United States of America · 200 Days · 32 Moments · June 2015

Vagabonding: 2 adults, 5 kids, 1 blended fam

2 January 2016

Our trip

3 August 2015

Vagabond living πŸ˜πŸš‹πŸŒŽ

16 July 2015

Wrapping up the Opening Day festivities at the L'Aubergue after party. Awesome friends, amazing day. Pretty great way to spend a 40th b-day. ❀️
Opening Day at the Del Mar Race Track! πŸ‡πŸ‡πŸ‡

15 July 2015

While the kids are having fun in LA with Trish, we came down to San Diego for Opening Day at the Del Mar racetrack. My BF surprised me with a b-day dinner at Cucina Enoteca with a special prix fixe menu and a a surprise visit my besties!! Then dancing and cocktails later at Red Tracton's and Jimmy O's. Great night!! ❀️❀️❀️these people!!

13 July 2015

"The city is not background scenery... It is a horizon of meanings that contextualizes the work in a determined and unrepeatable space, history and culture." Traveling art in it's first US location. Nuestros Silencios (Our Silences) http://bit.ly/1K4Zs2k
Former home of San Diego's finest weedheads, gamblers, short change artists, prostitutes, card sharks, ex-cons, addicts, smugglers, burglars, forgers, shoplifters, thieves, and pimps

7 July 2015

State Capital Building

6 July 2015

Aidan's birthday dinner at Lanza's
Paddle boating on Meeks Bay

5 July 2015

The waterfall above Emerald Bay

4 July 2015

A trip along the Nevada side of Lake Tahoe

2 July 2015

Tahoe City, Lake Tahoe

1 July 2015

Donner Pass

30 June 2015

Sutter's Mill

29 June 2015

Downtown Coloma and Hangman's Tree

28 June 2015

Tubing on the American River

27 June 2015

Lake Del Valle

26 June 2015

Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

25 June 2015

San Fran :)

23 June 2015

Best playground on ever!
Cannery Row
Day trip to San Juan Batista Mission

22 June 2015

Biking around Santa Cruz

20 June 2015

60 minute parent's retreat to Rabbit Ridge winery after a day at the lake.🍷🍷
Stand Up Paddle boarding for the first time, river rock Jenga, and the place where I got my bikini top & shorts tan/burn line that hung around for the next 3 weeks. The impact of the drought is definitely apparent here with the lake at only 24%.
Small space solutions: an over-the-door shoe organizer was the perfect solution for all the bathroom "stuff." 2 sided hanging organizer was more than enough room for jewelry and small things like safety pins and tweezers. Storing silverware in a caddy reduced space and made it easy to bring from the kitchen to the outdoor picnic table. 🍴
Small space / waste reduction / mess accountability solution: 1 plate, cup, and bowl set & 1 bath towel per person, each in their own designated color. No more 'Who didn't wash their cup?', 'Who left a towel on the floor?' The color says it all! πŸ‘ #winning.

19 June 2015

Bike ride around Morro Bay

17 June 2015

Boardwalk bike ride in Santa Barbara 🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲

16 June 2015

Second annual hike to the waterfall -- big difference a year makes!
Rancho Oso Thousand Trail Campground in Santa Barbara