United States of America · 4 Days · 33 Moments · August 2017

Chris's adventure in United States of Amer...

6 August 2017

One last side trip to Cleveland's best restaurant casual - Barrio - basically build your own taco bar.... delicious

5 August 2017

Gold jacket arrivals... so close! I shook hands with Shannon Sharpe! Ronnie Lott, Shannon Sharpe, Earl Campbell, Bruce Smith and Andre Reed, Ronnie Lott, Ricky Jackson, Eric Dickerson, Lawrence Taylor, Marshall Faulk, Michael Irvin
Drove over to Hudson to enjoy breakfast. Local place called Yours Truly. Had a killet skillet.... yum!

4 August 2017

Miscellaneous Friday pics.
Gold jacket reception.... so much fun to be around true fans that love football and appreciate greatness. My dad was picked in a raffle out of all Saints fans for a Morten Anderson prize pack.... birthday miracle!
Friday night Gold Jacket Reception at the hall - class of 2017 lockers
U2 section (for my sweetie) and the original writing of Lucy in the sky.
The dawg pound, also known as the Factory of Sadness (that's what the local told me)
Jim Brown going down..... or not.
Cleveland rocks! Cleveland rocks!
Into the chariot and off to Cleveland

3 August 2017

Cowboys eeek it out.... football is back!
Lee greenwood sings God Bless the USA at halftime
Weird to watch a game outdoors with no emotional attachment, just enjoying football.... nah, I hate the cowboys - go Cards!
Are you ready for some football?!?!?!
I really love football....
Signs of things to come.... sat down with wings and sausage, the band starts jamming Dead or Alive..... this will be fun!
After a stunning one day career... they've made it to the hall!
Consensus best burgers we ever ate... that was before we found out that the restaurant belonged to Iron Chef Michael Symon!
Under recommendation of a local we tried out Bspot - a local burger dive.
Picked up by ownership and brought to a local burger joint
After a brief stint in Tennessee, the 3 were traded again to Cleveland.
After a trade to Tennessee the groups hopes are high
Three weary warriors start the journey to immortality at the pro football hall of fame