Switzerland · 27 Days · 23 Moments · December 2018

Christmas 🎄 and New Year 2019 ✨

1 January 2019

The same day in the evening 🙈 fighting the flu 🤧 🤒 😷 and laughing at ourselves... 😂🤷🏻‍♀️💃 overall, this was my 2019 Christmas and New Year journey. Probably the last one spent in Switzerland 🇨🇭 I started the new year happy, almost healthy 😂 but most importantly Full of high hopes and determination to commit myself to excellence 🤗✨
Coming back home... tired, relaxed, happy, crazy, sleepy... .... ... 😂
Party time... 01:00 am- 06:30 am 💃🥂✨🎆🎉 1st time staying that long 🤷🏻‍♀️ look like a great start of the year 😂
Welcome 2019!!! Be an amazing one please 🎆

31 December 2018

Getting sober 😂
Ready 😂 already drunk... time to leave to catch the train to Zurich 🎉🎆
Messy but happy 😌 not instagram friendly part 😂😂😂 Mastering the art of coiling dinner, meanwhile doing hairs, nails, make up and getting dressed for the party. And all these accompanied with Latin music and prosecco 💃 🥂
Getting ready 💄🎆💯🥂

26 December 2018

Ready to go back to SG ❤️

25 December 2018

Cozy Nyon ❤️✨
#christmascalories do nor count 😛
Early morning walk.... meditation.... solitude... silence... ✨
Off to Nyon... time for gratitude journaling while waiting for Linda 🤗
When Elizabeth is sick 😂 traditional medicine comes to help her 😂 and a stupid friend like me is always there to take funny photos if her 😀
Christmas morning... Geneva... empty streets... friends; walking, laughing and enjoying each others company and not taking group photos 😂

24 December 2018

Holly night... magic night ✨ magic happens to those who believes in it... so happy to be a great believer of everyday magic ✨
Christmas dinner with these amazing people who accepted me warmly in their family and make me feel home. Delicious food, jokes, Christmas gifts, late night conversations ✨ felt like home. I am blessed to be surrounded with so many wonder people who alway bring bright lights to my life ✨ may they all be blessed ✨
It was closed, but still I could feel some Armenian vibes which were very needed specially on Christmas time when I am far away from my family 🤗
So, hello beauty, here we met again 🤗
Someone is super excited to go home for Christmas 🎄 🤗 Merry Christmas Linda ... see you tomorrow 😂
Watching photography videos and practicing at the same time 📷🤗
All set for a 3 h journey 🚊 📚 🎧 💧 📷 🍫

6 December 2018

Hoping for a magical year ✨😍