Honduras, Guatemala · 4 Days · 21 Moments · February 2017

Chris and Monica's Mission trip inGuatemala

3 March 2017

Bon voyage. Now heading to Roatan, Honduras for our next adventure.

2 March 2017

Our final night in El Faro pastor Enrique from Livingston brought his choir and percussion band.
After lunch, we climbed the lookout tower and took in the great ocean and jungle views.
After some work with the construction team on the Doc Monica and I retreated to the waves.
Great start to our final day at El Faro. The sun peaked through the clouds and offered a great morning. My fishing pole was calling me and I hit the dock with a lure. After 30 minutes I fell into a he casting trance and then it hit..... not the biggest fish but it fought with vengeance.

1 March 2017

Monica took a break from the dental office where she has been sterilizing equipment for the past two days to play with the monkey.
Monica dreams of having her own Monkey
Pastor Enrique, with a fifteen year dread, was ready for a supernatural day. One of the locals sent a bus to an outlying village to pick up teenagers to play on El Faro's premier soccer field. Afterward, pastor Enrique shared his testimony and a half a dozen youth committed their lives to serve Jesus.
Day 3 began with setting up the mobile clinic in El Faro. The make shift medi/dental/triage tents have been put in place then the entire team assembled, sitting around the cross for morning devotions.

28 February 2017

.Then after taking down all the tents and equipment we loaded up the trucks to head back. I jumped into the back with my new friends and road on the top all the way back. The jungle is here beautiful and the locals are friendly.
Monica's dental office team.
By the end of the day we were spent as the hot Guatemalan sun beat down on us all day.
Here is the saw we bought for El Faro a year and a half ago on a previous missions trip. It came in pretty handy today.
A local school was transformed into a clinic with Dr's, nurses, dentists, optometrists, a de-licing station and beauty parlor as well as a spiritual clinic, photo booth and kids ministry area.
While Monica worked in the dental clinic cleaning the tools, I got to build a swing set for the school yard.
The rain poured hard the night before but the tents stood up in the storm. However, our morning was a scramble to move rock and gravel to get the water out from the "pharmacy" and beauty shop. When the doctors and nurses arrived we assembled together for instructions and prayer. By 8AM over 400 people were lined up to enter.
After being fueled up with home made tortillas, eggs and black beans we are ready for the day. Heading out early morning with the site construction team at 5:30AM to get the remote village.

27 February 2017

We leave the dock in Puerto Barrios and a boat whizzes is across the bay. Arriving in El Faro in time for dinner. The real adventure starts tomorrow.
2 1/2 hours to the Guatemala border from San Pedro. So far so good in our air conditioned wonderland. One hour to go.
Our goal is to get to El Faro, a camp in Guatemala across from Puerto Barrios. We asked our friend to send us a ride and to our surprise Manuel pulls up in an empty tour bus we who traveling back to Guatemala City empty.... now plus 2
Awake at 3:30AM to catch the first flight out of MSP and pull up to San Pedro International. Two movies and a couple long naps we arrive 6 hours later.