United States of America · 28 Days · 33 Moments · June 2017

Christine's journi to Jackson Hole WY

16 July 2017

Saw this old bike leaning up against a home in Crested Butte this afternoon and had to snap a shot.

15 July 2017

Driving thru central Colorado and came across this little itty bitty tree trying to thrive. Amazing how things can grow in the most hostile of environments.

14 July 2017

Took a drive up to the top of Pikes Peak in our trusty four cylinder rental car. Got fogged out at the top but had interesting views along the way.
Heres the famous cog train that many take to avoid the hair raising drive.
Yup. Made it to the summit at 14,115 feet. Hard to breath for sure.
Got up early to watch the sunrise over Garden if Gods. This is an amazing place.

13 July 2017

This is the front of the Broadmore Hotel. This elegant hotel is on the historical registry and is worth a visit, for sure. The interior at is amazing, complete with Frederick Remington bronzes throughout the lobbies
This dude walks around full of hot air blowing on his bag pipes. Kind of eerie but cool too
Here is one of the origional Remingtons

29 June 2017

Stay tuned for my Colorado journey starting mid July
This an early twilight photo taken during a private workshop with our friend Royce Bair. He is a foremost night landscape photographer based in Salt Lake City His work and knowledge is amazing.
I took this at Signal Hill in the Grand Tetons one evening. The view was incredible!
Here's a fun shot of my friend Emmajean imitating Luke Skywalker

27 June 2017

Oops. Excuse me while I end my journey to the Tetons. No. I did not take this shot. While wasting time before my flught home, we visited the local museum and were treated to a wonderful photo exhibit by a National Geographic photographer. Truly amazing animal portraits.

26 June 2017

Hers'a a shot looking towards an incoming thunder storm. Just read that two 70 year olds were attacked by a wandering bison while walking in one of these boardwalks, and were air lifted out a few days ago.
Yelliwstone Falls with 500 of my favorite tourists vying for a selfie shot.
Walking thru some of the many geothermal pools.

25 June 2017

Crazy patterns abound at the geothermal pools. I had a blast capturing some amazing textures and colors at a pool named Prismatic. Cant wait to see them in print
Finally made it into Yellowstone Nat Park o see Old Faithful bow up. She didn't disappoint! Right on cue in front of hundreds of eager tourists.

24 June 2017

23 June 2017

Saw this big guy and 10 of his friends crossing in front of us a few evenings ago. Guess the males are outcasts from the normal herd and band together for safety
Standing along the road like a typical Napa Valley tourist in the tallest lupine I have ever witnessed!
This is one sunrise at Moultn barns. There are old barns here that are restored and protected by the National Park Service. Sure was chilly!
Well it's been a great time here so far. Been out photographing the night sky for the past few nights and trying to catch up on sleep in the afternoons, which is harder than you think. Will post some photos when I get some time

21 June 2017

19 June 2017

18 June 2017

First day in Jackson Hole, Wyoming with two of my photo pals. Waiting to start our three night workshop in the Grand Tetons. Spent yesterday exploring the area which is alive with wildflowers. The Snake River is running full steam, and its gorgeous here!
Just arrived in Jackson Hole with my two good friends for a week of photography.