United States of America · 6 Days · 14 Moments · May 2018

Christine's adventure in Hawaii...

12 May 2018

I’m not sure why Running feels so much harder for me in Hawai’i than it does at home. My calves seem to cramp and stay tight and cramped for longer. I ran into a race accidentally, today. It was only a 5k, but if I had known about it, I would have participated. Felt incredibly let down, as I tried to Google for races before coming to be able to cross Hawai’i off my list. It was a hot, uncomfortable run. I didn’t finish my planned 14 miles because I felt like I was burning.

11 May 2018

Stopped off at this great little place called Papaaloa for dinner while we were driving around the north side of the island. There was a little band that started playing and the boys really enjoyed the music. They were allowed to play the tambourine and the singer had everyone clap for them. The north side of the island is green and lush and full of waterfalls. I could totally see myself living in a place like this.
Waterfalls, waterfalls. I love waterfalls. I could sir and watch them and listen to them all day. After making a side dark to the Mauna Kea visitors center, we finally headed to the falls. We started out at Rainbow Falls in Hilo. Next we travelled to Akaka Falls. This was a little bit further down the road. We did have to hike around a bit, just about 3/4 of a mile. Akaka Falls was beautiful, and there were also several other smaller falls.
Another day of a lot of driving, but there were things that we definitely did not want to miss. Both the boys wanted to go to the observatory at the top of Mauna Kae. We got as high as the visitors center. The air was already getting thin and it was difficult to breath. We stopped, as directed, and discovered that they didn’t recommend that children go all the way to the top due to the decreased oxygen content. That was fine with me, but the boys complained a little. Besides, it would be another hour to get the rest of the way up and back to the visitors center, and we had other things to do.

10 May 2018

We did have a great time exploring some of the lava flows. It was raining some of the time, but it stopped once we purchased expensive ponchos, and despite the clouds and rain, I think I got a little sunburnt. We hikes around on a lava flow from the 1970s. Ben and William made friends with some other guests at the park who were from Pennsylvania. We ended up seeing them at every place we stopped along the road. Out main objective, as most of the park was closed off, was Mauna Ulu. This was fun, but the kids kept getting too close to holes and making me panic. For dinner we went to Lava Rock Cafe. I’m pretty sure I ate there the first time I was here. Then we all fell asleep on the rainy, foggy drive back to the hotel over the mountain, except Ben who had to drive.
Today was all about Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park. We decided yesterday that we would go, today, but when we woke up this morning, we learned that the park would be closing tonight, indefinitely, so it became doubly important that we go. Who knows. The park can reopen again in a week, or a month, or it could be longer, like years, depending on the perceived danger of the Volcano. The park is located on the volcano of Mauna Loa, but it’s main crater right now is named Kīlauea. This is where the USGS Jagger Museum is located. We visited the museum and the boys both completed Junior Ranger booklets. They kept saying that they were the last junior rangers ever. I tried to tell them that other kids might walk in there after us, or the park could reopen next week, but they don’t listen.

9 May 2018

Luau time! We had so much fun listening to the music and stories and watching the dancers. We also enjoyed the free alcohol. William and Graham liked the fire dancer. William even says he wants to be a fire dancer when he grows up!
Went snorkeling again. It didn’t seem nearly as fun as yesterday. Graham demanded to go, and then refused, again, at the last minute. William and I swam around holding hands, which was nice, and we saw an eel and another sea turtle. Earlier in the day, while I was at my conference, Ben and the boys went to do laundry. Apparently there were only two working washers and 20 broken ones. While there, Graham sustained an injury to his toe. His nail got bent back all the way, and clear fluid started draining from it. We spent a lot of time trying to protect this toe, but he ended up getting lots of dirt and sand underneath it. After snorkeling and getting cleaned up, we took a short little jaunt to see some petroglyphs. Maybe about 0.5 a mile total. William pointed out some that represent pregnant women.
Needless to say, I’ve become very constipated on this trip. Haven’t really pooped since getting here. I took 2 stool softeners yesterday at around 10 am and they are supposed to work between 6 and 12 hours. Nothing. I did wake up with stomach cramps last night, but no pooping. I tried to run, but cramps happened almost immediately so I ended up just walking around for a while. Got a good picture, though.

8 May 2018

Had a really fun day ha going out around the resort. After my conference was over, we went to lunch at Brown’s deli. I had a Poke Salad, which consisted of ahi tuna chunks and rice. It was really good. Then we went to a weaving class and learned how to make little fish out of palm leaves. Then we went snorkeling. And it was so much better than I expected. Most of it was kinda blurry, but as I was swimming near the rocks and coral, I ran into a sea turtle. As I was lazily following it, William and Ben joined me. After we were finished with snorkeling, we swam in the pool for a short time. We decided to go to dinner at a nearby shopping area. All food is expensive, so getting away with filling everyone up for under $50 is hard. While there, we noticed some pineapples in a planter. Graham drank some root beer with dinner and spent the rest of the evening bouncing off the walls.
First run on Hawaii this morning. I attempted to follow a map of “Running” trails provided by the resort, but there were many more trails than were shown on the map, and I got a little lost. The map was also not drawn to scale, so I ran a little further than expected. The trail started out nice, but then cut off and I was soon running on sand, then lava rock and coral, and then sand again. However concerned I was with the surface upon which I was running, I did see some very interesting and beautiful sights, necessitating stopping and taking pictures.

7 May 2018

After my morning conference, we decided to take a little drive. Our design was for food that was inexpensive. That is hard to come by on this island. We heard there was a Costco and thought that there might be some cheap options near there. We were wrong, but we did find a place called the Rainbow Cafe. It was terrible and dirty, and not necessarily cheap. The food I ordered ripped up my mouth. We then stopped by the Kaloko-Honokohou National Historical Park. Took this picture of my kids in front of volcano rocks there. We then decided to head a little further south, to Alli Dr where I heard there was good shopping, as William was bugging me to buy him a Hawaiian shirt. We found a Hilo Hattie, but I was otherwise unimpressed. So far, we have been dissatisfied with food, and I’ve not been involved in any fun, although, Ben and the boys had lots of fun while I was in my conference.
This morning, despite only getting 4.5 hours of sleep in bed and about 2 hours of sleep on the plane, Graham work up at 3. He decided to kick around in bed and make bored noises. So, around 3:45, I gave up on sleep, and we got up. We decided to explore the still sleeping hotel. We found the pool and the ocean, and even some art made to look like surfboards, I think. We also found some hammocks. Graham wasn’t too interested, but for the 2 minutes I laced in them, I enjoyed the starry sky and light breeze. The smell of flowers on the air is absolutely fabulous.