North America, Australia and Oceania · 151 Days · 106 Moments · October 2017

We're going on an adventure. . . New Zealand!

2 March 2018

We are flying from Auckland, New Zealand to Singapore. So I'm starting a new travel blog 😁 please follow that one too. . . .

1 March 2018

We went to butterfly creek as we had time to kill. It's right next to the airport. We saw butterflies, alligators, otters, lizards, dinosaurs, goats, tortoises and more.

28 February 2018

We walked around the Whakarewarewa redwood forest

27 February 2018

Hobbiton!! We had the best 2 hours here. It was so much fun to walk around the hobbit house Inc bilbos house. We even got a free cider in the Green Dragon. Highly recommend if you are ever in New Zealand.

26 February 2018

So we flew Dunedin, south island up to Auckland, North island. Middle earth greets us as we get off the plane

25 February 2018

Stopped and watched the seals
Stopped in Katiki for a walk on the beach
We drove up the coast to Moeraki and saw the boulders on the beach
We went and saw the World's steepest street in Dunedin - Baldwin Street (Jamie walked to the top )

24 February 2018

Spent a couple hours this afternoon walking around Dunedin city centre looking for the street art. It's all really cool to look at.
We drove out to the Otago Peninsula to try and penguin and Albatross spotting. No luck though :( saw some seals and sea lions instead

23 February 2018

Rugby. Watched the Dunedin highlanders play the Auckland Blues. Was a really good game and highlanders won, woohoo!!
We made it to Dunedin. It's a lovely place, I like it here

22 February 2018

We stopped in invercargil for a coffee and then headed to Bluff, Sterling point. It's the most southern mainland point in New Zealand. On a good day I assume you can see Stewart Island. You can also walk to the top of Bluff Hill
Gemstone beach. Beautiful beach, no gemstones but some beautiful stones
McCrackens Rest. Awesome view

21 February 2018

Blue cliff beach. Had a quick wonder and looked through the stones to see of we could find any gems

20 February 2018

We had a quick stop in Manapoiri. The views of the Fiordland was stunning. Again it's a shame the weather is awful
We travelled Cromwell to Tuatapere. One of our stops was Te Anau. It's beautiful here apart from the fact it hasn't stopped raining

19 February 2018

Today was the best day!! I did the Nevis Swing - 300m arc swing, the biggest in the world! Jamie did the Nevis Bungee at 134m drop. It was so amazing!! Would love to do it all over again!!

18 February 2018

We walked along the river while we still had some sunshine this evening. The Junction lookout. Can see the mountains in the far distance including Nevis.
On our way back from Queenstown we went up a stone road and got a cool view of a Lord of the Rings location. Pillars of the kings
We spend a couple of hours visiting Queenstown. It's such a lovely town. Would love to go back!! We ate in the pub and had Patagonia ice cream, so delicious!

17 February 2018

Cromwell. We played miniature golf. I won!!
We stopped to look at the gorgeous views of Lake Wanaka and Lake Hawea on our drive to Cromwell

16 February 2018

We stopped at Lake Rotoiti on our drive south. The views were Gorgeous!
So today was our last day in Blenheim. We packed the car, said our goodbyes and headed south to Franz Josef . We hit thunderstorms in Franz Josef!!

11 February 2018

Fed the ducks at Pollard park 🦆

28 January 2018

It's been very hot and sunny recently. About 30 °c. So we decided to go to picton and enjoy the weather. Walked around the harbour and then to Bob's bay. Then up to the top of the hill which nearly killed me but the view of the Queen Charlotte sound were stunning. On the way back to the car we stood and watch a few stingrays that were in the harbour. Very cool

21 January 2018

Went for a walk to see a little boat wreckage. Was an hour walk to it from the car park

14 January 2018

We are now working 45 hours a week. Rubbish! Hate that we have to work but love that we only need to for the next 5 weeks!! It's rained constantly for a week and a half and the sun finally came back out today 🌞 had a wonder around th park and saw all the ducks 🦆

8 January 2018

We are back at the hostel Duncannon. First day back at work was fun 😒 just need to push through the next 6 weeks then we are done with working until we are back in the UK (whenever that ends up being) Looking forward to exploring Marlborough and Nelson areas on our free weekends 🏞🏖

7 January 2018

3 January 2018

We travelled from Christchurch back up to Blenheim today. We stopped off in Kaikoura. Walked along the beach, had some lunch then drove round the corner a bit to a seal colony. Sat with the seals for a bit :)

2 January 2018

We went for a walk around Bottle Lake Forest. There are a few different routes you can take depending on how long you want to walk for, 40 mins or 4 hours ( we went for the quick walk) there are also tracks for runners, cyclists and horse riders.

1 January 2018

We went to Orana Wildlife Park today in Christchurch. It's a more open zoo, love seeing the animals in large areas. We hand fed a giraffe a tree branch which was so awesome and we watched while others were in a cage in the lion enclosure

31 December 2017

Celebrated New year with Harry and Saskia, two friends we made at a previous hostel. Had a few drinks in a bar then went and watched the music and fireworks in Hagley Park
We went for a cloudy walk along New Brighton beach and pier

29 December 2017

Today was my Christmas present ~ The Antartic center. All about the Antartic. Had little blue penguins, an area where you can experience a snow storm, 4D experience and play with some huskys 🐧🐶

28 December 2017

We drove to Sumner bay this afternoon and had a walk along the beach
We drove to Lyttelton this morning. It's Christchurch port. Very small and not really worth seeing so we drove around the coast a little to another bay. You could walk round from one bay to the other. Was a cloudy day but still beautiful to look at

27 December 2017

We drove into Christchurch city centre for a walk around. We wondered through Hagley Park and the botanical gardens. Very pretty, loved the rose gardens

25 December 2017

Merry Christmas!! 🎄 Today was the weirdest Christmas either of us have had. Not being with family today was different, wont do that again anytime soon. We went for a walk along the beach this morning. Being able to do that on Christmas day is awesome. Its 30°c today and gorgeous sunshine. No turkey today though as we don't have an oven. So we made a Mexican feast!

24 December 2017

Love this airbnb 🐎 In the countryside, near a beach and the sun is shining 🐰 made friends with a hedgehog. I can't believe it's Christmas tomorrow!! 🎄

23 December 2017

We drove from Blenheim down to Christchurch today. Took about 4 and a half hours. The SH1 road has only just reopened since the Kaikoura earthquake last year. It damaged so much of the roads and railway line on the coast. The drive was gorgeous though, love driving along the coast. Saw seals :) We are in an airbnb for 10 days. It looks really lovely. Will be nice not having to share a kitchen or bathroom! Right next to a forest on the coast, so peaceful. There are horses in the field next too us too 🐎

22 December 2017

Today was our last day at Annie's before christmas. Finally!! We were given loads of bars when we left. Not really a fan :/ haha. Driving down to Christchurch tomorrow for Christmas 🎄

18 December 2017

17 December 2017

Today we drove up to Picton. Its in the Queen Charlotte Sound and is beautiful. The whole coast line is gorgeous. We walked the harbour, around the coast a bit and stopped at Bobs Bay. The water was freezing but so clear! Saw jelly fish and star fish.

10 December 2017

Went for a walk around Pollard Park. Saw lots of ducks and it has a very pretty rose garden

5 December 2017

Went for a walk around Harling Park. Japanese style park. The park it's self was rubbish as there was no water in the ponds and was run down but the view from the top of the hill was lovely and so peaceful

2 December 2017

We went to Blenheims Christmas market and Christmas parade today. The market was lovely and full of home made gifts, clothes, food and so much more. The parade was little and full of people advertising local companies. Included a marching band and bagpipes. Santa was there too! All in 27°c heat!

25 November 2017

Not done much since being here except work and have a nose around town. There are so many vineyards and we a're surrounded by mountains.

21 November 2017

Our current hostel Duncannon is nice. Its set up specifically for seasonal workers. Twin rooms, large shower rooms and kitchen. We started our new job today. 6am starts :( we are at a factory that makes cereal bars made from pure fruit purees. All different flavours. They smell nice not sure what they taste like yet though.

19 November 2017

We made it to the South Island! The ferry was about 4 and a half hours and the views were stunning. We were lucky enough that the sun came out. Also saw a couple different pods of dolphins. Quick drive down to Blenheim to our next hostel. Staying at Duncannon.
We've just left the North Island. Wellington to Picton on the interislander.

18 November 2017

A few from wondering around Wellington. The rememberence memorial was beautiful.
Te Papa. An amazing museum, must see this if you ever go to Wellington. Its all about the history of New Zealand. The land, people, animals etc. They currently have a fantastic exhibition about NZ envolvement during the first world war. First hand accounts, pictures, stories, weapons etc. The best part was they had a handful of large and very lifelike statues of soldiers. Was incredible if not a tad creepy as to how real they looked.
Our first stop was the Wellington cable car. You can see the whole bay from the top. You can choose to walk back down through botanical gardens and other nice routes.

17 November 2017

We finished our job in the avacado pack house today. Woop! We then drove (well Jamie did) 8 hours from Tauranga to Wellington! With a few stops along the way. The scenery throughout the entirety of New Zealand is amazing. I don't think I will ever tire of seeing it! Not sure we will drive that distance again any time soon.

16 November 2017

We had a day off work today. Decided to watch Justice League this morning then enjoy the sunshine this afternoon. We walked along Mount Maunganui Beach. Collecting some pretty shells along the way 🐚
We had a day off work today. Decided to watch Justice League this morning then enjoy the sunshine this afternoon. We walked along Mount Maunganui Beach. Collecting some pretty shells along the way 🐚

14 November 2017

We did a 12 hour shift at work today. As over time!! Re packing kiwis. Had enough of mouldy kiwis to last me a life time! On the plus side we finish this job on Friday and head to our next one this weekend. Long drive down to Wellington, cross on the ferry from the North to the South island on Sunday and end in Blenheim :) not sure what job we are doing yet tho.

12 November 2017

Walk on a tiny beach in Omokoroa. Mount Maunganui in the back round. We saw a stingray here :)
Had brown bananas so mashed them, added oats and peanut butter to make soft cookies!!

11 November 2017

We had a wonder around a couple harbours before the rain came in

10 November 2017

We drove 2 hours on very bendy roads to Hahei. We packed in the top carpark and walked along the coast. Stopped at Gemstone Bay, Stingray Bay and Cathedral Cove. The sights were stunning. Weather wasnt great but was perfect for walking lots of hills. The ocean so calm and clear too but way too cold for swimming in!!

9 November 2017

View at work before we spend 8 hours inside a packing house!

8 November 2017

Spent 8 hours checking kiwis today! Again on the plus side . . . Free kiwis.

7 November 2017

We worked 11 hours yesterday! Fun Fun! We finished at 3pm today so decided to check out one of the local beaches. Mount Maunganui Beach. Its a gorgeous beach. Got a take away fish and chips from Mr Chips and sat by the beach.

5 November 2017

Fergusson Park
We went to Te Puna Quarry Park today. An old quarry that they turned into a park. Had over 30 sculptures, lots of different plants, butterflies. Gorgeous view of the bay from the top

3 November 2017

We survived our first day at our new job! I'm packing up avocados into boxes from a conveyer belt then Jamie is stacking all the boxes. It's a busy pack house! On the plus side, free avocados!

2 November 2017

So today we travelled from Rotorua to Tauranga. We start our next job tomorrow. Packing fruit. . . Fun fun
We drove from Napier back up to Rotorua via Taupo. Stopped at Huka Falls to break up our journey

31 October 2017

Very pretty little waterfalls
Last day at this job was half a day. Woohoo. Loved working for Dave and with these two ~ Mariel and Haruka. Shall miss his two dogs too!

29 October 2017

Drove up the coast a bit to this beautiful spot

25 October 2017

Evening walk

24 October 2017

Went for a rainy walk on Ocean Beach. Really lovely beach but very steep hill down to it. Our car isn't a fan of Hills.

22 October 2017

After spending a lot of time in the car yesterday we decided no driving today. So we walked up through the town, along the coast and came across a Sunday market. Had a wonder through the market. We then wondered up a hill and came across a centennial gardens which had little pond and a waterfall

21 October 2017

Had a flying visit to Taupo on our drive out today. It's gorgeous!
Today we travelled across to Tongariro national park. Made up of 3 volcanoes ~ mt Tongariro, mt Ngauruhoe and mt Ruapehu. They were used in the Lord of the rings films. So today we walked Mount Doom!

20 October 2017

Had a walk around Cornwall Park in Hastings. Was a lovely Japanese garden there. And Jamie fed the ducks his lunch
Went for a wonder around the botanical garedns

19 October 2017

Its a bank holiday here this weekend. So its a 4 day weekend!! 😀

18 October 2017

Went for a quick walk along the coast to a place called Cape Kidnapper. Odd name but beautiful views of the coast line.
Payday woohoo!! 💲we had to finish work early today though as it started heavy raining and the orchard we are on has an infection in the plants which gets worse if we pick in the rain. So its half day Wednesday!

16 October 2017

There are 4 of us working with Dave on his orchard, all staying in the same hostel too. A girl from Argentina and a girl from Japan. It really nice talking to them and learning about their culture and traditions. A lot of talk about food and sweets.

15 October 2017

Went and watched our first rugby match here in New Zealand. Go Magpies! 🏈
We went to the National Aquarium of New Zealand. Wasn't very big for a national aquarium but a nice wonder for an hour.
Went to the farmers market in Hastings. Its there every sunday. Picked up a kiwi and Orange jam. Yum!

14 October 2017

Evening stroll

13 October 2017

Had our first day at work today. The orchard is lovely. We are spending 3 weeks thinning out kiwi trees. Shoulders hurt already from having my arms up above my head all day. But it's nice to be outside as the sun is currently shinning 🌞

11 October 2017

Currently travelling from Rotorua to Napier. The scenery is amazing. It's so different every half hour or so. Most of this last road into Napier is all mountains.
We got a job! Kiwi fruit picking and thining down in Napier. 4 weeks to start with then hopfully longer. Finally!

10 October 2017

We've been applying for so so many jobs. Anything and everywhere. So we decided to have a chilled out morning. We ended up finding an offer on the Gondola in Rotorua, was $35 unlimited rides up in the day and then 4 rides on the karts that go back down the hill. The views were amazing and the carts down were so much fun. You could choose to do scenic, intermediate or advance tracks down.

9 October 2017

We have an outdoor heated pool at this hostel. Small and bloody hot. Fun in the rain tho!
We drove 20 mins up the road to a little spot called Okere Falls. Long body of river connected by a couple of lakes that had a few cool waterfalls. Okere Falls and Tueta Falls. You can water raft down them too. Another wet day here, but its all so gorgeous we don't mind.

8 October 2017

So much rain! As we still hadn't heard back from any jobs and I only booked till Sunday in Auckland we decided to go else where for a couple of days. So I booked us in at a hostel in Rotorua :) was only a few hours drive and we survived, woop!

7 October 2017

So today we caught a bus down past Hamilton and brought a car! Don't ask me what it is as I haven't got a clue, Jamie knows what he is doing! All I know is that it's ours for the next 5 months 😀 🚗
This hostel malarkey is going to take some getting used too. Sharing a room with others, that snore! A massive kitchen where everyone is trying to cook and eat at the same time. Although it's nice to meet new people and hear about their travels and what they plan to do. We have a roof top bar and a club in the basement at this hostel, which is cool. And we are off to buy a car later on today, woohoo!

6 October 2017

Another day of job and car hunting, fun fun!

5 October 2017

Today we have managed to open a bank account each and get a tax number which means we can officially start applying for jobs and looking for cars, woop! 🚗 we also found an Irish pub on our wonder around Auckland, as we do 🍻

4 October 2017

Currently sat at the top of Aucklands Sky Tower. The views are gorgeous, the city is practically surrounded by water
We've made it to New Zealand! What a long day, or two of flying. We are in on our hostel, Base Auckland. Need to find jobs, car etc. Then explore 😀

3 October 2017

Sat watching the sunrise in Fiji 🌄
Almost at the end of our first flight (11 hours) and barely any sleep! Was cool having a night time flight though, flying in the stars.

1 October 2017

Flying San Francisco to Auckalnd via Fiji. About 20 hours in total I think! Fun fun. Fingers crossed they have some good movies to keep us entertained, although it's a night flight so hopefully can sleep! 😴