United Arab Emirates, Oman · 7 Days · 18 Moments · March 2017

Chloe and Christine's cruise around UAE

10 March 2017

Dubai Shopping mall. Apparently the biggest shopping mall in the world!
Lunch in Joe's ice cream parlour on Dubai beach! Recognise the logo?
Touring around Dubai in the big bus. The Burj Khalifa is impressive and currently stands as the tallest in the world. We were shocked to hear that construction only really started in Dubai in the early 21st century.
Quick shot of the tallest building in the world taken from big bus in Dubai

9 March 2017

Had a tender to a natural island off the mainland of UAE. The island is called Sir Bani Yas. The beach was full of shells. My mum disappeared for a while and returned enough shells to cover the table! The water was cold but Mum went in for a dip - she could see fish. We had a lovely BBQ on the beach.

8 March 2017

Message for tina - we had to clamber over two boats tied together before we reached our dhow and then sat on cushions on the floor- you'd have loved it!
Enjoyed a cocktail this afternoon. And then had a police escort to leave Oman - not sure if it was to ensure we left or for our safety!
We went on a Dhow boat ride along the Oman Fjords. Early start at 7:30am but it meant I got to see sunrise! We saw 3 different pods of Dolphins - such a special sight. We saw little villages in the mountains where the fisherman lived. There were only 15 people living in the village and the government paid for their water and electricity as the villagers did not have anything other than boats. The children would be sent to school Sunday to Thursday on a boat and then return for the weekend. We then stopped at Telegraph island. This was an island that the British set up to make a phone connection from the UK to India in 1864! The island was now barren but I did have a good swim in the sea. Fish surrounded me as I swam. Then back to the boat for 11:30 so spent the rest of the day sunbathing.
It's 7.30am and we're ready to leave the ship for a boat ride to the Arabian fjords in khasab- swimming from the boat - I'll be holding Chloe's towel!!
We had the interesting scene of 4 Italian people having an argument yesterday. They argued over the top of us whilst we were sunbathing!

7 March 2017

Leaving Muscat at sunset
Arrived early in Muscat, Oman. The buildings were beautiful. They can only paint them in cream or white and they can be no taller than 8 stories. It was very hot walking round and they said it was winter at 32 degrees. Summer temperatures hit 48! It was surprisingly expensive in Muscat. We went into a Souq thinking we would get some bargains but there were no bargains! They did sell beautiful chests, wish we could have brought some home. The sea was also very clear, you can see the tropical fish just by looking in the water. We saw some trigger fish.

5 March 2017

Spent an evening at the theatre on the cruise ship. It was meant to be a cowboys and Indian show but we are not really sure what it was. There was singing acrobats and dancing.
Visited Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi today. This is the third largest mosque in the world. The mosque had the biggest chandelier in the world and the biggest hand made carpet in the world. The prayer halls could fit 40,000 people!
Arrived in Abu Dhabi this morning. We opened the curtains to see dolphins in the sea! So obviously this day was off to a good start. Had a huge breakfast and then got ready for a Big Bus tour around the city. Also included was a dhow bout ride along the Corniche Beach line. We are now sitting in Marina Mall having some lunch.

4 March 2017

Learning what to do in an emergency! Let's hope I never have to see this life jacket again. It was fun being in a room filled with people and bumping into everyone with a life jacket on
We have a very big ship! Looking forward to exploring this place.... the swimming pools look so inviting. It is actually raining at the moment!
Just landed at Dubai. A little groggy from the flight and have a whole day ahead of us. Let's hope there is nice coffee here!