United States of America · 3 Days · 5 Moments · November 2016

Christina's voyage in Arizona, United States

2 December 2016

Sun nov 27. Watched sunrise from bed! Got up early and snuck onto the loop road before it opened. Got some great pics I the early morning sun. Drove was 3 hours, 17 miles. Highlights include awesome sun, Three Sisters, Thumb, Totem Pole, Artist Point. Walked to Window Overlook. Went back and took nap. Hiked around the closest Mitten a 4 mile walk. Ate at the restaurant and it was not impressive at all. Tried the native dishes. Very blAnd. Nice views from the restaurant. Watched the Wilderpeople movie on the laptop. It was great.
Sat Nov 26. Up at 6am to drive to Desert View Watch Tower South Rim of Grand Canyon!! Sunrise at 7:15 am. It was stunning. Stayed until at least 8:30am. It was cold, probably below freezing and windy. Saw ravens! Drove to see Little Colorado on trip back to Cameron Trading Post. Decided not to get breakfast and packed to get on the road. Todd discussed coffee pods with the staff, and she was very confused... left Cameron by 10am? Drove to Navajo National Monument to see Betatakin. Awesome. Drove to Kaienta, Owl Rock, and the other El Cap, aka Agathla. Kept driving to Monument Valley. OMG! Tried to check in at hotel....finally figured out how to check into our tiny house which was so perfect! View out the window towards the Mittens and Merrick Butte.
Friday Nov 25. Got up at 5am. Left my mom's at 5:30am. Deb drove. They dropped me off at 7:30am. Got my ticket and checked my bag. TSA precheck is awesome! Talked to Betsy and faxed the letter. Got on the plane and started working. Battery died and could not get power so decided to sleep. Arrived on time. Realized we were in different terminals; had to take a shuttle to the rental car location. Wandered around looking for a suitable vehicle and ended up with a Jeep Compass. Finally got on the road around 3ish? Drove to Flagstaff and got some groceries at Safeway. Continued to Cameron Trading Post in Cameron. The room was lovely! Large and comfy. Fell asleep early (I was tired!) while Todd was reading.

30 November 2016

Today we hike in the Lake Pleasant Park. Yavapai Point and then Big Jim Trail along Cottonwood Creek. No javelinas. Wily little pigs. Saw coyote, burros, maybe a roadrunner (not positive) and a Dolphin and a lone Uhaul in the bush. We watched the police come and case the Uhaul from up on top of the point. At first we thought it was a camper or something but we drove down to it later and saw it was a Uhaul, which was Todd's first guess. I made up all kinds of stories about why the police were there.

29 November 2016

Rented salsa el mariachi 29ers. Mine was 15, Todd's was 17. From Spur Cross Cycles inCave Creek, AZ. Crystal helped us out, gave us a rack, map, ideas...drove to Brown's Ranch. Rode from parking lot to Upper Ranch, to Wrangler, to Maverick, to Cholla loop past Cathedral Rock. Rode to Stagecoach to High Desert, to Divide, Branding Iron (where 2large birds of prey were perched on our rock with the hole in it) toGranite Mtn loop (west) to Balancing Rock to Chuck wagon to Powerline4, to Watershed to Maverick to Wrangler. Then my chain broke. I coasted/walked back by Brown's Ranch Rd while Todd finished on the trails we roadie out on. I didn't think I could raise the bike downhill b/c I had no chain. I couldn't possibly brake either b/c I had no chain. 😊Eventually figured it out and coasted a fair way back to the car. Sunny day, temps around 57. Light winds. Awesome. Ate at El Encanto after. Pollo fundito!! And frozen margaritas. Sampler plate was fabulous. Ducks and turtles entertaining.