Europe, North America · 23 Days · 41 Moments · September 2017

Our little USA adventure

1 October 2017

Finally going to board soon! San Fran to Auckland (via a 3 hour stop over on Fiji) going to be another long 24 hours, but so worth it! 🌏 I think I'm going to start a new Journi for our travels in New Zealand so please follow that one too . . . 😀
We have a long wait to check in so we decided to check out the Aviation museum here at San Francisco airport. The Aviation evolution.
Once again our bags are packed and we are on route to the airport. Our 7th airport in 3 weeks!! We've had a great time in America but am so looking forward to New Zealand!

30 September 2017

Our last full day in San Francisco. So we walked along the water front in the opposite direction, passing their baseball park for the Giants. Sun is still shining 🌞

29 September 2017

So us being us can't resist an aquarium! 🐠 🐢 🐙 I have a cool video of being in a shark tunnel, but I can't post videos on here.
We walked back along the front to Pier 39 and caught a boat out to the golden gate bridge then back around Alcatraz. With someone telling stories about the prisoners and guards, very fascinating.

28 September 2017

Our last stop in USA is San Francisco! We caught the Bart to the water front and walked all along the pier until we reached Pier 39: Fisherman's Wharf. Was too cloudy to see the golden gate bridge today but could see Alcatraz.

27 September 2017

We are on the move again! L.A to San Francisco 🛫

26 September 2017

Evening stroll while the sun sets. Gorgeous 🌅
We had a stroll along the Hollywood walk of fame. Saw the Chinese theatre and the Hollywood sign. Day of being complete tourists haha

25 September 2017

Had a great day at Universal Studios Hollywood
We are at universal studios today!! We are currently in Hogsmeade 💕 walking through Hogwarts was brilliant!

24 September 2017

Walked along the board walk again this time to Santa Monica Pier 🎡

23 September 2017

We walked along Venice board walk and the beach, enjoying the sunshine. So many different kinds of people and places. Loving the sun here!

22 September 2017

We've made it to Los Angeles!! Staying in a little airbnb apartment by Venice beach.

21 September 2017

Went for an evening stroll and saw the water fountain show outside the Bellagio. Was awesome to watch!
Tonight we went and watched The Tournement of Kings at The Excalibur. It was so much fun. We had a feast with drinks and a show. We watched 7 kings battle it out jousting, javelin with swords and fire etc. Makes up for us not being able to zip line today!
Another wonder along the strip and sit in the glorious sunshine. We aren't able to go on the rollar coaster or zipline that we wanted to do today due to high winds!!

20 September 2017

Afternoon in the sunshine and pool 🌞 🏊
Had a wonder along the strip! Very hot day though. May go and find the pool later.
Good morning Las Vegas! 🎲♣

19 September 2017

Quick pit stop in Salt Lake City ✈ 🏔
Flying Kansas City to Las Vegas via Salt Lake City 🛫
We have had the best time in Missouri staying with Mellanie and Chris! Loved the chickens, dogs, cows and ducks 🐔🐄🐕 will miss it here. Looking forward to Vegas though!

17 September 2017

It's feeding time 🐔🐓
Love being able to pick fresh eggs and have them for breakfast 🐔🐓 defiantly having chickens when we have a house!

16 September 2017

Cider O'clock 🍺 and listening to the thunder rumbling in the distance 🌩
Another sunny day with the animals 🐄 🐓
Could get used to waking up to sunshine 🌞

15 September 2017

Just been to Richmond High School to watch a football game. Go Spartans!! 🏈
Spent our first day in Missouri in the sunshine. Wondered around the pond, with the chickens, cows and ducks. Was driven around Richmond to see the area.

14 September 2017

5 hours in on a 7 hour train journey. Going from Chicago to Kanas City! Travelling via Amtrak and it's really nice. The seats lay back and feet come up. There a is an observation carriage with comfy chairs and big windows. There is also a cafe and a dinning area within the train. Looking forward to staying with Mellanie & Chris for a few days.
Having a lazy morning, packing our bags before checking out and heading into the city for the last time!

13 September 2017

The USA does have some yummy treats 🍭
We just ate a Chicago deep dish pizza, was so good!!
We went to Lincoln Park Zoo today. It was free and so much better than we thought it was going to be. We are suckers for a zoo! Loved seeing the polar bears and gorillas

12 September 2017

We went and walked along Navy Pier today. Sat in the sun had a couple of cocktails. Then wondered along the river and around the city

11 September 2017

So we just about survived our first day in Chicago. We saw the Cloud Gate, walked the lake and visited the natural history museum. Soo tired now, tad jet lagged!
We survived about 12 hours of travelling and have reached Chicago. Woohoo!

10 September 2017

Eek we are at the airport! 2 hours till take off 🛫

9 September 2017

Can't believe this day has finally come! Bags are packed, passports at the ready! See you in 8 months Devon!