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Christian's adventure in United States

4 May 2017

I'm still in Minnesota, the load that was planned for today got cancelled, so I'm doing a 34 hour reset here. Tomorrow, I'm picking up here and headed to Green Bay for a drop, and a relay pick up headed to Sumner, Washington. So yay me..I finally get a nice mileage run. Until then, I'm just hanging out in front of an upscale strip mall in Bloomington, Minnesota, where I've found hassle free parking for the tractor.

3 May 2017

Good morning. I slept 12 hours straight, waking only once for pee and Motrin. I want to address something you wrote in your email. You said everything you imagined for your future has crumbled. No, it hasn't. It came to a head with me because I don't want to be your Mister. I realized I want to be with you all the time, not just part time. And I realized as long as you continue the farce that is your marriage, that hope is more fantasy than reality. And while I know we both have obligations to other parties for the time being, I have a strong dislike for having to be hidden in order to be loved. I also realized while you want nothing but the truth between us, you must hate yourself for having to lie to him all the time, to keep me in your life. Remember that line from Hamlet? "This above all, To thine own self be true." You need to start making decisions for yourself. I love you, my forevermore.

2 May 2017

I found parking at a truck stop not far from where I dropped the trailer. It's paid parking, but it's also safe parking. I know I said I would write out my feelings in response to your email, but frankly, I'm exhausted and thinking sleep needs to be had. I love you, Alaina Louetta. . You are still my forevermore.

21 April 2017

Made it to dad's house about an hour ago...just hanging out, trying to wind down a bit. The address here is 7034 EMBASSY BLVD, PORT RICHEY. I love you.

20 April 2017

They figured out a way to screw me up a bit...I won't be home tonight. I'll be home tomorrow morning... Seems I've got a load at 2200 delivers in Ocala at 0100, then take t the trailer to mayor's in zephyrhills to drop the empty, then head home to dad's. I'll try to take a nap there. Since this company is going to screw me, I'll screw them right back and wait to get my license on Monday. It's their fault. I am still looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. I love you.

19 April 2017

Yeah, who was I kidding? I didn't get loaded until 0200, by which I had about 30 minutes left in my clock. I'm stopped at a mom and pop truck stop north of Panama City south of Marianna, at 0250 a.m. I love you Babydoll.

18 April 2017

So...Heartland Express strikes again...I should be used to it, by now. Not only have they seemingly lost my declaration form, denying me access to a raise until it gets filed properly, but they had me relay my load in Jacksonville, then pick up another load at 2200 and are making me deliver it at 0300 in Tampa. I'm getting really tired of these damned night runs. Doesn't anybody work in the daylight? Did I hire on with vampires? Well, they are sucking the joy out of truck driving I used to find on a regular basis...and I guess making this run at night is probably a Hell of a lot less stressful, but still... I've got about four calls to make tomorrow, after I surface from sleep, including the city of port Richey police department, driver communications at heartland main office, and a few others... My dad told me about an old bank located near Wal-Mart that is no longer operational. I would like to park my truck there, if it can be done legally, hence why I'm calling the police dept.

16 April 2017

The good, the bad, and the ???... Called to confirm our hotel reservation at comfort inn...it appears they are booked solid, and we...I...got lost in the shuffle. There is a 3-star hotel just up the street..the Ruskin Inn, in which I was able to attain a reservation for Friday and Saturday night. I can cancel it and we can try elsewhere, if you prefer. I did reserve a non smoking king. They did have smoking rooms available, but I do not like smoking indoors, if I can help it. If this keys with your approval, or not...let me know so I can plan for it or cancel and look elsewhere. I love you.
Hey beautiful..sorry I haven't written in a few days. Toldyou out was going to be hectic... Got my first two done, picked up the load headed to Ocala, but decided to shut down in Maryland. Going to start up tomorrow and run i95 All of tomorrow, which should put me somewhere around Georgia before I'm done. I love you.

14 April 2017

Okay, so clusterfuck city... I'm picking up locally, headed to Chesapeake Virginia by 0300, picking up in Suffolk Virginia at 1600 dropping in Newville pa asap, then picking up in Chambersburg pa and headed to Ocala for delivery on or around Monday or Tuesday, so I can get home. It's going to be a busy weekend, but I'm going to have fun doing it.
Hubba Hubba!!! My baby is sexy as fuck with her pink muscle shirt and perky nipples. I hope she brings that with her when I get to spend time with her. I want to run my hands all over that shirt with her inside it...maybe get it wet and proceed to turn her on with just my hands roaming her body...God, I want to pleasure her body, give it a solid workout that makes it hum, makes other parts of her sing! I can't wait to get down there, so I can go down there, so she can go down there, so we can go down that road together! I love you Alaina Louetta. I have never loved another woman like this before you. I want to make you feel like the most important woman, the most beautiful woman, the sexiest, most alluring woman in the world. And yes, I know you already feel a little of that from the time we've spent together...but I'm going to show you rather than use words to describe it.
So I made it to my delivery point at 12 a.m., and stayed awake for the drop...I'm tired and just bumped the dock at 04:54 a.m... After I'm done, I'm going to have to sleep on site since there ain't no chance in Hell I'm going to try to drive anywhere. I love you, My woman, My play toy, My beautiful, My Babydoll...

13 April 2017

Hey sexy lady... Daddy's got a little run up to Breinigsville, PA that delivers tomorrow morning at 0400. I decided I'm going get there today then park there overnight for such an early delivery tomorrow. I lubs you...

11 April 2017

So I've come up with this stylized Fleur di Lis for a tattoo design, the inner part of the petals being red while the outer sides are purple.. with a triskle as the stamen...the stem is green with our initials carved into it, upside down, giving the appearance of it being a part of the stem itself...

10 April 2017

You have more mail.
If there is practice today, and you are alone, call me from the truck...I want to touch you.

9 April 2017

In Tennessee...about forty miles from Nashville...plan to probably stop for the night somewhere around Knoxville, or a little past that... Depending on hours. I've got 2,000 miles behind me, with roughly 715 or so to delivery on this run. It's a drop and hook at the delivery point, so I'm not having to deal with a time I have to be there, other than at some point before midnight on the 11th...which also happens to be my baby's birthday.
You've got mail...

8 April 2017

Dinner tonight. Parked in Arkansas for the night.
I just came up with a very profound statement... "There are no volunteers; only the uninformed and the obligated."

6 April 2017

Currently in Compton, California picking up a load headed to Suffolk, Virginia...Yay Me!!! 2,714 miles. I'm finally getting the fuck off this damned coastline. I love you Babydoll.

4 April 2017

Grilled chicken salad, chopped with lettuce and spinach, oregano and parmesan, shredded Monterey cheddar, Italian vinaigrette dressing, red onion, a few black olives, avocado, and some croutons. Dinner tonight!

3 April 2017

I've been taking these to help with health, and have also fourteen a pair of dumbbells for arm exercises while driving...

2 April 2017

So I decided to go into Realtor.com and look at property in North Central Florida, and came across this listing. I have already put in a request for the realtor to contact me, and an applying with the VA for a loan. If you ever find the time time check it out, let me know and I'll arrange a viewing...and you can tell me what you think. The manufactured home is a little small, but with a workshop and a shed, a septic and well, and an acre of land total...it sounds like a perfect starter for Me. I love you Alaina Louetta.

1 April 2017

I don't know why I've decided to care so much about this, this year..but it's important to me. For Me, I hope you see this and wear blue panties for Me...or at least a t-shirt or something to show your support for the cause. I'm going to be wearing blue tomorrow, and even have blue lights for my truck... I've decided to make it a special day. I hope you join me...I love you. And if you do have blue panties, send me a sneak peek picture of you wearing them for Me.

30 March 2017

Just bumped the dock at Costco in Kennewick, Washington, at 10:15 p.m.. It's been a fun day of getting my truck back, running one relay up 70 miles to drop in a different yard, then picking up this paper load to bring here. I miss you, Alaina. I'm so looking forward to the 20th, and you. I'm probably going to have to make reservations soon..or are you going to set it up, for us? Let me know the name of the place if I need to do it. I love you, My Babydoll...I want to make love with you...

29 March 2017

I don't seem to be having the best of luck, when it comes to short runs. I'm always running late... And it bugs me. Oh well..maybe I'm just having an off week. You are loved, Alaina. Even if I don't get to see you on a regular basis.

27 March 2017

I ordered this with you in mind, thinking a working collar might not be a bad idea...

26 March 2017

Well, it's been a busy weekend... Hung two sets of shelves, three mirrors, three sets of curtains, helped unpack a good portion of Anastasia's room, been sleeping in Anastasia's room. Have packed four boxes of my own stuff, bound for Florida. Will be back on my truck tonight. I love you, Alaina Louetta. I miss seeing your beautiful smile, kissing those soft lips, touching you in an oh so manly way...

25 March 2017

24 March 2017

For all of my efforts, I am stumbling over trying to write a full novel, so I've come up with a different idea that might make my dream a reality... Instead of writing a novel, I am going to start writing short stories with the intent to create a cohesive theme that play off one another, with main characters in each storythat interact at some point with other characters in other stories, as if the other characters "cameo." Since each story will have its own plot, climax, and twist, and be limited to 500 words or less, I think it might make the writing part easier for me.

23 March 2017

I want to lay in bed, with my head and neck supported on pillows, let you crawl between my thighs and wrap your arms around the underside of my hips, and proceed to suck my cock while I flog your back and ass...
Day two of the let's not let him sleep challenge for my company, as I am jolted awake again, way before I'm supposed to get up, only to be told as soon as I can get moving...blah blah blah.. I have good days and bad days. I wish you were here, so I could make your day a good one...there's nothing like sex first thing in the morning, whether you are awake or not... Is passionate, raw, unfiltered, vulnerable, love. At least, that is how I remember it being. I love you, Alaina. I want you in my arms, in my lap, nibbling on my neck, letting me nibble on yours...

22 March 2017

The largest of Multnomah Falls, there are actually close to twenty waterfalls located along this scenic byways that travels parallel to I-84, as you drive into or away from Portland, Oregon. The rest of the scenery isn't half bad, either.
I totally screwed up yesterday... I can't believe I got my days mixed up. I had a relay that was supposed to deliver last night in which I wrote down incorrectly, thinking it was supposed to deliver tonight. So now my company is scrambling to find out if I can deliver it tonight. I'm all moved in and even got an extra mattress out of the deal... It may be too soft now, but...for now at least, I'm trying it out.

21 March 2017

I'm in another truck...goodbye 11604. Hello 11421. Same style, same color, slightly more miles on it... But moving sucks . I love you Alaina. Always.
It appears I've been officially shut down... If you go 12,000 miles past service due, about one week past the federal inspection needed, and have multiple issues with the truck... Vice presidents of companies get involved. So I'm in Clackamas where they are trying to decide whether I'm going to get until a different truck, or just try to fix mine...I'll update this as I found it more.

20 March 2017

It will never replace you. It is simply a tool to keep me from rubbing myself raw...and the added benefit of giving me the ability to work on endurance while I'm not with you. I would much rather have your mouth, My cunt and dat ass to penetrate, any time I want... So no jelly, please. I love you Alaina. My forevermore.
The simulators shown inside...
The pocket whore, so to speak...

19 March 2017

One more note before I start moving today... Alaina Louetta... I love you more than I can express. I know it seems like there are times when you are married to a fully grown, mature adult male. And then there are other times you seem to have four children instead of three. So here's what I want you to do, the very next time this happens... If you know beyond the shadow of a doubt, he's pissed and sulking, think of Me. Think of how I would treat the situation. Tell your children exactly what's going on, and you've decided to "not let Mister Grumpy ruin a perfectly good day for everybody. Their daddy went off wandering because he doesn't want to embarrass mommy in public. So where to, next? " And in your head, you need to think to yourself, "my REAL Daddy may not understand clothing choices, but knows the kids like to express themselves however they want.. And my REAL husband would want to make everybody enjoy this beautiful day, together." I love you, Alaina. I love your kids, too
The pocket pussy, continued... It is better than my hand, but not as great as the real thing. Cleaning can be tedious, but all in all...worth the $70 I paid for it...(came with cleaning spray, lube, sanitizer, and a DVD.) Didn't like the DVD, instead opting to enjoy a slide show of My baby doll...and even though I still would much prefer her to My new toy, I still think it was a good investment on my part...
Yesterday was a clusterfuck of a day...I woke up and drove my load into Wal-Mart in red bluff California, only to get within five miles of the place to realize I turned on the wrong road, and ended up needing police assistance to get turned around. That took the better part of 2 hours of me directing traffic around my truck. The officer was really nice and even helped me find a place to turn around. So I finally get to Wal-Mart, to drop the trailer off, and it took me five tries to back into a spot, hunted for an hour to find an empty, and by the time I left, only had 6 hours left on my clock. Now I've got dispatch bitching at me because I couldn't get the other load I was supposed to pick up late last night, due to another truck waiting to relay this in another yard. 375 miles away. I finally decided last night to break down and buy a pocket pussy, at the long ago behest of my girlfriend and lady love, Alaina. And all I can really say is...why the Hell didn't I buy this sooner?

18 March 2017

I ended up tossing and turning on Thursday night, not getting much sleep at all... On Friday, after a late pick up, I decided to sleep after I entered California..and ended up sleeping close to twelve hours, with one pee break. Now I'm on my way up to Oregon for a quick load back down to California. I miss my sexy slut, and can't wait until the time comes when we can talk anytime and not fear discovery.
Another day in the life of a truck driver...smiling while thinking of his life, his love, his sexy smart partner, his submissive, his cohort, his Alaina.

7 March 2017

This is the first stage of a cat-o-nine tails I'm creating with stuffed animals as the heads of each tail. I haven't decided on a handle yet, but I'm thinking either wood or painted and designed pvc. I'm still up in the air on that. Third is my latest contribution to a sadistic DD/lg playtime. If it turns out well, I may decide to try to sell it.
I'm waiting for my delivery point to respond to the phone. I'm currently in Independence, MO. Looks like my dispatch has me going back to Montana after delivery and pick up here. The next entry should be pretty interesting... I love you Alaina Louetta.I miss you, your voice, you laugh. You make my days brighter.

6 March 2017

Just east of Pierre, South Dakota, at a rest area, stopped for the night. Stopped for fuel and shower earlier and picked up Hardees for dinner. Big ham and Cheese, Big Fish, no fries tonight. Trying to cut back on fried foods... I want my Babydoll in my lap, so I can hold her and read a bed time story to her.
I don't know if it is relevant, but I've started a new sci-fi book entitled, "the Solar Express." It's highly technical, so you might not get into it. But the main character's are Dr. Alayna Wong and Major Chris Tavoyen. I love you.

4 March 2017

FINALLY delivered the load up here..had to Bump the Dock... Notes I'm headed further north to Great Falls, Montana to pick up my next load, which is a love load by the way. I love you, Alaina. You are my forevermore.
Made it to Helena to deliver. Only problem is, the damned place can't take me until tomorrow. So I'm stuck here until tomorrow morning, at the earliest. So I put in for detention, and basically camped here, tonight. I wish my Alaina were here. We could have snuggled and spent the day in each other's arms.

3 March 2017

I spent most of the day yesterday making phone calls and driving. I got all the information I need for the Florida dmv requirements, bank of America now has me listed as a resident of that state, my dad's is checking into some parking places for me, nearby, and I've still got to do a change of address with the post office, but that's something I can probably do online, just not on a cell phone. I think I have a new dispatcher, to,...But I'm not sure.
Stopped for the night in Bozeman, Montana. Had burritos for dinner. I love you.
Was thinking of you last night...made a little mess...

2 March 2017

You know me, and my random thoughts while driving... I've come up with a new phrase: Thoroughly Sexualized.- the art of being completely satisfied through scandalous sexually intimate activities.

1 March 2017

Shower time...series of 8. Figured since I'm stopped, I may as well. I wish my baby was here to give me a shower...I'd give her one, too...Though there's no guarantee we would actually get clean...

28 February 2017

Well I'm parked. It's 02:53 local time in a place called Johnson's Corner, just south of Loveland, Colorado. My load doesn't actually drop until Wednesday morning, but I could probably drop it early. I'm tired now. So I'm calling it tonight. I love you Alaina Louetta. Good night beautiful.

27 February 2017

Stopped just over the New Mexico border last night. Will try to make Denver tonight. Should be able to get close. I miss my baby. I love you Alaina.

26 February 2017

So I haven't been active in my journi lately, but seek to remedy that today. It's been an active past few days. Got to Southern California and sat in the yard for a few days.I've pretty much decided this company is going to send me eastward, if I have to refuse every other load until they do. This morning they gave me a load from irwindale too Loveland, Colorado, which at least is a step in the right direction. My Alaina and i discussed our future together, and i think we came to the realization that we are meant to be together. Which for me, is a good thing, since I've already started making steps to ensure our future. I love that woman so much, it scares even me. Muy dad lives at 7034 Embassy Blvd., Port Richey, Florida, 34668, where my company now believes is my home address, and will be my jumping off point for muy move to Florida.

22 February 2017

I'm back on the truck, but still quite physically tired. I felt my old age with this move, very acutely. Maybe it's not old age...maybe I just need to start thinking healthier. When I eventually get some money, I'm going to buy some exercise equipment for the truck, and definitely, DEFINITELY, some more expensive arch supporting shoes. I love my Babydoll, Alaina. I often wonder what life might be like when I'm with a woman that I truly love and enjoy communicating with, versus someone I can tolerate and let's get away with so much because of a child between us. I can't wait to find out.
Where to start, since my last entry? I moved about 85% of Sandy and Anastasia into a new home...all the bulkier or heavier stuff. Although help showed up on Saturday, we got of to a late start due to both Sandy and Anastasia having been sick the week prior. My left foot started aching again during the moving process and is actually getting rest while I'm back on the truck.

17 February 2017

Moving day for Sandy and Anastasia... I walk into a house that has barely seen packing at all. The both of them have been sick the past four days. Go team daddy!
On the way homeward...just got on a bus to take me a little over halfway. Last half is by max line, which is kind of like a subway system that goes over the road rather than under it.

15 February 2017

Made it to my destination and dropped off the trailer. Currently spending the night at the Clackamas yard, then I have a drive to make in the morning up to Arlington, Washington that delivers at 10 a.m.. I'll chk up another load in Tacoma while I'm on my way South, to relay in a yard...before my vacation time starts. Always thinking of you, Alaina. I wish you were here.
So I got this thing called a cell phone wallet. It sticks onto my case and allows new to carry up to two cards with my phone without necessarily needing my whole wallet. It came in blue but I used electrical tape to make it black.

14 February 2017

So I've spent the day relaxing at this Petro truck stop. I had my first hot meal in a while at this restaurant called the Iron Skillet. It was okay. Nothing to write home about. Other than that, I'm going to go back to sleep for a while.And when I wake up, I'll finish this drive down to Clackamas, Oregon.
Meanwhile, today is valentines day. Though I dearly love my daughter, I've never been big on this holiday since I've not had someone to share it with, properly. My Alaina should know that I would make this a very special day for her, when we are together. She will be butthurt as I plan to make her ass as red as the heart, her pussy as wet as a lake, her needs and desires as fulfilled as a prescription, and her face hurt from the smile she will maintain all day long. She is my forevermore. I love you Alaina.
Yesterday, I was given a load assignment that picked up later in the day, after I had to drop off a load early. This required I pull my first 8-2-10 shift, which totally sucks. Basically, you take 8 hours down, to reset 8 hours on your clock, then you must take an additional 2 hours of during that initial 8 in order to get back those two hours you lost. I took a short nap at the terminal, then had to get a load at 9:00 p.m.and deliver it baby 4 a.m.. In Spokane. Now I'm to pick up a load out of Mead, just north of Spokane, and bring it to Clackamas Oregon. It pucks up at 8 a.m., about 1.5 hours from now.

13 February 2017

At Safeway, delivering a load this morning, in auburn Washington. I love my baby doll.

10 February 2017

Made it to the shipper yesterday evening. Load doesn't pick up until today. So I'm taking my time down in front of the office. Guess who? Georgia Pacific...

9 February 2017

On my way to Portland to pick up my next load... I wish you could see this, baby. I love you.
Parked in La Grande, Oregon...company shut down the road due to ice and snow buildup over the pass known as Cabbage, leading into Pendleton. So..this evening, I decided to use a mirror and trim my genital region for the first time in quite a while. And I have to say, I think I did a pretty good job of it. I'm still seriously considering getting Nair for Men, simply because this is getting to be a challenge for me. I'm going to have to start losing weight.

8 February 2017

Made it to Oregon..not sure if I can make my destination, as roads may become impassable. Will update when I know more. I love you, Alaina. I'm still awaiting photos of you in that sexy dress....
Another overcast day, snow capped mountains just outside Lovelock, NV.

7 February 2017

I take that back..I figured out how to download the whole soundtrack, in order. Meanwhile, anin the real world, I'm still driving...crossed into Nevada about an hour ago. My company had me routed through by way of some smaller highways. But the roads are clear and not crowded. I love you Alaina Louetta. I wish you were here.
While driving, I've decided to add a new playlist to Spotify...my woman expressed an interest in this musical. It's not in order, because I would need the CD box set...But hopefully she listens to it, as I'm doing right now.
Nothing to see...
So they finally gave me a load out.. Church and Dwight (aka Tide, Downy, etc,) from Victorville, CA, to Hermiston, OR. I just bumped the dock and dropped the trailer while they load it. My girl loves the visual imagery when I say, "bump the dock." It makes me smile, knowing her mind goes gutter surfing sometimes.

6 February 2017

Still sitting at Rancho Cucamonga...was given a load, then it got cancelled...truck is fixed.

5 February 2017

I opened your folder on my laptop...all the pictures I've saved of you, and started a slideshow for my viewing pleasure. And I can tell, over the course of time, how not only you have opened up to me but the true emotions of each moment is so perfectly captured within each frame. I love that I have been a part of this transformation within you, Alaina. I'm not 100% it was all because of me or if it is a natural progression influenced through me... But whatever it is, I know I care about you, and I promise to love you until forever. I feel unworthy yet dare to hope.
No loads today... Guess that's a good thing, since my truck seems to have lost a mud flap, which makes it illegal for me to run. On a complete side note, I finally downloaded a whole bunch of things off my phone. Pictures, videos, miscellaneous files, etc
Today's run started at the yard in Lathrop. I drove over to Fed Ex at their terminal in Oakland, then was told to relay it in Fontana, which I just completed. I'm probably going to spend the night at another one of our terminals, located in Rancho Cucamonga, a scant six miles away. Always thinking of My Alaina. I love you so.

4 February 2017

I'm trying to decide whether I should attempt making restraints or just buying a set for My submissive. While making them is more personal, buying a set is easier and frankly, would cost less than trying to make them myself. I think I'd rather buy a set for her and spend money on making furniture for our dungeon. I'm better at that sort of thing, anyway.
I'm going to call it... BDSM emoji

3 February 2017

Stopped at the Lathrop yard, doing laundry, did paperwork, and currently watching a science program while waiting on laundry...
I'll make it to Lathrop, California, today, where I will finish out this load, then head to one of our terminals to do laundry. Back in the 90's, there was a singer named Timmy T. His song, Time after Time, is currently playing in my head as I think of breakfast with my baby..."Time after time, when we're together, I tell you I love you, now and forever..."
As I wake up this morning, I find myself smiling about Alaina and her son, Quinn. He is attending a QuinceƱera, which is akin to a Cotillion, with one very different caveat. A QuinceƱera is basically a formal birthday party as opposed to a debutante ball. I'm so proud for her and her son to be a part of this. It is, after all, a reminder of days gone by, for me. The krewe of Nerieds, a Mardi Gras mystic krewe based in my home town, always hosts a formal ball and subsequent dinner party to reveal the royal court and the theme of that years parade, which is held at a later d ate. My mother was a part of Nerieds for 23 years, and by extension, so was I.

2 February 2017

Alk done in the shower
And something for you...
Much better...squeaky clean and shaven...
Definitely in need of a shave...
I just stopped for the night at Love's, a truck stop located in Fernley, Nevada. I'm going to go take a shower,, shave some body parts, and probably clip some toenails while I'm at it. Pictures may or may not follow..we'll have to see.
My Alaina is the only woman to ever truly hold my heart. I wish she were here, with me, to see these and many other sights. But I am content to create this blog of journal entries and pictures as I make my way with her always on my mind.

1 February 2017

After dropping in salt lake city at Costco, I'm making my way to California.