United Kingdom, Thailand · 10 Days · 7 Moments · March 2017

Christian's voyage in Thailand

10 March 2017

Went to the restaurant I booked just after I quit my job. A restaurant terrace with great views over the city of Chiang mai. Had a steak with a glass of Hennessy. Expensive for Thailand but only about 25 pound in English. Live bands and very relaxing. More of a romantic venue with couples everywhere but a nice chilled evening none the less.

8 March 2017

Left lap buri on the night train to Chiang mai at 00:30. 12 hours on a train 😬 and couldn't sleep. Got to see some beautiful scenes when the morning sunset started coming up. Went to the night market and got myself a head massage 👌🏻 not as good as somebody I know but good enough. Had a leg massage on my right leg and feels so much looser which is a bonus. Got 4 nights here then off to Pai.

6 March 2017


3 March 2017

Walked absolute miles today, the whole west side of the city. Gone down the river on a Thai boat, visited most of the shrines and now relaxing by the pool. Tomorrow's going to be visiting the palace then planning the next part of my journey.
Walked 5k to koahsan road from my hostel. Got to see the real Bangkok. It was a massive culture shock. Even saw a man locked up in a cage on the street with a danger sign around him. Got back at 4 in the morning. First night was really good and can't wait for the months ahead 👌🏻✌🏻

1 March 2017

T minus 20 mins 😬