Greece, United Kingdom · 7 Days · 10 Moments · June 2017

Corfu, Greece | 2017

3 July 2017

Corfu was an amazing trip that I would definitely recommend to anyone looking to explore Greece!

1 July 2017

Canal D'Amour ⛰ (Night number five) After booking the holiday, I had looked up various places around Sidari that could be worth taking a look at. One of the places I found was the beautiful Canal D'Amour, which little did I know was just round the corner from where we were staying. We took just a short walk which took us straight to the Canal D'Amour. The sights from the top of the cliffs were stunning and we were able to walk around it and take it all the sites. As we went during the evening it was lovely watching the sun set over the sea, which created even more beautiful views.
Corfu Town 🏛 Once we had arrived, we had a few hours to explore the town before having to head back to the boat. Corfu Town is home of beautiful coloured buildings, plenty of markets and even a McDonald's! After wandering around various shops, we found ourselves at a cute cafe in the centre of the town to have lunch. We then headed off in another direction of town where we were able to view the Old Fortress and walk along the sea front. After (almost) getting lost we managed to find our way back to the harbour and get back on board the boat. I really enjoyed both the boat trip and exploration of Corfu, and would recommend it to anyone travelling around this area!
Boat Trip: Sidari > Corfu Town ⚓️ The fifth day we spent in Greece was my favourite by far, from start to finish! After an early start, we took a coach to the harbour where we then set sail to Corfu Town. Travelling by boat was such a good way to take in the beautiful sights on our journey, before having the opportunity to stop in Corfu town for a few hours before travelling back on the boat.

29 June 2017

Night number three 🌴 On our third night we decided to try a different bar and found one along the main strip of bars and restaurants that offered some cocktails at only €3! Before heading back to the hotel we had a few games of air hockey, of which I did not win (not once over the whole of the holiday!)
Beach Days ⛱ Not being much of a fan of wet sandy feet and putting on sun cream with sandy hands, we only spent a little time at the beach for an afternoon, or in the evening when it wasn't so hot and sticky!

28 June 2017

Night number two 🌴 On our second night in Sidari, we choose to have an early dinner at the hotel and head back to Mojitos beach bar to spend our evening enjoying the wide variety of cocktails that they had to offer! Whilst taking another trip to the beach to capture some photos on the way 😜

27 June 2017

Night number one 🌴 After spending our first day around the pool and hotel, as we approached the evening we decided to explore the town of Sidari. We first took a stroll along the beach and watched the beautiful sunset, before exploring various shops that the strip had to offer. Lots of the shops had a wide variety of souvenirs and lovely hand made products. We then decided we would hit one of the bars for a few drinks, and found a really cool Hawaii style bar right along the beach named Mojito, that quickly became our favourite place to visit of an evening.
Pool Days A few of the days I spent in Sidari, were mostly surrounding the pool area as the weather was too hot to be out and about for too long! Inside the hotel was a bar, lunch area and various activities such as air hockey and a pool table that we enjoyed using quite a bit.

26 June 2017

Airport Travels - As our flight was in the evening we got to watch the sunset from the window and observe the pretty lights of Corfu as we came in to land.