Australia · 77 Days · 43 Moments · January 2018

Chloe's journi to Australia

13 April 2018

10 April 2018

Now, *this* day is one that I remember and will do so FOREVER! We went on a killer road trip. Starting at Mossman Gorge which was absolutely stunning, from paddling in a freezing creek/lagoon/waterfall thing to seeing bright blue butterflies. On our travels we found mine and Alessa’s favourite place in the whole of Australia - The Peanut Place! Ok, maybe an exaggeration but this place was nuts (get it? Lol) so weird and random but so so funny!! We then went to hunt for platypus but of course we didn’t see any because, well, do they reaaally exist?! Then onto Millaa Millaa Falls ❤️ now this really is a place that’s right up there with my highlights of Australia. Swimming with Alessa under the falling water in the light of the setting sun was... magical and so beautiful, a perfect moment I will never forget. I’ll also never forget how funny Alessa looks swimming towards falling water 😂😂 I’m laughing while writing this. God, I love her. Last stop: Lake Barrine for the sunset! Gorgeous!

9 April 2018

In all honesty, I feel like I can’t really remember this day? We drove around a lot and searched for cool spots in the Daintree Rainforest. I think the most interesting thing that happened was seeing a cassowary then seeing a baby one later in the day. Not going to lie, I am not in love with the Daintree 😂 the moisture and the bugs are not something I enjoyed! Who knew I was such a girl?!

8 April 2018

Jesus Christ, the hangover! But... we made it to the Daintree and our hideous hostel Crocodylus 🙄 We stopped off on Port Douglas on the way and tried to go to a Mossman Gorge but it was closed because Prince Charles was there of all people?! We were all asleep by 8:30pm 😂

7 April 2018

AFL in Smithfield. None stop drinking at the footy ground (ECW) - Alessa and I were far too drunk but powered on back into the city. I don’t know how because Alessa was falling asleep in the taxi and kept having to be kicked awake. But... So much fun!! Drinks on the esplanade and down to the marina - Salthouse? It was posh that’s about as much as I remember. Stayed at Snake’s house - why? I’m not sure we’ll ever know, I think the puppy Moby was the leading reason. But still, so much fun! I never want to say goodbye 💔

6 April 2018

WE FUCKING LOVE CAIRNS!!! The best introduction to Cairns meeting our Melbourne Cricket Lads and allowing them to assault our lives with their ridiculous drinking, weekend bender! The pictures say it all and we will hold this day in our hearts forever. Captain James/Jammo, Steve, Pretty Face/Bairdy/Sparkles, Red Wine, Tex, Tex 2.0, Veggie, Liam, Hulk and Shed ❤️

5 April 2018

Worst curry in the world

2 April 2018

Such a funny day! We still hate Mission Beach but Alessa and I have laughed so much and so hard today 😂 Bike ride day Cricket Carroway

1 April 2018

We arrived at Mission Beach this morning 🙄 “We hate Mission Beach” has been the phrase of the day. It’s completed deserted here, and the VERY few shops and restaurants they have here are all closed because it’s Easter Sunday - they’re also closed tomorrow. So, what was supposed to be a destination to save money is now going to be very expensive as we have to eat out in the only restaurant that’s open - and it’s gotta be pizza 😩 not healthy. The only thing we’ve done all day, besides being miserable, is go for a run (see pic of the view).

31 March 2018

We spent the day back in Townsville ready to head to Mission Beach tomorrow. After a 25 minute run along the beach front this morning (furthest I’ve ran without stopping in a VERY long time), we did absolutely nothing all day. Our hostel is amazing with a rooftop pool so we hung out there for the entire day, reading and watching Netflix - believe it or not, it was me doing the reading and Alessa watching Netflix!

30 March 2018

Before giving the car back this morning we headed to Horseshoe Bay for a run that didn’t happen because it was... disappointing. Alessa did find me a really cool shell though so all was not lost! [Side note: how the hell are shells made?! Where do they come from? They’re so intricate and detailed. And what do the creatures inside of them look like naked?] We spend the rest of the day round the pool of our very cute hostel, talking to the owner (Anton) and being very lazy in the sun 🌞

29 March 2018

And this is exactly why we waited cyclone Nora out! LOOK AT IT!!! Magnetic Island is absolutely gorgeous. Such a beautiful island with so many hidden gems and wonderful things to experience. We got in the car and headed straight to the Forts and hiked (very sweatily) to the very top to get the 360 view of the island - absolutely stunning! Then on our walk back down we saw the gorgeous, fluffy baby koala 😍 We drove around the island all day, stopping at different beaches and lookout points and getting breathalysed (and almost fined - sorry mum, wasn’t wearing my seatbelt properly) along the way. We went out to the Picnic Bay jetty for the sunset which was beautiful and like nothing either of us have ever seen before - look at those perfect rays! 🌅

26 March 2018

We arrived on Magnetic Island, where the sun shines 320 days a year. OH MY GOD THE RAIN!! Cyclone Nora has been battering Queensland and we really are bearing the brunt of it. We hired cars with Catherine, Kylie, Penny and Becca and two other girls called Alice and Sophie (one with an attitude and one with no voice, I don’t know which way round). This was a huge waste of money but also hilarious, especially because I have nothing that resembles waterproof clothing out here (a denim jacket was a very poor choice on my behalf). Just look at the photos they speak for themselves 🙄 To dry of and drown our sorrows (pun intended) we got drunk, played games and had a great time at Base with the girls 🍺 We did literally nothing for the next two days following.

25 March 2018

Townsville. Take one. Yes, the picture depicts it perfectly. Key points to remember: creepy dude with the harmonica/ukulele - that’s all.

24 March 2018

WHITSUNDAYS 🏝🐠 Not as good as Fraser Island but still fucking amazing, and I didn’t get sea sick! The weather was pretty miserable apart from the first day but it was still great - we just got very, very wet! We saw so many fish, sting rays, turtles. We snorkelled and swam so much 🌞 Made good friends with Catherine, Kylie, Penny and Becca (all from the UK) and had such a great time with them on our return to Airlie Beach on our after party! 🍻

22 March 2018

It rained A LOT today! So Monica and I did very little besides lay by the lagoon and cover for shelter when it rained. We had a huge portion of pesto pasta for lunch and met Alessa shortly after, who just got back from her Whitsundays tour (and loved it). Monica and I tagged onto Alessa’s after party until 2am - not good when I had to be up and fighting fit for my own Whitsundays tour tomorrow! (I actually didn’t feel that rough the following morning).

19 March 2018

❤️ Monica ❤️ (see tomorrow’s photos for her face) Alessa went on her Whitsundays tour today and in her place in our room was Monica from Spain. We hung out by the lagoon together for a little bit before we decided to go for drinks at the bar. Monica literally is Sophia Vergera, she is so funny and her accent killed me. A very strange Australian man bought us a jug of beer EACH, we were happy to accept but made a deal not to leave each other’s side 😂 turns out he was harmless, he was just battered and being nice. Jenna came and met us for a few before Monica went to bed. Jenna and I made friends with two British girls, one of which had a twin sister with PTSD at home. She asked what I do for a living and instantly asked for my advice regarding her sister, apparently I’m an expert in PTSD after a few 🤷🏻‍♀️ let’s hope she doesn’t remember. I stumbled to bed after this (my memory is vague of how I got there).

18 March 2018

Alessa and I arrived in Airlie Beach after SUCH a long night bus, which neither of us slept more than 3 hours on. Horrendous. We spent a very, very last day by the lagoon, ate sushi for lunch and $5 dominos for dinner! A heavenly diet today, my two favourites. We made friends with our new roommates, Jenna from Scotland and Henry from Leicester. We and had a few $5 pints at our hostel and then headed round to a bar called Shed where we met Hanna (from my Fraser tour), Jules (from Agnes) and Jenna. We went home extremely early though as Alessa had her Whitsundays tour the following day and neither of us had any sleep the night before.

17 March 2018

Couldn’t be more overjoyed that we tolerated condescending Graham for another evening! We watched the most beautiful sunset and saw dolphins in the ocean! I even saw one jump out of the ocean. It could not have been more magical 🐬

16 March 2018

Alessa and I spent the day at the beach after a workout. Very randomly, Alessa made friends in the waves (of all places to start a conversation with someone) with an Irish guys called Graham. Graham lived in Agnes Water, he was a bit annoying and condescending but Alessa and I could see past it as he had a car and said he’d drive us to 1770 to have dinner and catch the sunset. Fish and chips for me and a very late sunset that was almost non-existent. We stayed out on the rocks and looked up at the very clear Milky Way for an age, it was stunning! 🌌 We made a deal to meet on the beach again tomorrow and aim to get to the sunset earlier than today.

14 March 2018

Kangaroo day! Alessa and I went on a 3k walk to the Paperbark Boardwalk which was very beautiful and pretty. We precariously hopped on stepping stones and balanced on a wooden boardwalk submerged in the swampy water. It was like a fairy forest full of tea-tree trees - is that how you say it? Tea-tree trees? Tea trees? Anyway, we hitched a lift back with a Swiss couple in their camper-van (they were very nice and not scary murderers). Back at the hostel we met Jules, an unintentionally funny French guy from Marseille (his accent made me laugh). We spoke in French because, as we all know, I’m so fluent... I was the most annoying Brit in the world 😂 “J’adore les ouefs”. The three of us then went to Horizons Kangaroo Sanctuary and cuddles lots of baby joeys! The photos speak for themselves, so so cute. I’m loving all the animals!!! 😍 I also made friends with a scruffy dog called Shazza outside the supermarket who gave nice hugs, yes that’s an entirely accurate story.

13 March 2018

WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY! 🐢 We’d hoped to be able to hire bikes and cycle to the nearest beach, but after no luck on bike rental we got a car instead. Our lovely, old, gold, grandad car 😍 we drove to Bargara Beach, Elliott Heads and Mon Repos where we stepped into the best decision ever! Mon Repos Turtle Conservation ❤️ Alessa and I participated in the conservation of 34 loggerhead hatchlings!! 🐢 We helped these little guys find their way to ocean, avoiding the perilous distractions of city lights and hungry predators. Two baby hatchlings were saved from the bottom of the nest after getting trapped and I got to carry one to the top of the beach to make his run to the ocean in safety! I had a little weep and I’m getting tearful just writing that. The most incredibly special experience and moment with nature 🌸 I love this country!

11 March 2018

Arrived in Bundaberg! This town is like something you’d see in a film based in the Deep South of America, interesting but weird. The hostel/hotel is pretty grim and basically a huuuge student house that hasn’t been tidied since the last party but our room is really cute, clean and has a balcony - so only limited complaints. Met our neighbour who recommended “gorgeous steak and chips” at the local strip club 🙄 “the birds are alright though”. Jesus. After declining this really appealing recommendation, we had dinner at a Thai restaurant instead mmm Pad Thai! And then it was an early night for us, a bit of a nothing day really.

10 March 2018

All recovered from yesterday and feeling wonderfully human and back to myself today but once again, a bit of a nothing day. I hung round the pool, lounging in a hammock while Alessa went for a run (I really should have gone with her) and when she got back we went for some late lunch at a local cafe. I had a falafel wrap which was delicious and healthy with a salted caramel milkshake - not so healthy. But I didn’t have breakfast or dinner last night so... 🤷🏻‍♀️ We also went to Carlo Sand Blow which was basically a massive sand dune in the middle of nowhere really. It was pretty cool and we met a nice English couple how are finishing up their 2 year Aussie trip and headed down the coast.

9 March 2018

Oh. My. God! A complete write off of a day. I have felt so sick, tired, hungover and crazy emotional all day due to only having 2 hours of sleep last night! I ate a bag of crisps all day and laid in bed for pretty much all of it. A total waste of a day but we did end up safely in Rainbow Beach and our hostel is great with the biggest room imaginable!

8 March 2018

Today we said goodbye to Fraser Island, but not before heading to the desert lake (I have no idea what it was called). On our return to Noosa, Georgie, Isobel and I went for some dinner at a local noodle shop 🍜 then headed back to the hostel and got very drunk indeed at our after party. Long story short... me, Isobel and Alessa ended up with 3 Aussie brothers (Paddy, Joey and Tommy from Melbourne) and staying on the beach until sunrise. Because it’s my ‘thing’ I swam in the sea in the midnight darkness with the stars above 💫 Joey joined me but the rest of the group stayed on the beach, not wanting to get cold (the sea was actually warm but it was pretty freezing when we got out). Oh, and Paddy got booked by the police for public urination while me and Isobel were doing exactly the same but tactful hidden behind a bush! We watched him get driven away but turned out he was just getting a lift back to our hostel, he got a $100 fine LOL! The best last night in Noosa 🐠🌞

7 March 2018

The best day in Australia so far! 🐠 After breakfast and aspirin we headed out in the cars to Eli Creek and spent an hour and a half ‘swimming’ down the freezing cold creek and laying in the sun. We then headed to the shipwreck, which is predicted be completely under the sand in about 5 years. The ship was deliberately beached in 1935 after being hit by cyclone at sea, it was legally abandoned here after it couldn’t be salvaged out of the sand. Then to the Champagne Pools🍾 The most amazing experience, I was truly in my element and at one with the ocean. It felt like a luxury spa treatment floating around in the bubbles of the waves with lovely mates! Our last stop was Indian Head, after a small trek up the hill we saw the most awesome views of the beaches, dunes and ocean 🌊 A perfectly amazing day.

6 March 2018

OFF TO FRASER ISLAND 🌴 I was first to drive the 4x4 onto the island. Driving on sand is just like diving on snow and goes against all your instincts - go faster and let go of the steering wheel to gain more control!! Lake McKenzie was the most idyllic, beautiful, picturesque, magical paradise I’ve ever visited. The water was stunningly clear and warm, gorgeous to swim in and the most amazing colour! As I swam out to the middle of the lake, where the water looked black, it started to rain and was just wonderful - I banked it in my memory as a perfect moment. Saw cute puppy dingo on the beach, cute. Made great friends with the British girls in my car, Imogen, Mel and Georgie. We all had dinner together as one huge group before drinking the night away in one of the dorms, playing stupid drinking games (shimmy, shimmy). Great nights sleep in the tipi ⛺️ sure the alcohol helped this!

5 March 2018

A rainy day in Noosa so me and Alessa went ‘window shopping’. But, surprise surprise, we ended up spending! James, the lovely gorgeous man, sent me some pennies to treat myself ☺️❤️ Alessa and I met Emmy and Rebecca at the hostel and we had some dinner before the 3 of us went our orientation meeting for our Fraser Island tour tomorrow.

3 March 2018

An exciting morning of laundry! Followed by a 30 minute trip on the 630 bus and SUCH a great day exploring the Eumundi Market with Alessa, eating allllll the food and admiring antique jewellery (my two favourite things). The market was full of food stalls, antiques, jewellery, art work, instruments, clothes, hand-made beauty/medicinal products, photography - just about everything crafty and creative you can think of. I bagged James’ birthday present which I feel was the find of a lifetime ❤️ After a full morning of marketing, we spent the afternoon on the beach. I’m desperately trying to tan the back of my legs/bum but it’s just not happening so right now I look like both the light and dark side of the moon 🌓 Sushi for dinner, of course, and an early night for us both. I fell asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow 💤

2 March 2018

Today, Alessa and I walked Noosa coastline to the National Park, Fairy Pools and Hells Gate and we’ve both burned just a little in the BLISTERING heat! I’m surprised neither of us melted into a puddle on the floor. Worth it though. After an hours walk back to the beach we stopped for lunch at Açai Brothers, Superfood Bar 🤤 such damn delicious banana, peanut butter goodness! We then spent the rest of the afternoon on Noosa Main Beach and we’re both very lobster-like now 🦐 Had wraps for dinner again and made a plan for tomorrow. We’re going to hit the Eumundi Market tomorrow morning and have some interesting breakfast and go to the lookout before going to the beach again. Made some new friends from England, Ellie and Dale (from Norfolk and Birmingham respectively) who are doing their Fraser trip tomorrow so we’re hoping to go out with them on Monday night when they’re back ☺️

1 March 2018

Goodbye Brisbane, hello Noosa! 👋🏼 Made a lovely friend, Holly, on the bus who’s doing the East Coast in TWO WEEKS!! How she is having any time to sleep I’ll never know. Arrived in Noosa at 14:00 and met Alessa at the hostel, fresh off the Greyhound ☺️ it’s so great to be with her again 🌸 We didn’t do much at all with our afternoon, just caught up around the pool before heading to Cole’s. Inspired by Byron Bay, we bought loads of salad and dips and had tuna wraps for dinner - so simple yet always so delicious! Brilliant, wonderful news to finish the day... James got the job! 😍 he’s such a clever bird ❤️

28 February 2018

Today was a good’un ☺️ Ruth and I headed to Queen Street Mall for sushi and a new book. I’ve ditched The Help, it was boring and slow - if it hasn’t got murder, domestic battery or a plot twist then it’s just not for me. My new booked is called Don’t Close Your Eyes, I think it’s clear I’m onto a winner. We then went sunbathing at the lagoon which was heavenly before I headed for my secret tattoo appointment (sorry Mum). The tattoo artist, Stephanie, was the definition of a female boss! A shop ran by her with only female staff, and she’s only 26 - wicked experience and I love the tattoo ❤️ very, very, very special to me. It was a pretty relaxed evening after that, bought a new jumpsuit and went to the supermarket. I’ve declared to eliminate bread from my diet until I see James again so had a salad for dinner. Watch out, skinny Chloe is going to be playing out soon 💁🏻‍♀️ Tomorrow: Noosa! 🌞

27 February 2018

I love Brissy! Ruth and I woke up and had breakfast on the rooftop before heading out and exploring the city. We walked down Roma Street to the Queen Street Mall before walking along South Bank and ending up at the manmade beach/lagoon. It’s been really cloudy all day but the sun did manage to shine a little while we were by the water 🌞 Before heading back, we stopped for a coffee and had a brief look around some shops. I called it quits and left Ruth to it because everyone knows ‘window shopping’ is just torture! We met at the hostel a little later and had dinner on the roof - pesto gnocchi for me again ☺️ I’ve been in the BEST mood all day ❤️

26 February 2018

A blissful day in Brisbane today with temperatures of 31 and non-stop sun!! Hurrah, about bloody time. I’ve done nothing but sunbathe all day and eat 😳 beached whale vibes right now and severe withdrawal from sushi. I plan on doing nothing this evening or tomorrow 🌞 just making the most of the rooftop pool and the sunshine before a busy day on Wednesday (walking tour and explore day). I made a new friend, Ruth, from Germany and we are going to spend tomorrow at the man made beach and check out the botanical gardens some more ☺️

25 February 2018

I woke up at 06:30 and sun was finally shining so I took myself to the beach for a while before having to check-out. When I went back to the room there was a friendly guest waiting for me on the balcony - Mr Kookaburra ☺️ he’s definitely my favourite Aussie bird. Arrived in Brissy and I’m feeling it already, so much better than Skeggy Paradise. The hostel has a rooftop pool and is pretty delicious! I met Harry in the city, we went for a walk round the botanical gardens and had a schooner on the south bank looking over the river at the bridge. I left him, said our goodbyes as he’s heading to Melbourne, and went back to the hostel. FaceTimed with Joe and Becca and THEY’RE COMING TO BALI!!!!!!! I screamed a little, was shaking a lot and I’m so excited and happy 😆 James has been in on the surprise since the start. What a great bloody year this is!!! ❤️

23 February 2018

None. Stop. Rain!! And forecast for the next week all the way up the coast 😩 Done absolutely nothing all day. Binged the HELL outta Netflix, walked to Woolworths and binged some more. Oh, and drifted into the land of browsing front doors and bedframes! What a day.

22 February 2018

THE WEATHER IN SURFERS PARADISE SUCKS!! Had a long, lovely FaceTime with James and helped (I say that very loosely) him prep ahead of his interview tomorrow ❤️ After binging Netflix ‘The Good Place’, I met Kirsten for some sushi. Yes, I’ve eaten sushi almost everyday for over a week but it’s just so damn good! Both Kirsten and I have been so hideously tired that, after a bit of mooching around and a Wooly’s shop, we went back to our hostels to chill. After such, I walked over to Kirsten’s hostel to make dinner with her - pesto pasta with spinach, tomatoes and a fully needed dose of nutrition!! Must do: eat more vegetables! The teeny, tiny dose of avocado in a tuna sushi roll does not count. It has rained and poured and rained some more so we stayed in after dinner and watched 50 First Dates, silly but lovely. I do love a RomCom 😅 All in all, a very relaxed day! God knows what tomorrow will bring given the weather forecast of lightening storms... all weekend! Fab.

21 February 2018

Kirsten and I left our beloved Byron Bay! Hugs and goodbyes with Arthur, Arienne and Steffen (somewhat awkward between Kirsten and Steffen following all their kissing). We arrived to miserable weather in Surfers Paradise and I arrived to an even more miserable hostel! Clutching at the silver linings however, the WiFi is strong and breakfast is included - that’s about all I can muster for the accommodation. Kirsten and I met again and we explored the coast. There’s an interesting market at the beach selling weird and wonderful stuff, including ‘Wacky Whistles’ (whatever they are). We then went to Ripley’s Believe it or Not museum, which was equally weird and wonderful, before heading for food. We settled for a halloumi burger and vegetarian pizza in Gilley’s pub, accompanied with a lager pint. We then got our favourite $6 Gossips Sauvi 😎 and drank it with a couple of lads, Alex and Oliver from Leicester, at Kirsten’s hostel before heading off to meet Harry who we met in Byron.

14 February 2018

BYRON ❤️ Nimbin, Lennox Head, Tea Tree Lake, Waterfalls 📍Backpackers Holiday Village 🌸 Alessa, Kirsten, Harry, Arthur, Steffen, Joel, Arienne, Vanessa, Rebecca, Elliott

11 February 2018

WOOLGOOLGA 🏄‍♂️ 📍Woopi Backpackers 🌸 Kirsten

2 February 2018

GYMEA 👶🏼 📍Adam and Steph’s house 🌸 Adam, Steph, Helen, Ari and Amelia

26 January 2018

SYDNEY ⛰ Sydney Harbour Bridge climb Sydney Opera House, watching Rowan’s show The Blue Mountains Australia Day Bondi to Coogee Coastal Walk Manly, Watson’s Bay and The Rocks Hyde Park, eating Uncle Teter’s cheesecake The best ice cream in the world! 📍Home Backpackers, Surrey Hills (aka Hell Hole Hostel) 📍Jackaroo Hostel, Kings Cross 📍The Village, Glebe 📍790 on George, Surrey Hills 🌸 Alessa, Emmy, Rebecca, Beth (before she flew back to Melbourne lol), Emilie, Freya, Abby, Mathilda.