North America, Asia · 293 Days · 40 Moments · March 2017

Chris's & Melissa head to Cuba

15 January 2018

Toured the Grand Palace and Amulet Market today. Being adventurous with street food too.

30 April 2017

Kennedy Space Center

29 April 2017

Other magical college

27 April 2017

Zombie Outbreak - Only way to prep for the apocalypse
We were 5th row for Michele Obama's talk today. It was her first public talk since leaving the White House. Best keynote I have ever been to for AIA. Tonight we are going to shoot zombies at some walking-dead simulator. Been a full day.

25 April 2017

The tank that took down America?
Magical College
Trinidad Was hot

23 April 2017

Cienfuegos It was French

22 April 2017

Cienfuegos Waterfront
Breakfast at our Casa Particular in Cienfuegos

21 April 2017

Cayo Jutias. The bus 🚌 ride here was like a prison transport & I wished for death most of the day.

19 April 2017

No shortage of cool hood ornaments in this country.
Melissa embraces the wildlife...
Tabasco Plantation Tour by horseback. We also stopped at a cave and coffee plantation. Much enjoyed.
Our tobacco plantation tour in Vinales.
Typical houses in Vinalles
Rooftop seating at our Casa Particular in Vinalles

18 April 2017

Markets in Vinalles
Best Mojitos in Cuba. This Tiki Bar is built in someone's driveway. The owner (Rivera) also helped us change money and got us a ride to Cienfuegos.
Heading to Vinalles - not our car, but a cool vintage dodge at a rest stop.

17 April 2017

Lots of music in Havana Viejo

16 April 2017

La Fabrica This place goes on and on
La Fabrica Best art experience in Cuba. Part gallery, part performance theater + concert hall, rave, club, restaurants and a bar made out of stacked connexes.
He's a local now
3 days in Havana seems to be enough. We catch a ride to Vanales tomorrow (Tuesday). Plenty of music, mojitos, & cigars to be had here. Looking forward to a bit less hubbub.

15 April 2017

La Floridita - birthplace of the daiquiri and and Hemingway's watering hole.
Old Havana at night
Our new hood. Plaza Viejo
Our Casa Particular in Havana Viejo

14 April 2017

Is it okay to drive if you've shared one drink?
Cocktail hour begins 🍹
78 degrees on this Good Friday.
Miami Beach
Art Deco District, Miami Beach - We arrived in Ft Lauderdale last night and Uber'd to Miami this AM. Art Deco District is still my fav. Glad to see these landmarks enduring thru time. Hasn't changed a bit since I came here 20 years ago. Only difference is that I can afford to stay in a hotel here now. Twenty years ago I was sleeping in my car and limiting myself to one beer a night.

13 April 2017

Virgin America from LAX. About 17 hrs ANC-FLL

28 March 2017

Chris is packed two weeks in advance & preparations are underway.