Australia · 32 Days · 46 Moments · May 2017

Chris's journi into Retirement

13 June 2017

Well - what can one say ! Our last day in MB before our flight home to Melbourne. No walks, rides or golf today. It is blowing a gale with rain and not a patch of blue sky. The seas looks like a washing machine at peak suds cycle. 😰All that's left is to clean up, pack up and have our last meal at the club with a chance to win the $7500 jackpot. At least we have become familiar with 'Journi' (thank you Holly) and we will be all set for our French Journi. It's been a great 'journi'. 😍😍😍

12 June 2017

Well what a surprise - woke up to cloudy skies with the sun trying to peep through! Thought might be my last chance for a ride, and Phil was risking a game of golf. The rain held off until 3 so can't really complain. Fingers crossed for the same tomorrow, although the forecast not too promising.

11 June 2017

Good weather for ducks!
What a disappointment - our first morning in a month of waking to grey skies, rain & wind. I even need to wear long sleeves for my morning walk - it must be time to go home! 🌧🌬😭

9 June 2017

How exciting is this!
We lost the sun BUT a rainbow appeared!
A lovely morning but the forecast suggests the clouds and rain are going to roll in this afternoon. To make the most of the blue skies (& to settle my nerves as I wait to hear that the Foley's have arrived safely in Dubai) we decide to head off a bit further afield today. As it turned out Paradise Point was probably only another 4k's on from our normal coffee spot. Enjoyed our coffee with a different outlook before heading homeward. Once again the pelicans were amassing waiting for their feed to humour the tourists at Labrador. We made it home just as the rain started, although it didn't really eventuate to anything much other than the loss of the sunshine. The bonus was to arrive home to a 'journi' entry announcing all was good in Dubai. πŸ€—

8 June 2017

A beautiful moon with reflections in the waves below. Beautiful!
What better way to relax after my 24k bike ride today!

7 June 2017

A lovely finish to the day - yet another bike ride with the reward of a beer & rose in brilliant blue skies!
My mornings walk again under clear blue skies. A really low tide with billabongs along the beach.
Can't imagine bright shadows like this on my morning walks back in Melbourne next week! 😎

6 June 2017

Very quiet in Unit 24 with the departure of our good friends! 😨

5 June 2017

Another beautiful day - a morning walk, an afternoon ride followed by a delightful spa. Must now be 'wine o'clock' - I think we have earned it! 🍷
Bubbles of a different kind!

4 June 2017

A delightful dinner on Tedder Avenue.
Entertainment at Miami Beach on this mornings bike ride.

3 June 2017

An entertaining evening at Surfers watching the Seafire fireworks competition between UK and China. China was the victor.
Feeding time for we humans after an enjoyable 20km ride. Phil has a pale ale, I have a 'green machine' - kale,cucumber,mint, apple , spinach & ginger juice. Enough energy now to get us home.
Feeding time for the pelicans on our morning ride to Runaway Bay.

1 June 2017

A pleasant evening out at the surf club yet again with the added bonus of a 'financial win' from the raffle. $60 better off! Hooray πŸ€—

29 May 2017

Just showing Pamela how Journi works.
Another lovely day for a morning walk.

27 May 2017

Another beautiful day for a cycle - 28km round trip into Burleigh Heads. Feeling very confident re the Loire trip now - just wish the terrain around Melbourne was as enjoyable for riding.

26 May 2017

Getting fitter & faster - 22kms today & barely broke out a sweat. A 'green machine' (cucumber, spinach,mint & ginger juice) to rehydrate & while enjoying the beautiful setting before the ride home.

25 May 2017

What else do you do when you come home after 21/2 hours at the hairdresser on Tedder (with a much inflated credit card balance) and of course looking beautiful - an empty abode because your partner is off playing golf for the day!
The 'new pose' for our international visitors photo taking on the beach. Obviously the 'rabbit ears' are no longer in vogue, but of course you do need the brightly coloured scarf and a pleasant sea breeze to make a success of it.

24 May 2017

Supplies for the next few days. What would I do without my jeep!
A very leisurely ride around Paradise Island this morning - these Houses are amazing, not to mention the launches they have anchored at their front door.
Nearly Winter - really? Absolutely beautiful again today - blue skies and 26^. After a shorter bike ride this morning actually sat on the beach and read for an hour, even needed sun block & hat. How lucky are we!

23 May 2017

A pleasant lunch with Ken & Carmel at Fishermans Wharf.
Beautiful blue skies and sunshine - a very pleasant beach walk into Surfers and back.
Exercise is so much easier in this environment.
Can the sky get any bluer?

22 May 2017

Not such a good end to the day! Is Phil naive, too trusting or just plain silly? He was doing his 'regular Op Shop' shopping. Parked his bike with helmet out the front and then continued on with his shopping. Surprise, surprise on exiting the shop - his bike had disappeared! Moral of story - bike locks have been created for a reason. 😟😫😱😭
Another day in paradise! 🌞🌞🌞
A beautiful morning for a ride along the broadwater to Runaway Bay.

21 May 2017

Woke to beautiful blue skies - forecast 25^ - no complaints today. Decided to have a bike free day and went for a saunter along the beach. Lots of yachts out today having fun on the water. Also perused our ,view blockers' from beachside. Wish I had a spare $10 mil! Finished off the morning with coffees on the beach. Forecast is for this weather to continue.
While we enjoy the beautiful Queensland sunshine, the Henley Beach Webbs are also enjoying some similar weather.
Not bad real estate!

20 May 2017

Phil was part of the 'victims of murder' rally at Miami Beach this morning!
A cloudy day today but at least the rain has stopped.

19 May 2017

A 23km return ride from Main Beach to Mermaid Beach a great training ride in preparation for Loire Valley ride later in August.

18 May 2017

12 May 2017

I think this blog site is a little easier to load up photos maybe - just not too sure about the 'overall' appearance!