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20 May 2017

Exploring Ubud, an artist village in central Bali

18 May 2017

First impressions of bali

17 May 2017

Today I had a 6 hour layover in Singapore on my flight from Fiji to Bali and i used the time to go to the city center to see the sunrise behind the Marina Bay Sands. It truly feels great to be back in Asia after 3 years

13 May 2017

Jungle trekking - including climbing up a waterfall and walking through nothing but mud and occassionaly rivers Aaaand i saw a wild growing pineapple 😂🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍🍍

11 May 2017

A lovely swiss girl borrowed me gerade go pro and so i was finally able to take some shots of the underwater world 😍

10 May 2017

My 3 day trip to the Yasawas with a Marvelous stay at the barefood kuata island

9 May 2017

arrived in Fiji yesterday and first impressions are good, apart from the fact that it's a super expensive place to Travel :P

8 May 2017

Loving the Faleolo Airport so much! It's just so beautiful 😍 other picture is the cute little plane that will bring me to my next destination: FIJI 🇫🇯🇫🇯🇫🇯

6 May 2017

Last night in a Fale - i am really gonna miss this type of accommodation!

5 May 2017

The most western part of Samoa: Falealupo Rainforest Reserve and Cape Mulinu

4 May 2017

One of my highlights of this trip: the Lava Fields on the North Coast of Savaii which are a result of a volcanic Erruption in 1905. One of the most stunning end results is a with lava flooded catholic Church that you can still visit 🌋🌋🌋

2 May 2017

Alofaaga Blowholes - said to be some of the most amazing and impressive in the world and therefore also one of the main tourist attractions on Savaii/ Samoa (although i was the only one there at that time..)
On the 1st of may i took the ferry to Savaii, the biggest island of Samoa (3rd largest in the Pacific), rented a scooter the day after and will be spending my last week in Samoa travelling around the island of Savaii with it

29 April 2017

Just some more sightseeing back in Apia :) Fruit market, clock tower, robert Louis stevenson museum, papa'sea sliding rocks

28 April 2017

And another night at Beach Fales, This night on a small island right off the shore of Upolu

27 April 2017

The first night that I spent at a traditional Fale - what more could you wish for..? 😍😍😍

26 April 2017

No trip to Samoa is complete without a dip in the breathtaking, cristal clear To Sua Ocean Trench
Cooling down in an icecold waterfall is just the most amazing thing you can do in a tropical climate

25 April 2017

stop for lunch at a beautiful resort where I channeled my inner South pacific princess 👸🏻
Exploring Manono Island

24 April 2017

Did a half day tour to Lanoto'o National Park and its lake, which is famous for the goldfish that the germans put in there over a hundred years ago. Also the park is not easily accessible so you get to see lots and lots of untouched nature and overgrown tracks

23 April 2017

Herr are some first impressions from my first days in Samoa, in the middle of the pacific. Including a cultural performance, exploring the capital city Apia and just hanging out by the Beach ( because everything here is DEAD on sundays)

21 April 2017

Today is my last day in New Zealand - next stop: SAMOA 🏝 So don't be too surprised if I don't keep you guys updated like i normally would ;)

19 April 2017

Piha Beach, 1 hour west of Auckland

18 April 2017

Today I explored Auckland a bit

17 April 2017

Today I went back to Taupo from Wai-O-Tapu to finally do a Cruise on lake Taupo and see the 40-year-old Maori Carvings. I had beautiful weather and the sun was out - I was way luckier than last time When i intended to do it (it got cancelled because of bad weather conditions),

16 April 2017

Today I walked up to Rainbow Mountain - it's called like this because of the various colours of the stones and grounds in the area, which is due to the geothermal activities in the region around Rotorua.

15 April 2017

Today I finally visited Rotorua and had just a marvelous day, although the lakefront was a little bit flooded. My personal Highlight was a Church which was designed based on Maori symbols and architecture - just beautiful

14 April 2017

Yesterday was quite a good day - spent it walking through beautiful Redwood Forest, which was - as weird as it sounds - the first Forest that I've been to since i left Austria, that really smelled like the ones back home.
Since a couple of days I am in Wai-O-Tapu and here are some photos of it and its surroundings: Rainbow Mountain, Thermal Wonderland and Mud Pools

11 April 2017

I spent one night in Taupo where I only saw the Huka Falls, expecting to head further South to Turangi to start my 4-day-hike through Tongariro National Park, but unfortunately the weather (Cyclone...) crossed my plans and so i had to cancel it :(

10 April 2017

Napier was also quite nice, public art everywhere! :D

8 April 2017

Also spent some time in NZ's capital Wellington: Botanic Gardens, the national museum Te Papa and just walking along the Harbour

7 April 2017

Definetly one of the Highlights of my trip: Mount Egmont National Park - wow, wow, wow!
On the 7th I was back to travelling alone and used the morning of that day for a wonderful morning run along the coastal walkway in New Plymouth, which is also full of Art and just a wonderful city, i wish i had had more time there

3 April 2017

And here are some pictures from a Forrest full of ancient Kauri Trees and Coromandel (cathedral cove) after the storm

31 March 2017

So i am finally updating the pictures from my trip - those are from my trip to Northland beginning of April, did a little roadtrip which involved a lot of camping and adventure

18 March 2017

Some sightseeing in CHC on my last day on the South Island :)

17 March 2017

Staying 2 nights in the spaciest hostel I've ever been to! Having my own little private spot/ bunk / pod (whatever you wanna call it), which feels a lot like being in outta space 😅
Todays trip brought us to Akaroa, a city on the Banks Peninsula which was formed by Glacier Erruptions 8 Million Years ago and is 1 1/2 h Drive east of Dunedin. The weather was just stunning! Luckily i didnt get a sunburn ;)

16 March 2017

Second stop today was Timaru, we didnt see a lot of the city and just walked around in the Caroline Bay Park which really had a lot to offer! :)
On the way to christchurch via Timaru We made a stop at Lake Tekapo and had a coffee at the observatory 😊😊😊
Hello everyone :) So the last couple of days the internet connection wasnt really the best and i had only limited access, but since my last post I've seen pretty much the entire Westcoast : -Pancake Rocks - Greymouth - Hokitika & Hokitika Gorge (what a gorgeous Gorge :P) - Franz Josef Glacier -Fox Glacier - both Glaciers: nothing but rain..:( - Blue Pools - Wanaka - Roys Peak - Mt. Cook / Aoraki National Park - will upload pics from there since that was yesterday and today :P And i am now in Lake Tekapo going to Timaru and Christchurch :) Love you 💖💖
Hooker Valley Hike today in the morning - got up at 6 am, saw the sunrise (pictures on fb :P) and then walked through this amazing scenery

15 March 2017

On the way to Mt. Cook we made a short stop at Lake Pukaki and in the afternoon went to Tasman Glacier, Lake and River - finally saw a Glacier during Good Weather 😁😉🌞

9 March 2017

And last but not least : Wharariki Beach! The final stop yesterday and wow wow wow! No words that can describe this breathtaking place ❤❤❤
Weitere Stop gestern: Die Waitoropupu Springs - oder wie die Einheimischen sie nennen: Pupu Springs 😂😍 aber sie sind allemal traumhaft schön und magisch Another stop yesterday were Te Waitoropupu Springs - or how the locals call it: Pupu Springs 😂😍 but anyways they are just a magical place
Gestern ging es durch den berühmten Abel Tasman Nationalpark - Meer so weit das Auge reicht! Und richtig gut besucht. Wirklich schön, aber den Hype darum verstehe ich nicht so ganz. 😅 Yesterday we hiked in Abel Tasman Nationalpark - Sea wherever you looked! And very well visited.. Beautiful, but i don't really understand the Hype about it 😅

8 March 2017

Am Dienstag gings ab in die Weingüter rund um Blenheim - verkostung hier, verkostung da, traumhaftes Wetter und köstlicher Wein. Highlights: Forrest & Huia On Tuesday we were checking out the wineries around Blenheim - a lot of wine tasting involved, wonderful weather and delicious wine. Highlights: Forrest & Huia

6 March 2017

Am Weg nach Christchurch habe ich heute noch für ein paar Stunden einen kurzen Aufenthalt in Oamaru eingelegt - voller Steampunk, Pinguine und viktorianischem Flair. On my way to Christchurch I did a little stopover in Oamaru - the city of Steampunk, penguins and buildings from the Victorian Era.

5 March 2017

Todays trip on Otago Peninsula: Sandfly Beach

4 March 2017

And here are some pictures from beautiful, beautiful tunnel Beach! 😍😍
Yesterday was a pretty great day - explored the city of Dunedin, including strolling through the city centre, walking up the steepest street in the world, going to a Rugby game and doing a tour through Speight's Brewery - Also tunnel Beach, but that's gonna be a seperate post ;)

28 February 2017

Seit gestern bin ich auf Stewart Island, eine Insel die zu 85% auf Nationalpark besteht und wo es massiv weniger Gegner für die Flora und Fauna Neuseelands gibt und somit gibt es dort genau 3 Dinge: Natur, Natur. Natur! (und ziemlich viele coole Vögel). Das Gezwitscher in den Wäldern ist atemberaubend! Since yesterday I am on stewart island, which is 85% national park and has the most impressive Flora and Fauna! The forests are mind-blowing and the variety of birds that you can see and that come up really closely to you is also super impressive!
Seit gestern bin ich auf Stewart Island, eine Insel die zu 85% auf Nationalpark besteht und wo es massiv weniger Gegner für die Flora und Fauna Neuseelands gibt und somit gibt es dort genau 3 Dinge: Natur, Natur. Natur! (und ziemlich viele coole Vögel). Das Gezwitscher in den Wäldern ist atemberaubend! Since yesterday I am on stewart island, which is 85% national park and has the most impressive Flora and Fauna! The forests are mind-blowing and the variety of birds that you can see and that come up really closely to you is also super impressive!

27 February 2017

Yesterday I went to milford sound and did a cruise there and a bit of kayaking! Was so lucky with the weather - now i've seen fiordland national park by rain and by sunshine, just perfect! Heading to stewart island today :)

25 February 2017

Yesterday I did a daytrip to Doubtful Sound, which is the second largest sound (actually it's a fjord - difference: fjords are carved by ice, sounds by rivers) in the fiordland national park! Unfortunately it's impossible to capture the atmosphere that we had yesterday, all the mystical fog in the rock formations and the beautiful waterfalls that were just rushing through the rain forests - just pure nature! Btw it rains there 200+ days a year...

24 February 2017

Heute stand eine Wanderung zum Ben Lomond Summit (1750m) am Programm. Um 7 uhr gings los und 6 stunden später kam ich dann total fertig wieder zurück nach Queenstown. Es war eine fantastische Wanderung! Die Morgenstimmung über dem See und dann oben eine traumhafte Aussicht (hab einen Mt. Christina entdeckt) und ein weiteres Highlight waren die 2 Kea -Vögel, die an der Bergspitze herumgehopst sind. abgesehen vom Kiwi sind das übrigens auch Nationalvögel. zur Belohnung gabs dann einen Tofu Burger von Fergburger am See 😍 Today Programme involved a 6 hour long hike up to Ben Lomond Summit. starting already at 7 am I had the chance to see a wonderful morning above Queenstown. The view on top of the Summit was breathtaking! As well there were 2 Kea birds very close by, which are apart from the Kiwi the other national bird. Back in town I treated myself with a delicious Tofu Burger from queenstown""'s most famous Burger Shop Fergburger

23 February 2017

And here is the most important picture of the day: I AM REUNITED WITH MY BACKPACK 💖💖💖
Today I did a little daytrip to arrowtown, which used to be a gold mining village half an hour out of queenstown and did a hike to Tobins Peak - it was just boiling hot.. But still pretty great The tiny houses are from a chinese settlement in the area ( maybe thats why they are so small..? 🤔- jk ;))
Also I explored Queenstown a little bit more - i went to st. Peter's Anglian Church and to an Underwater Observatory, which was fascinating, because it is not like an Aquarium with captivated fish but basically just windows into the lake

22 February 2017

Nach einer Anreise von 29 Stunden habe ich den ersten Nachmittag gut damit verbracht, ein wenig in der Gegend herumzuspazieren und mir einen ersten Überblick von Queenstown zu verschaffen. Wundervoller Sonnenschein, warme Temperaturen und einfach entspannen am Wakatipu See (der 2. Reinste der Welt!) und in den Queenstown Gardens After 29hours travelling I spent The first afternoon wandering around and exploring the area. Beautiful sunshine, warm temperature and just relaxing at Lake Wakatipu and in Queenstown Gardens 😍
alleine die Anreise war ein Erlebnis für sich! Layover in Dubai und Sydney, die Sonne über Australien aufgehen sehen und eine Landung vorbei an diversesten Bergspitzen... Und gerade als nach der Landung meine Vorfreude und Erleichterung über Ankunft und Reise auf ihrem Höhepunkt waren durfte ich glücklicherweise feststellen, dass zwar ich es nach Queenstown geschafft habe, mein Gepäck aber leider nicht... Naja immerhin bin ich noch ein paar Tage hier Getting there alone was quite an experience! Layovers in dubai and sydney (what an amazing airport), seeing the sun rise over australia, landing between mountains.. And When my excitement for this trip was just on it's peak I realised that my luggage Unfortunately didnt make it all the way to Queenstown on the South Island of NZ - really hoping it will arrive in the next couple of days! 🙏