North America, Europe · 21 Days · 171 Moments · October 2017

Christina's voyage in Europe

22 October 2017

Was ready to go home after a successful 3 week vacation! We landed in terminal 2 and waited 30min for our luggage before they told us they sent it to Tom Bradley terminal. The whole plane had to walk over there. Nobody who worked there knew anything. It took 3 hours to get our luggage. What a cluster! Finally got home after 11pm.

21 October 2017

Went to another soccer game. Watched Chelsea play and they won. The seats were shitty “obstructed view”, but still fun. Went to watch the Book of Mormon at Prince of Wales theatre also. Great way to end my vacation! Now I’m ready to go home!

20 October 2017

Saw West Ham United play for my first ever soccer game. They lost. The old guy next to me was drinking Capri sun. 😂
SHQ apartments in London. Had to haul our luggage up a couple of flights of stairs. Ugh.
Back to London for the weekend.

19 October 2017

Last night in Reykjavik. I love Iceland so much! There’s so much more to see and do. I would come back in a heartbeat. But everything is ridiculously expensive and everything closes early. The only places that sell alcohol is liquor stores and bars. The Icelandic people seem stand-off-ish at first, but they’re are the nicest people ever! Definitely ties with Ireland for my favorite place!
National Geographic rated this cemetery in Reykjavik one of the top 5 loveliest cemeteries.
The last stop of the tour was not on Game of Thrones, but it was a beautiful waterfall.
The next stop was the village that the Wildlings attacked and killed Olly’s parents.
Iceland is known to have amazing burgers and hot dogs. We stopped for lunch at a family owned store/restaurant. The hot dogs are served with crunchy fried onions and some special brown sauce. They were yum!
The fourth stop was the Eyrie to the Bloody Gates of Vale.
The third stop was where Brienne comes across the Hound and Arya and they have the big battle.
The second stop on the tour was to the place where the dragons attacked the goats.
Game of Thrones tour by Gray Line. Our tour guide, Teo, was hilarious! He was an extra in many seasons of GoT. Our first stop of the tour was to see a couple of Icelandic horses that were on GoT. One of the white horses Arya rode. One of the brown ones the Hound rode. They had to use different camera angles because Icelandic horses are much smaller than Irish horses.

18 October 2017

Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace Tower in Reykjavik. This light was on a little island that you can usually take a ferry to at night, but the ferry was closed due to 30mph winds. We walked down a creepy path surrounded by the dark ocean to get as close as we could.
Lebowski Bar (after The Big Lebowski) in Reykjavik
Wandering around Reykjavík city center.
Hallgrímskirkja Church. Reykjavik.
Gullfoss falls. The Golden Circle. So beautiful! Pictures don’t do it justice.
Geysir of the Golden Circle. They were standing in the wet zone when it erupted and everyone ran. Karla ended up falling. They got soaked! It was hilarious!
On the Golden Circle towards the Geysir and we pulled over to pet the horses!! They only wanted food.

17 October 2017

47 degrees, 20mph winds and rain. Was still a super cool experience, but we didn’t get the cool pictures with the bright blue water like we wanted. Oh well...just have to come back!
This is the water outside of Blue Lagoon. You’re not allowed to swim in it. It’s cold because they heat the water inside. They said some of it is naturally heated, but the area is too large so they heat it. They filter the water out too.
Super cute Airbnb just outside of Reykjavík
Volcanic crater. Crater Kerio in the Golden Circle.
The puffin!
Seljalandsfoss falls. This is the falls we saw in the dark our first night here. We walked behind it and didn’t get too wet.
On the drive to Seljalandsfoss falls
Iceland’s largest waterfall. Skogafoss.
On the drive from Reynisfjara to Skogafoss.
Reynisfjara Beach

16 October 2017

Dinner in Vik. We got 2 hamburgers, a lamb sandwich, a 9in meat pizza, lamb appetizer, traditional Icelandic dessert, apple pie (the best!), and 8 small beers for a low low price of $181 USD!
Expensive ass gas!
Stops on the way back to Vik
Svartifoss waterfall with basalt rock formations 2.5 miles with beers at the top for Jeremiah’s birthday.
Diamond beach in Jökulsárlón
More from Jökulsárlón glacier kodiak tour.
Jökulsárlón glacier kodiak tour. So cool! That is a huge wall of ice. In between the mountains is all ice. I loved the sound of the ice breaking from the boat. We even saw sea lions!
(Don’t mind the typo). We tried ordering a burger combo meal at this “fast food” place. That was quite an experience! They spoke English and Icelandic, but there was a miscommunication. It took over 30 minutes to get mine and Sal’s burger and we didn’t get our fries. I tried asking if we bought any, but they didn’t say much. Later they gave us another 2 burgers with fries. 😂 And it’s super expensive here! $30 for 2 burger meals.
Stop on the way to Jökulsárlón!
The drive to Jökulsárlón for the glacier boat tour. So many waterfalls on the way!
Went out to watch the sunrise this morning and a little kitty came up to me! It’s name is Puffy. So cute! She even followed me into our bnb for a bit.

15 October 2017

Came across this waterfall on the way to our Airbnb. Seljalandsfoss waterfall.
Our bnb in Vik. 2 bedroom 1 bath. Super narrow, wooden stairs going up to the bedrooms. The bathroom is downstairs. Update: our last night in Vik was creepy! Around 11:30 my bedroom door opened on its on. I was awake and tried waking Sal up, but he was knocked out. I get up to close the door and Jeremiah opened his door freaked out wondering what happened. He said their door opened on its own too. We were all scared! It was super windy and we both had our bedroom windows open, so we figured it was the wind. Haha.
We made it! It was about a 3 hour flight from London Gawick to Keflavik.
En route to Iceland!

14 October 2017

Part 2!
Dumplings and playing with the kitty again in between shows.
Ready for part 1 of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the Palace Theatre!
I got to pet a London kitty!!
Straight outta Compton
Trying to track down some sonic toys. Unsuccessful.
This was a huge department store that has everything! They even had a nail/hair salon, food, desserts and boba.
Waffles and Nutella in Soho
Florence Nightingale museum.

13 October 2017

We went to Leicester Square which was basically like NYC and Vegas combined. Walked a little through China Town. Ended up having dinner at an Italian restaurant called Jamie’s. It was really good! I had pasta stuffed with cheese and mushrooms with garlic bread.
More pictures from the ferry.
Commotion at the ferry stop near London Bridge. Turns out somebody had jumped off the bridge, but there was a police boat close by and responded quickly. I didn’t see it happen, but I heard they pulled the person out of the water really fast. There was a helicopter flying around too.
Ferry ride included with hop on hop off ticket. We took it from Greenwich Park back to Westminster on the river Thames. They said the current is always changing and the tide changes dramatically.
Great view of London from Greenwich Park
This building was used as the front for Gringott’s Bank in the third Harry Potter film.
Hop on hop off bus tour.
Changing of the Guard. We started at St Johns and followed them to Buckingham Palace. Next time we have to get to Buckingham Palace earlier than 10am to get a good view. There were so many people everywhere.
Had a productive Friday the 13th. Started off at Abbey Road.

12 October 2017

The Victoria Pub near our Airbnb
Shake Shack!!
Hyde Park
The doors of Hogswart
Harry Potter tour time!!!

11 October 2017

Drinking the warm, healing waters of Bath. It was disgusting.
The Roman Baths. A few of us touched the water even though they recommended we don’t because it’s not clean. It was warm!
The Old Green Tree. Super small and cute pub built in the 1770. We got their Ashton Press cider. It was good! Apparently Bath is known for the pasties and cider. We were too full from eating a pastie from Stonehenge, but we did get ice cream.
Joy wanted to play with the pigeons. Luckily we didn’t get shit on!
Bath Abbey
Met up with Sal and his 9 friends for a bus tour to Stonehenge and Roman Baths. It took 2.5hr from London to Stonehenge. Another hour to Bath, then 2.5hr back to London. Another long travel day, but totally worth it!

10 October 2017

Mom and Gloria ate Indian food by their hotel. Mom said the hotel wouldn’t help them with the luggage.
Joy and I waiting for the guy to drop off the key to our Airbnb. We had to lug our luggage from Victoria train station area. It was less than 10min walk, but hard with big bags.
Riding the tube to London Dungeon
The London Dungeon was a pretty cool experience. Not scary at all, but had some moments that were startling. They even had a ride. We got a free beer or cocktail at the end too!
Our Blue Steel faces at the London Dungeon
The London Eye and Big Ben. That is not a photoshopped seagull either. Haha! Joy caught him mid flight as he flew right past my head.
Last meal with the four of us in London. Got some good fish and chips. Looks like London doesn’t have ranch dressing either. Ugh. Mom and Gloria did the hop on hop off bus tour. Joy and I didn’t have time because we had to pick up our luggage from the storage place before they closed. We went to the London Dungeon instead. Mom and Gloria were staying at the Hyatt again by Heathrow. They leave tomorrow to hear back home. Joy and I stayed at an Airbnb in Pimlico.
Ireland was one of my favorite places. The country is so beautiful and the people were so friendly. I’m sad this part of the trip is coming to an end, but am looking forward to exploring London and Iceland. Some random things I won’t forget about Ireland: no clocks in the rooms. No outlets in the bathrooms, except for shavers only. No outlets close to mirrors. Very few outlets in general. Converter/adapters would sometimes work and sometimes not work on hair dryers/straighteners. Very small sinks. Sinks with separate hot and cold faucets. Square-ish shaped toilets. No AC in most rooms. Heated towel rack. Ireland is not condiment friendly. No ranch!! Side of ketchup served with pizza. Very few selection of salad dressing. They love red/sweet relish on everything, including breakfast burritos. Most places charged for soda water on top of charging for vodka. Driving was a crazy experience! Even the things that controls the windshield wipers were backwards; to turn on you pull up. Tipping

9 October 2017

Guinness pie
Jason taught us how to pour the perfect glass of Guinness. He was hilarious.
Guinness advertising shenanigans
Guinness tasting room. They taught us how to drink Guinness properly.
Guinness tour in Dublin. Our last stop on the bus tour. We were so tired! These buses run in a huge circle. So we passed Guinness first when we got on the bus, but decided it was too early to go there first. It was around 11am. So we had to circle all the way back around to get to it. Ended up taking a cab after so we wouldn’t have to go back through all the stops.
Dublin hop on hop off bus tour
More Jameson distillery
Jameson distillery in Dublin. Our second stop on the bus tour.
Phoenix Park. Larger than Central Park and Hyde Park in London.
Kilmainham Prison.
Kilmainham Prison. Our first stop from our bus tour.
Christ Church
Tesco grocery store across from our hotel.

8 October 2017

Dublin shenanigans
Welcome to Dublin! Just like NYC.
The only gas station we look out for
Kissing the Blarney Stone
Badgers Cave
The dungeon
The Poison Garden at Blarney Castle
Blarney Castle
The ultimate table with a view

7 October 2017

Last night in Killarney shenanigans. Irish coffee and caramel ice cream made with Irish whiskey. They make their ice cream with all local ingredients. They had a sea salt flavor that they make with actual sea water from the Dingle Peninsula. It was too salty for me.
Smithwick and Guinness beef casserole (good, but not super amazing) at Murphy’s Bar
Killarney was such a cool town!! A few of the locals said it was the most popular place to party for locals.
I got to pet an Irish kitty at the sheep dog place!
Randomly found this place! Kissane sheep dog demonstration. Those dogs were so energetic and playful!
Quick picture stop at Ladies View
Torc Waterfall and stone steps. There was a triathlon going on today in the Ring of Kerry. They were running up and down those crazy stairs. Instead of swimming they kayaked.
Muckross House. We just took pictures outside the house. Didn’t take the tour. 360 photo condensed to a panoramic
The grand hall inside Ross Castle. There were signs posted not to touch the furniture. Whoopsies.
Gnarly stairs inside Ross Castle. It was made this way to put the soldiers coming up the stairs at a disadvantage because most are right handed. It’s easier for the soldiers at the top to fight.
Double wooden planked doors to hold up during raids. One side had the wood vertical and the other horizontal to make it sturdier.
More Ross Castle. There were tons of boats in the morning with a bunch of guys ready to fish.
Ross Castle on the Ring of Kerry. The first sunny day we’ve seen in Ireland. It actually got warm enough to go without a jacket. Although it started raining a little later in the day.
Complimentary breakfast at the hotel. (Castlerosse in Killarney). We got to watch the deer on the golf course and saw a bunch of deer in the water! So beautiful!!

6 October 2017

Beers and live Irish music at O’Connell’s Pub in Killarney. Had a lot of tourists and locals there. Met a super nice 58 year retired guy named Adrian from Dublin. Gave us some tips on pubs to visit in Dublin. Also answered all of my stupid tourist questions about tipping in Ireland, cost of living, average work day hours, etc. (That’s him directly behind me).
Dinner in Killarney at The Laurels. Had some awesome salmon, seafood plate, and calamari. Our waitress, Norleen, gave us great advice on what to see for the Ring of Kerry day trip.
Shannon Ferry on the drive from Cliffs of Moher to Killarney
Cliffs of Moher and O’Brien’s Tower
Cliffs of Moher and O’Brien’s Tower
Cliffs of Moher and O’Brien’s Tower
Found the most awesome cemetery on the drive from Galway to the Cliffs of Moher!

5 October 2017

So the toll roads in Ireland are super stressful for me! They don’t give you change back, and I didn’t have enough change to pay. So I tried paying with my credit card. There was a car behind me and I was freaking out because I didn’t think it was working. All of a sudden the gate opened so I drove off. Until my mom asked if I got my credit card back. I couldn’t find it, so I had to pull off on the side of the M1 “highway” while Mom ran back on the grassy shoulder to try to get the card back. So scary!! Turns out I did take my card out and it fell between the seats. I had to let Mom drink a beer in the car for risking her life for my dumb ass mistake. She ended up buying a scratcher for 20 euros and won 100 euros! Crazy shit!
Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. Aka Renly Baratheon’s camp from Game of Thrones. The bridge was closed due to crazy winds and it started raining on the way back! It was over a half mile hike with steep stone stairs. Worth it though!
Another cemetery we came across trying to find the rope bridge.
Another Game of Thrones filming site! The Iron Islands. In Ballycastle, Ireland. We found this place on accident trying to navigate to Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge.
Giants Causeway
Our hotel. The Smugglers Inn. Free traditional Irish breakfast and an awesome view! 5 minute drive to Giants Causeway.
Dunlace Castle aka House Greyjoy from Game of Thrones

4 October 2017

More of Dunlace Castle
The Smuggler’s Inn. A family owned hotel near Giants Causeway. The closest we’re getting to a bed and breakfast. Northern Ireland.
Found a cemetery on the drive from Dark Hedges to The Smuggler’s Inn.
Dark Hedges aka King’s Road from Game of Thrones. It was pouring rain.
Dark Hedges Hotel. Northern Ireland.
Quick stop in Newgrange.
After waiting an hour and 15 minutes for Dooley car rentals, they didn’t have an automatic car available. Said they “couldn’t give us an eta”. Went to budget rent a car and got an Audi sedan. Couldn’t fit all our luggage into 2 rental cars. They didn’t have anything bigger available. So the only option was for Joy to buy a duffel bag and leave her suitcase with Budget Rent a Car. Took 4 hours, but we made it!!!
Long ass line for the car rental. 😭
We made it to Dublin! ☘️
En route to Ireland!
Taking advantage of that lounge access!

3 October 2017

Soooo good!!! Especially after a 1hr 20min uber ride back to the hotel.
Shitty food.
Big Ben in the background
Buckingham Palace
Green Park
Green Park
On the bus to sightsee in the city.
Hyatt Hayes
View from Hyatt Hayes
Wrong Hyatt. Failed!
We made it!

2 October 2017

Free dinner, drinks and movies. Virgin Atlantic is awesome! So far I’ve watched Baby Driver, Rough Night, Beauty and the Beast, and Get Out.
Next stop: Heathrow
Denied lounge access 😂