Australia · 8 Days · 19 Moments · February 2017

Chris's adventure in Tasmania, Australia

2 March 2017

Home finally and the sunset that greeted us was unbelievable and makes you realize no matter how far you travel, home is a very special place!

28 February 2017

Our last full day in Tassie and beside traveling from Cradle Mountain to Ross which is a beautiful little town where we will spend our last night, we also went to Sheffield 'Tassies mural town' and had a scallop pie, and then onto Ross for the world's best vanilla slice and to the local for a pint - not a bad day!
What a fantastic day in cradle mountain, a smorgasbord for the eyes and the soul. Met lovely people such as Sam who kept us company down one leg of the walk - she was a young Canadian from Thunder Bay, Ontario!

27 February 2017

Yesterday was a long day and we spent it traveling from lake st Clair to the other end of cradle mountain. Queens town Wa an incredible site as the topography was amazing! We went through some incredibly winding roads and are pretty spent today so are taking it easy and doing only a half day walk today.

26 February 2017

Skipping stones with my besty- pretty good day out I reckon!
Sometimes your just gotta recharge the soul
Another glorious day today - off for some small bush walks and staying another night in Lake St Clair

25 February 2017

When you forget bananagrams she play guess the liquer!!!! I don't mind😊
Creamy delicious oysters gathered this morning - shucked while we waited - then kilpatricked with fat farm bacon and a few a la natural eaten by the deepest lake in Australia OMG how good!!
It's so beautiful and so silent - Lake St Claire - shhhh I can hear my heart beat!
Ooh la la what a day - now off to cradle mountain for a cool 3 degree evening!! Can't wait!
Salamanca markets - didn't get past first stall nor second nor third - pumpkin sourdough, carrot cake and a spinach ham egg and cheese French crepe - oooh lama

24 February 2017

Tonight we are staying in the gorgeous Huon Valley where we are being lullabied by ducks cows and the promise of the glimpse of a platypus while being surrounded on all sides - literally - by mountains - wow what a trip!
Day 3 Port Arthur - beautiful and eerie

23 February 2017

Wow day 1 and it took us 8 hours to travel 59k - so much beauty in such a small space! Oyster stout for pre dinner drinks and the fresh oysters turned kilpatrick followed by some locally grown veg! Loving life!!
The best coffee spot in Tassie?
Day I in Tasmania and we have found heaven - Taryn heaven that is - a retro cafe that sells - wait - lactose free cappuccinos and gluten free toasties but on the way we picked up a dozen fresh tassy oysters for dinner for $12!!! Yummo