United States of America · 5 Days · 21 Moments · November 2017

Thelma & Louise-2017 Epic Road Trip

27 November 2017

Florida state line -
Just entered SC
WAWA for coffee before heading to the final phase of our road trip. Sunshine state in T-12 hrs.

26 November 2017

Made it safe to VA. Going to hunker down for the night.
5min traffic delay
Still smiling - 5hrs in the car! 5more to go
Gas time ! NJ turnpike
GW bridge. And just like that we are in NJ
Welcome to NY - and we still like each other.
Heading over the GW bridge ....let’s hope Sunday traffic is good to us!
Welcome To Connecticut!
Welcome to Massachusetts! One hour down - 9 more before we arrive at our 1st destination...
1st stop - GAS.... yes we are now on our road trip and guess who forgot to fill up yesterday??

25 November 2017

5hrs if sleep should be enough ...
The family saying good night !
Had a nice dinner with Carrie - Rich - and Kevin. The boys are going to miss us ... Back to the house and Car is packed -alarm is set for 2:30am - coffee is ready - now we just have to sleep. First stop - Richmond VA to visit Ronilee and Mike ! They are fluffing our pillows and practicing their “Thelma and Louise” dance routine. And for the record ... I usually get bored after 2 hours in the car! 21hrs... what was I thinking!!

22 November 2017