated the 2nd best water park in the World and it definitely lived up to our expectations! Every slide offered something different and the place definitely ticked the box for the getting our adrenaline pumping. The drop slides were something I'd never came across before. Standing in a pod waiting for the floor to drop beneath your feet to shoot you down a drop slide at a ridiculous speed definitely put the fear in me! I've never screamed so loud in all of my life! I came off shaking with adrenaline, it was brilliant! Such a fun day out πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ’—

25 December 2016

ITS CHRIIIISSSSSTMAAAAASSSS! It's been a pretty perfect day for us. We woke up and watched Toy Story nursing a bit of a sore head after the all you can drink bar last night! Then we headed to the Potato Beach Club for the afternoon. Found a lovely little place for a lamb roast, which despite its appearance was so tasty (we even had to order bread so jack could mop up his plate). We came home and spoke to the family. Then cracked open the fizz, had cheese and crackers and a whole host of snacks while watching Elf πŸŽ…πŸ»β€οΈ

24 December 2016

Happy Christmas Eve!!!

23 December 2016

Christmas Eve Eve Fridge stocked and ready for Christmas! Spent the afternoon in the pool, had a feast for lunch, then a few drinks in the evening out and about. Came home and watched miracle on 34 street in the early hours to get us in the Christmas spirit. πŸŽ…πŸ»β€οΈ

21 December 2016

After a spell of bad luck for Christmas and New Year we finally arrived in Bali to this little gem! #Flashpackers 😜 1) Booked to be in oz back in March but hotel contacted us 2 weeks before Christmas to say it's cancelled due to renovation works! 2) Everywhere else in oz was full or way too expensive! 3) We had to foot a Β£300 bill to change our flights and decided to go to Bali instead. 4) Our accommodation for Bali messaged today while we were at the airport waiting to get on our flight to say sorry he hasn't been in touch earlier as he's been away but we can't stay due to termites. 5) Luck is on the up...we'll be spending Christmas here for an absolute steal 😁 The bathroom is bigger than the rooms we normally crash in. πŸ˜‚