United States of America · 90 Days · 4 Moments · March 2017

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8 June 2017

Was a fun day off today. Went to the jewelry store with mom and I found a necklace of my future😅❤️. They couldn't give me a price estimate. They said they would email it to us, which Ales it sound even more expensive 😳. I'm going. To guessss $15,000. -we got all the kids signed up for a free summer membership at the YMCA -got a new pillow from costco😆🤗 #thanks mom -did my demo at the YMCA...no one showed up except for samples at the end, but I had a fun time doing it. Always a good time to produce my cooking show snap story. - haven't heard back from Kristin yet about the mold. But hopefully I will soon.

21 May 2017

Worked at Starbucks. Chill day, Talked to Hot Tom about him wanting to travel to Argentina. Found out he's 28. It he said he feels much much younger. Mom told me that john told her that he is not happy here and that he thinks dad or I have been going into his room... which I certainly have not and dad says he hasn't Either.

19 May 2017

Sisters confirmation was today. Went to dinner at Bucas. It was very nice. The chicken Parmesan and apple salad were my favorite. The cheesecake was wonderful as well.

10 March 2017

Met Savannahs friend chow chow from her home town. We visited the 9/11 memorial, the new shark designed Mall, and got food from a famous Ramen noodle restaurant.