United Kingdom · 6 Days · 25 Moments · July 2017

The Family Mac go to Cumbria

27 July 2017

Home. :)
Uuurgh. Crash on the m8 so we switched to the A7 which was marginally better than being stuck on the m8 with an hour delay. Now we're so close to home, but there's a massive tailback on the Forth Road Bridge.
Getting ready to leave :(

26 July 2017

All the photographers discuss the perfect Landscape weather
Lily at the Fort and the old Victorian house built on the site.
Birdoswald Fort today with Dave. Finally seeing some of Hadrian's wall.
My favourite pic. Rachel chuffed as a bear, standing on Hadrian's Wall, finally :)
Waiting for the stinking rain to pass by at Birdoswald.

25 July 2017

More Vindolanda ☺️
Fab day out at the fully working excavation site at Vindolanda, an ancient Roman fort / settlement. It was huge and surprisingly open for exploration.
More Vindolanda.

24 July 2017

Christi enjoying the sun 🐝
Couldn't coax Christi or Lily into the garden for some sun so out here on my own with just one small blue butterfly for company πŸ¦‹(should be blue)
Back in Carlisle to go to the cinema
Groggy child. :)

23 July 2017

Went to Carlisle for the first time. Got lost - then found the Tullie Museum and Carlisle Castle. Rain still coming down.

22 July 2017

It finally stopped. So took a wander around Hayton.
Make it stop...
Arrival! Worst ever 2 and a half hour road journey over! Slightly bemused Lily, permanently high alert me, and Rachel having a well earned rest.
Worst. Journey. Ever. Wipers couldn't keep up. Flooding everywhere. Rachel left handprints embedded in the steering wheel.
Not the sunniest of starts :(
We're off! Away to Cumbria for a week.