United States of America · 2 Days · 10 Moments · June 2018

Chorus Trip to Boston 2018

17 June 2018

This picture of my friend though😂😂 this is us walking back to south station in the heat🔥
This is the theatre district. The buildings were so cool in this area! We walked by the School of Rock theatre and that was pretty lit😂 also the paramount sign reminded me of the radio city music hall sign in NYC.
This is pictures of our chorus on the carousel. The 3rd picture is our music teachers. The carousel was really old and rickety. We thought the horse was going to fall off😂. The last picture is a picture of the ice rink in the Boston Common in the summer. It was a really pretty view of the buildings!
Our chorus teachers treated us to a swan boat ride in the Boston Common. There were so many ducks and we saw a turtle and a duck kissing😂 the second picture is of my friend Emilia. The trees were so pretty!
Where we ate in Boston. It was really good!
This is Emmanuel church! We performed a selection of songs from the renaissance period here! It was such a cool experience and the acoustics were amazing! We didn’t get to perform in this part of the church. We performed in a smaller section which is just as beautiful!

16 June 2018

Just me trying to be aesthetically pleasing while traveling to our host family’s house!
Our first moments in Boston while walking to Emmanuel Church! I took a picture of the cemetery one because it looked old and cool and two because a famous composer is buried here. We actually sang one of his songs in chorus once!
I thought this Converse sign was cool.
Entering Boston! The buildings look so pretty!