Australia · 12 Days · 20 Moments · October 2017

Salter's Great Ocean Road & Sydney adventure

26 October 2017

We did the Bronte to Bondi coastal walk this morning. Nice walk and watched the storm clouds forming over us. There was an art show along the coast. And as we walked back we saw whales in the distance. Then we went to Westfield mall and did a lot of shopping. A new suitcase was needed! Then back to Bondi for a quick shop and a chocolate cafe. And then went for food, tried to go to an outback jacks but it had closed so we had a burger instead from another restaurant which was really good. Earlier in the day I came across a note in a shop Max and Billy had written - crazy of all places I found that. Reunion from New Zealand! We met in bar in Bondi and had a drink. Lovely to catch up!

25 October 2017

Well I had a very hungover start to the day. Had to force a quick recovery as we were going to the blue mountains. Quick nap on the way and woke up to some beautiful scenery. Did the Blue Mountains Tourist drive. Went on a few walks to some nice look outs. Mum made a nice picnic that we had watching lizards running around. On our way back into Bronte hundreds of bats appeared flying overhead. After a long days driving it was back to the apartment for food and early bed.

24 October 2017

Went to Bronte beach for a few hours in the morning and had a healthy acai bowl for lunch. Next was whale watching!!! We spotted the whales very quickly after leaving the harbour. There were 4 hump back whales. They were happy swimming around the boat so we had lots of time with them. Incredible watching them. It's currently migration time for them so perfect timing to be in Sydney. After the whale watching we went to darling harbour, had a drink and then had a little mix up with an uber driver but Eventually got back to the apartment. Sydney traffic is a bit of a nightmare. Met up with my friend Sarah who I met 3 years ago in South Africa. We went out for food and drinks. She then made me a nice breakfast in the morning. Perfect.

23 October 2017

Arrived late to our apartment and were starving. Not much around as it was Sunday night. We walked towards the beach thinking something would be open but no luck.... and then we had to climb the big hill back up to the apartment. Found a dominos and then an early bed ready for our first day in Sydney. We went to Bondi Beach first thing in the morning. Loved watching the surfers. Then we caught a ferry from Rose Bay to Circular Quay, walked around the opera house and had a drink overlooking the bridge. Ferry back - very easy. Spent a while driving to find a supermarket that wasn't either in the middle of the city or a convenience store. Eventually found one, got our food for the week and then settled down in the apartment. You can see Bronte sea from all windows in the apartment.

22 October 2017

Went to St Kilda Sunday market this morning. Lots of nice stalls to browse. The rain held off until the end. Also tried a potato spiral. Next is our flight to Sydney. Currently delayed due to electrical storm.

21 October 2017

Got on the free tram around the city. Very convenient! Stopped off and had some Italian food from Hardware Lane. We had a free glass of wine and bruschetta. Then wandered around the shops and had coffee at the waterfront. In the evening we went to Witches In Britches theatre and restaurant. When we first arrived we had no idea what we had let ourselves into! We here were lots of drunk hen dos. We opened a bar tab and then the doors opened to sit us for our meal and show. We had pumpkin soup, roast chicken and chocolate brownie. All delicious. The show was fantastic! It grilled famous singers and acts. All the staff were friendly and welcoming - 100% recommend this place!

20 October 2017

Dropped off the campervan and then had a terrible taxi drive to the hotel. He had to use my phone to get there! Dad was a little disappointed that hotel suite meant he would be sharing a room with all of us. Quick cup of tea and then we had a coach picking us up to go to Philip island. The traffic was really heavy so took us a while to get there. Saw wallabies and the Moto GP set up. The penguin parade was amazing, watching the little penguins run up the beach and to their burrows. There were 100s of them! Nice to see them interact with each other too. Then the driver put the film surfs up on the tv screen - a nice distraction from the long drive.

19 October 2017

Stopped in a sea side town called Torquay to stay the night. Walked around the bay. The sunset colours were incredible. We also saw dolphins in the sea - too far to capture on the iPhone. Also had possums outside our camper.
Continued on the Great Ocean Road. Stopped to have lunch on a BBQ. Going to miss the regular BBQs.
A drive up the road to search for Koalas. This was my favourite. He climbed down the tree and walked right up to us, I thought he was going to climb into the camper.... luckily he didn't. He crossed the road to get to a better tree.
Woke up to rain and whoops we left the camp chairs out! Anna recommended Koala Cafe to see birds and Koalas. It was walking distance from our campsite. As soon as we got the food out the birds covered us, big mistake not to wear long sleeve tshirt. Our arms are now covered in scratches but it was great fun! However the cockatoos hurt when they bite!!

18 October 2017

Found a caravan park that said you can "sleep under koalas". Arrived at the site and there were pretty parrots everywhere. Set up the campervan and made a pork steak and jacket potato. Unfortunately the campervan was full of flies! Luckily there were some friendly campers who gave us some fly spray and a candle to stop them coming in the area. We went for a sunset walk along the beach and then a night time walk to look for koalas. Walked for a while and only saw one when we were back at our campervan! Great to see how near they are.
On the way to Cape Otway we came across these adorable Koalas!!! Also amazing winding roads.
Next we saw the famous 12 Apostles. The colours are beautiful and no filter needed! Lots of selfie poses and it took a while to walk along the board walk as there were so many photo shoots going on.
Lochard Gorge. Years ago a ship wrecked in this bay. A lady was found and looked after in the cave area - she was revived by locals giving her brandy (cure for everything I say). The beach was stunning and sand so soft!

17 October 2017

Stopped off at Port Campbell to stay the night. Temperature still 30 degrees at 5pm so we headed to the beach, didn't last long because of sand flies. Had a walk around the little town for sunset and found a fish and chip shop
The Grotto
First stop - Bay of Islands. Beautiful colours and we are lucky with the weather
First stop is important. Shopping for food and of course top up the wine cupboard. Love being able to choose wine from areas I have already visited. Started the trip..... didn't start well when my Dad's favourite Tilly hat flew out the window. Luckily he found it again!

14 October 2017

The camper we have to ride the Great Ocean Road.