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United States of Bone

1 October 2017 sitting in the stadium, enjoing my beer a fat fuck comes over, don‘t know why, never had eye contact or anything...just starts talking to me, eventually it comes to the point where he starts bragging about the stuff he does, he was a „programmer“ (oh really? I thought to my self, lets se where this is goin‘...)...“oh really?“...“yeah“...“mhm, which language(s) do you programm on?“...“linux!“...“really?“ ;-)...“yeah, i have an intel i7 and blah blah graphic card and a 1tb ssd...blah blah“...“aha, really?“..“yeah!, what do you do for a living?“...“i build clouds...“ ...silence...walked away, never saw him again...
Last sunday in the US...counting the hours...did not much today as far as staying in bed, went to buffalo wild wings for breakfast/lunch/supper...smoked a cigar which i got from henry (with added flavor on the outer leaf, no sir not my kind of thing...and the i went for a couple a beer to the stadium bar...the one and only...the place to i tried some rumple Minze liquor, boy strong stuff...ill take a bottle home

30 September 2017

Saturday...shootin‘ we all me at a collegues house (a church dude whackadoodle with some whackadoodle friends) abd drove with 2 cars out to the outdoor shooting range...we started out at the 100yrds range which is really tricky when you don‘t have optics on the rifle (church dudes hat scopes on their rifles though) after a couple of rounds we went to the 50 yrds was there where we noticed that the aims of the rifles where off (gnaaaah!)...was not so much fun for thomas cause there where some strickt rules in place on how you have to behave and handle your weapon ;-) We shot until they closed the range and then went to grab a bite to eat...we went for a drink to the stadium pub, looks like we have a reputation ;-)

29 September 2017

As the breakfast menu at the hotel suckS i went for the „robert mc griddle“ with chickn‘ in the middle...rhyme master bone ^^ one was in the office except Danial, worked until 3 and thought „fuck this shit, this bone is gettin‘ outta here“ did some shopping went to the hotel and then drove off to search for some halloween stuff, didn‘t find any cool stuff...thought i lost my car but it was on the other side of the store (hughe area and everything looks alike...back at the hotel counting the hours when i can leave...

28 September 2017

Sooo last thusday....i‘m finally sick of trump‘s blaaah blaaah...after finL session for traning went to the statium bar (i was greeted as „the german“) and got my „normal germN beer“ a maß...makes it more acceptable...fabian stoppef by for some time with me, made me very happy cause he is e very cool and extreem friendly dude, he always huggs me, kind of cute even though i‘m not much into the whole hugging touching thing...the football game was cool, greenvay destoyed chicago...thomas tried to play the lone crusader for football..didn‘t work out ^^

26 September 2017

I‘m sitting at the Bar sippin away my stuff -> blog time... Well my day started where it ended, the coffee stain was still on my bed, not as colorrich as i created it, but more widespread as i tried to clean it...fuck it, i ook the „please change my sheets“ card and left jolanda an extra dollar for the hassle...i arrived at the office and henry was already yelling with his cartman voice out of this cubicle „i left a box at your desk with a little sumthin‘ sumthin‘“ really nice and the box is heavy as fuck!...after a bunch of disappointments my boss decided that we have to go to luch together, no discussions...okay so he dragged us to this muslim place „pitta inn“ lunch was okay...with some workarounds we where able to install some blades...finally...came home, and i think jolanda was under the impression that i would need a iron...well i don‘t, brought back the stuff from the drycleaners ;-) couple a days more and the rest of today!

25 September 2017

...monday, sitting at the bar, sippin some jamesons and a sam adams Octoberfest beer...finally an end is in sight, training is very frustrating but what the hell you can‘t force people to learn shit can‘t ya...brought my laundry to the drycleaner, had some lunch...just did a q & a for the training session but no one asked, so that was a short round, hardware isn‘t fully racked so no progress there...totally awesome...counting the days...

24 September 2017

Went for a little walk in the recreational area where they have a small herd of elk...really nice area (with a lot of rules)

23 September 2017

After the fuckload of food (managed 3/4 of the Burger) we went to the allstate arena to see megadeth and the scorpions...megadeth was the opener, shitty sound so shitty that i only managed to recognize 3 songs...scorpions on the other hand wow! Awesome gig! Aaaand the new drummer is mickey Dee from Motorhead!
...the day out with henry...i had a blast...henry is like the bastard son of jabba the hutt and cartman...we met at henry‘s house and drove up to his friends place where we met for shootin‘ ...i‘m a pretty good shot and hit nearly all moving targets (clay disks) we shot bucksot, double buckshot, sluggs and military cc rounds for the shotgun and 38. and 22. ...after the shootin‘ we went for a „snack“ as henry called it, we didn‘t have any sayin regarding the menue henry ordered (the treat/the all american experience)...

22 September 2017

So today the training was not as satisfying and I thought, but hey it’s the US...had lunch at marianos, chicken filet bites / mac and cheese / broccoli / water melon good stuff, i still don’t get it why people go to mc donalds and co. lunch was ~ 9$ and i was so stuffed i had the leftovers for supper...watching tv -> saw a trump speach, what a douchbag...i really think there’s gonna be a big bang soon...i’m sooooo looking forward coming home

21 September 2017

So training went finally well and close to the speed i wanted to be, the test went well and the people exceeded my expectations (which where pretty low) so we’ll proceed and i’ll add some additional sessio. During lunch we went to “ange’s” a german bbq place iv’e been before, very good food ❤️❤️❤️ after that i got a cake shake from a college, yeah a cake shake! They stick a slice a cake in a american milkshake, you’ll hear the sparks in you’re head belive me...after work thomas picked me up and we went to the “stadion”’s a dive bar as good as it sucks drinks are cheap as fuck, a place where you can have new friends in 5 minutes top...glad i’m back at the hotel

20 September 2017

...skipped breakfast at the hotel, got a “robert mc griddle” instead (normally a griddled biscuit with egg and saussage (patty), but as it is served at bosch i called it robert mc griddle ;-) Training went pretty well today, one they realized that we’ll do a test and that maybe their job depends on the outcome of this i got some corporation, and i told em that we’ll not gonna do extra sessions to catch up with the missing sessions... Had a salad and fruit for lunch and some coconut water...tasted great...for supper i had sushi and fruit...went to the cinema with thomas and watched “american asassin” was better that “Dunkirk” but still not hughe...maybe im getting to old...

19 September 2017

So another day goes was a waste of time, no one was able to log in the only one participating is thomas, and he is from germany...walked tobthe deli store, had some ribs for lunch, boy i was greedy but it tasted sooo good...went woth patrick to a brazilian resturant, really good food but pretty expensive after that we went for a cigar and then to the brickbuder store in the woodfield mall, they have cool lego models of warmachines an planes at horrendous prices, but nice to look at...
Starting the day with a motherload of fruit and some bacon...let's see how this goes today

18 September 2017

...sooo training with expected we did arms again (funny thing we never do legs where i would totally destoy him or abs where i maxed out the machine at our gym)...i wonder why? was still fun and challenging...back at the hotel hot shower and some food
...another day went is what happened... As the lazy bastards didn't request their permissions on the envirnonments we couldn't do jackshit so i had to cancel the session for today and rick and i had time to focus on the buildup of the production environment, turns out there where also some we have Racks, Blade Enclosures + Blades, switches, missing some SSD's, but what have the fuckers forgotten to order? The fucking power distribution units for the Racks (so you can't connect the hardware to the power grid) hooo-fuckin'-raaah what is wrong with these people?... If you look around the office most of the people play on their mobile phones, no wonder nothing gets done... Anyway... For lunch i went to "Johnny's Beef" and got me a delicious Juicy Italian Beef Sandwich with fresh chili... After Lunch i went to the drycleaners and dumped my stuff there...interessting -> you pay by type (wash/dryclean/fold) and weight so 4 shirts and 5 lbs of stuff costed me 12$

17 September 2017

Chicago beer challenge..
...sundaaaaay...after a long sleep i went for breakfast/lunch to Denny's...the pancakes and the bacon where better than in the hotel (jalapeño bacon)!!! and Denny's is more like the low end food (big bang for little bucks)...after my hearthly breakfast it cuised around a little bit and them bought my dinner at marianos (healthy stuff, same price as my pile of food at Denny's) also bought the essentials (water/beer/prezel bites to nibble)...then i cruised around and popped in to Dick's and bought new i'm back at the hotel chilling

16 September 2017

In dubuque we wanted to ride on a steamboat, but turns out they sold the last one in we looked at the museum and a remaining buseums boat towed at the bock...
Sooo arrived back at the hotel, my ears are bleeding from Thomas's ongoing campfire stories from drinking, drinking, drinking a lot, malle, drinking at malle, fussball, drinking at football games ah and did i mention drinking...too much thomas for the day...being very swabian he didn't eat anything the whole day except what the hotel provided him, so beate and i nearly starved to death...we drove from chicago to savanna which is a shitty little place in the middle of nowhere...then we drove from savanna to galena which is like st. Charles and then we drove to dubuque which is pretty much like st. Louis except its more run down and has no ballpark but a cablecar...but thats about it

15 September 2017

After coming home i checked at the front desk my options for transportation...uber/cab/hotel transport service all costed roughly the same i i decided to go with the hotel offering (not knowing what kind of vehicle i would be riding in)...and then suddenly this limo pulls up (for 25$!!!) amazing! At Patrick's it was totally boring, crying kids, the place looked a mess (it would be easier to just throw all the remaining shit on the floor so all of it would be together...yeah well...had 3 beer and some pizza and then they started yawning again, i meen for fucks sake, don't invite people over if you're tired or don't wanna have them around for long (the fucking trip cost me 50$ + tip, these could have been better invested)...
Soooo one week done...two to go...resume: Mit den amis kannst nicht mal n offenes scheisshaus stuermen...die leut haben die aufmerksamkeistsspanne von nem Eichhörnchen...heut mittag sind thomas und ich zu nem hochwertigen einkaufsladen gelaufen ~25min eine strecke, dort hab ich mir dann ein steak beim Metzger ausgesucht und habe es dann vorbort gegessen mit etwas gmues...siehe bild nachher gehts zum patrick mal schaun wie das wird
The geese are back and so am i ;-) hope the items for breakfast will change on the weekend, because they get pretty boring

14 September 2017

So training with patrick was as expected, show off session ;-) Was a nice and challenging session though, i now have a guest pass for free until the end of September which is cool...the facilities are hughe. Watching some TV sipping my BCAA's -> done for the day! there i did it, needed fresh stuff to this was my breakfast. ...also i had visitors during breakfast, these wild geese are all over schaumburg and co... The day at work was okay, we had an associates meeting and bosch sponsored lunch/bbq for the entire facility! I went for a short walk after lunch before my presentation. The presentation went well ...i always check in with people to doublecheck my opinion. I'll train with patrick later, lets see how this goes

13 September 2017 the night was young thomas and i headed over to the cinema to see "Dunkirk" which IMHO was not so great...
Another day another breakfast...added more fresh stuff, gimme two more days and i'll be only eating fruits for breakfast... Good thing about breakfast is that i'm able to enjoy the view to the park of the hotel...the weather is fine so far, very we have a team event at one of the groves in the park...
The team event...soooo the appointment was set to meet at 09:30 at grove 24 in busey woods, so keep all these intormation in mind...thomas arrived at 08:30, i and sumair (group lead) arrived at 09:00 and the rest of the team between 10:00 and 10:45... Well.....punctuality isn't much an american thing...but the event was pretty cool, so sumair was on the grill (his wife did all the marinades and prepared the meat at home) and we played football and cornhole, baseball and crickett and did lots of chatting

12 September 2017

Went to walmart to buy more water and fresh veggies for supper...turns out this walmart doesn't have ANY fresh stuff at all, like literally NO Fresh food at all, can you imagine? i decided to skip supper...tested the gym in the hotel -> not so great...but still did a 1h powerworkout until i had to reduce the weights so far that i couldn't even take the 5 lbs anymore... sessions...the concentration span of the average american (even with collage degree) is about the same as of a child, which makes the task of teaching them quite challenging...although it was aninteresting experience to lead this session in english let's see how this turns out...they don't know yet that there are two exams upcoming ;-)

11 September 2017

So the day starts with a breakfast for champions...sausages no so great...was at the office at 07:30, barely anybody there as most people start roughly between 09:00 and 11:00, the mentality is very different to our german... After a awful lunch (all you can eat buffet, should be chinese but was not...more like eat everything at the lowest possible quality available) we went to the Datacenter in Elk Grove... After that i went shopping with thomas and bought bcaa's and some under armor sportshoes...after a short and successful shopping tour we went to Thomas's new favorite bar (penny road bar), dive bar with good pub food (like the bombshell bar) and pretty cheap 2$ beer, but the restroom is a desaster...

10 September 2017

Really good Beer
'Beere we go ;-)
Departure and Arrival