Europe, Asia, Australia and Oceania · 66 Days · 48 Moments · September 2016

Chloé & Oli's trip of a lifetime!

9 November 2016

Landed in Zürich and back to cold Switzerland! Very happy to be back and see the friends and family but we would loved to continue our trip! 😭

8 November 2016

Flying home...😭

7 November 2016

Singapore !

5 November 2016

It was time for us to leave Australia!! 😭😭 As some of you may know we are returning earlier as Chloé got a super job offer! So we're staying two nights in Singapore before flying back to icy-Switzerland! We had a wonderful flight with singapore airlines and realized that western companies are far behind airlines such as Singapore airlines, Emirates etc. I've posted a quick summary of our trip in Australia highlighted on the map here above! We enjoyed every single moments there and are very sad to leave... But we will be back one day ! ✌🏽️

4 November 2016

Booderee National Park: today we've been back to the national park to see some more wildlife! We did a long walk across the bush and were pretty scared to encounter red bellies snakes (second most venomous of Australia) and funnel spiders!! Hopefully, we did not see any and encountered only kangaroos & tropical birds! We finished the day at hyams beach (best beach we've been so far). We are a little bit sad because tomorrow we'll have to drive back to sydney as we have our flight to singapore in 48h from now on. 😭

3 November 2016

Today was probably one of our best day so far!! We've been to the boderee national park and it was one of the most beautiful we've ever seen. The wildlife was crazy, we saw Echidnaes (big australian hedgehogs), snakes, wallaby, kangaroos & birds (not the annoying european ones).. 😁 There's so many secluded and mind-blowing beaches and bush walks that we had not the time to visit everything in one day! Tomorrow we will be back to visit more !

2 November 2016

We're back on the road!!! We had a beautiful 4h drive south of Sydney through national parks & on the pacific coastal drive. We're now in Jervis Bay and couldn't visit much as we arrived late in the afternoon. We had a quick dinner at a chinese restaurant next to our B&B and it was the worst experience we've ever had! We hope that we will not be sick this night. The food and especially the chicken tasted really awkward and we couldn't eat much. It was very funny how we tried to escape the restaurant without them noticing that we ate almost nothing! Hopefully, domino pizza is never far away in Australia and we still managed to get something "eat-able" before sleep. Tomorrow we'll spend the day in the Hyams beach, the worldest whitest beach 😁

1 November 2016

Today we've been to Bondi beach and finally had another beach day! However, we were a little disapointed of the beach itself and had imagined something else... We planned to leave Australia tomorrow and spend a few nights on an island of the south pacific but with Chloé's pain we'll be staying one more week here before going back to Singapore and Switzerland 😭 Our plan will be to rent a car and drive south of Sydney to Jervis Bay. We've heard that there's a beach that has the world's whitest sand !! ✌🏽️

31 October 2016

Unfortunately since one week Chloé has severe pain and is waking up every night because of her tooth pain. For this reason, we went back to the dentist to do the root canal treatment. Now she should start to feel better if the infection responds positvely to the antibiotics... 🙏🏼 After the dentist and a little nap, we decided to go for a little walk in the beautiful botanical garden of Sydney. Tomorrow we're going to the world famous Bondi Beach!

30 October 2016

Sydney, Manly & circular quay!

28 October 2016

As Chloé had a tooth that was really hurting and that she may probably need a root canal treatment, we decided to go to Sydney faster than expected to have a little more comfort and to have a second opinion of another dentist. 😕 We'll wait until monday to see if she needs to get treated or not! However, we still managed to enjoy our first day here in Sydney! We are staying in the city center and can do everything in a walking distance. So far, we love the city and believe it may be one of the best in the world if not the best!!

26 October 2016

We just spent two awesome nights in Nelson Bay! It was warm again, we had the beaches all for ourselves and Oliver could practice his Boomerang skills without killing someone 😂 This morning we've went for sandsurfing and had real fun appart from the fact that we ate the equivalent of 1kg of sand!

23 October 2016

Since 2 days we are in Port Macquarie, a coastal town 4h drive north of sydney. This place has one of the biggest koalas population on the east coast! The weather is cool with 21C maximum when the sun is shining... For this reason we did more sightseeing. Today we encountered an eastern brown snake right on our walking track and were told by a local to be very careful as it's the second most poisonous snake in the world and responsible for many injuries throughout Australia! We've also visited a koala hospital that threats their injuries and diseases. It was really interesting and we also learned a lot about them and especially about all the threat they encounter in their habitat!

22 October 2016

Today was a rainy day and the temperature dropped to 19-20C. Hence, we decided to drive a little bit more and went to Coffs Harbour (capital of the Bananas). On our way to this town we stopped in Yamba to see the beautiful beaches and to improve our Boomerang skills 😂 The day ended with a rainbow and this gives us a little bit of hope that tomorrow the sky will turn blue again...

21 October 2016

After Brisbane we left our campervan and we decided to rent a car. We headed further south to the beautiful beach town of Byron Bay! We've spent the last two days here and we were quiet amused about all the "wannabe-hippies" that come to this place. We spent our days relaxing at the beach and we also did a nice hike along the coast. At this time of the year the humpback whales are going back to antartica and we managed to see 7-8 of them close to the shore. We also were lucky enough to see many dolphins swimming and playing in the waves! Tomorrow the atmosphere will change as we're going to Yamba, a small fisherman's village!

19 October 2016

Aaaand its already time to leave Brisbane for Byron Bay! It was short but fun! 🙌🏽

18 October 2016

Today we went to the Australian Zoo founded by the very famous crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin ! The Zoo was really fun and we had plenty of occasions to pet the kangaroos and other animals. Unfortunately, our adventure with our van comes to an end and we will continue our trip in car, hostels & airbnb's (from Brisbane to Sydney). We just checked in our beautiful appartment in Brisbane and it feels real good to have our own shower & toilet after 20days of outdoor living ! We will for sure have our best sleep tonight! ✌🏽️😊💤

16 October 2016

Fraser island: Part II (See more pictures & full story below)

15 October 2016

We've spent the last two days on a 4 wheel drive tour on fraser island. The largest sand-island of the world (approx. 130km long). On the island there is no roads at all. We joined our guide mike and a small group of other travellers to discover this unique place. Driving on the beach and within the island was a real fun experience!

14 October 2016

Today we went for a long walk in the Noosa national park along the coast, the bush but also through the wet forrest. Unfortunately we spotted no Koalas... Now, it is time to sleep and We found a great spot for the night with a beautiful view on noosa river! Tomorrow we'll wake up early at 5.30am to go to the Fraser islands!

13 October 2016

We arrived in Noosa heads! One of Australia's "hypest" beach town. For us, it is the first time that we see some people at the beach... We were getting used to have 2-3km of beaches for ourselves. This will for sure change now that we reached the sunshine coast! The weather is also much cooler here and we even have to wear a light pullover in the evening! After tomorrow we'll visit the fraser islands (the biggest sand island of the world) on a 2 day 4WD tour trip! We can't wait!

12 October 2016

As the sun didn't want to point its nose today, we decided to go for a walk in the bush. We finished the day with a good bottle of white wine & some home-made lamb souvlakis. Tomorrow we'll have a 5h drive to the famous beach town of Noosa!

11 October 2016

Today we had a boring day of driving from Mackay to Agnes Water. On the 600km drive there was nothing else than banana farms, sugar canes & the bush... In terms of distance it was longer than Lausanne to Paris or Münich! The long drive was worth the effort as we found a caravan park next to the beach where we even have a giant lizard as a neighbour 🐊. Due to the sailing trip and the long drive we are very tired and will then rest for 2 days here before going to the Fraser island & Noosa. ✌🏽️

9 October 2016

We just came back from a 2 night trip on a sailboat on the Whitsundays island. It was just awesome! We snorkeled in the great barrier reef with turtles, rays, napoleon fishes & with a tons of jellyfishes! And we also hiked in the bush and spend some times on secluded beaches... Our journey continues tomorrow with a long drive to Yeppoon.

6 October 2016

Today we drove further south and did a stop over at a beautiful beach we found on our way to Airlie beach! We will be staying here 2 more nights before the departurenof our cruise for the whitsunday islands!! We cannot wait for it! PS: Oli discovered the joy of nudism... 😂

5 October 2016

Today's program: Laying at Beach + bush hiking ! @Horseshoebay, Bowen

4 October 2016

Today we wanted to spend a night in Townsville but when we arrived in this city of aprox. 180k inhabitant we were not very thrilled about staying there. The city was not particularly interesting so we did a quick stop to grab a lunch and buy some groceries. We headed then further south to Bowen, a village that has various nice beaches. The landscape has changed quite a lot. From rainforrests to bush vegetation. After this long day of driving (6h) we've well deserved an ocean-view steak!

3 October 2016

Another beautiful week is starting here in Australia! Today we had a beach day and just did nothing. We have to admit that it felt good as Oli was sick and then we moved around quite a lot. However, as we are young, fit, healthy, sporty (and because the beach on which we are staying is almost 10km in length) we decided to rent bicycles to visit it. Cycling along the beach was really fun but also very exhausting... When we came back at our campsite we had the chance to encounter a wild Cassowary (a sort of ostrich that lives only in this part of australia but also in the world. There's only approx. 1000 left in the world!) We are still unsure of what/where we are going tomorrow but the plan is to be in Brisbane in exactly 15 days from now on! Cheers, Oli & Chloé 🌴☀️

2 October 2016

Today we started to drive south towards Mission beach. We had a "short" 3.30h drive mostly throughbanana & sugarcane farms. We're very excited as we found a very nice spot to spend the night with our camper directly at the beach.

1 October 2016

Daintree river + Port Douglas

30 September 2016

So today we finally settled in our little campervan that we named Walter and are spending a night in Port-douglas. Tomorrow we'll head further north in the daintree forrest to discover one of the oldest and most unspoilt rain forrest in the world. 🐊🌳🌧

29 September 2016

Day 3 in Australia! I am finally starting to feel better but I still feel weak. However, it was time to pick up our campervan and start our australian adventure! Today, we had a short drive of 60km to Port Douglas. We will stay here 3 more nights to visit the region and in particular the daintree rain forrest.

27 September 2016

Bad news! After we landed in Australia yesterday I started to feel really bad and had fever the whole night. I went to the hospital to run some blood test and we still wait for the results. Apparently, it should be a sort of dengue due to a mosquito bite in Bali! 🤒😤 I'll keep you up to date!

26 September 2016

We arrived in Cairns after a night flight! Time to rest now 😁

18 September 2016

Gili Air to Nusa Lembongan... Our trip in Bali comes to an end as we will be flying tomorrow to Australia !

17 September 2016

We're on our way to the beautiful island of Gili Air! Yeeeay! Texting this from the boatas it has even its own wifi... 😂

13 September 2016

Time to leave Ubud! We were supposed to go to the gili islands but we had an issue with our boat booking. We need to stay one more night in Bali 😐

10 September 2016

Those 4 days spent in Canggu were awesome! We spent our time between surfing, watching sunsets and drinking bintangs 🤗 It's time for us now to discover the balinese culture and to leave for Ubud... ✌🏽️ Oli & Chloé ✌🏽️

9 September 2016

Bali day 2: Uluwatu & the sunday beach club!

8 September 2016

Bali day 1: We finally arrived in bali, Jimbaran! The weather, the beach and the food is as we expected... PERFECT! Tomorrow we're heading south to visit Uluwatu temples & beaches... ✌🏾️

7 September 2016

It's already time to leave Singapore! Due to our flight cancellation, we had only 24h time to visit! Next stop: Bali!

6 September 2016

Finally we arrived at the hotel in singapore! Time for some rest ☺️

5 September 2016

What a view! Good news... Flight is scheduled at 11.30am ✌️

4 September 2016

Cancelled flight!!!!!! Great way to start the trip... We will spend the night in ZH 😂
Eating swiss food for the last time for the next 2.5 months!
C'est enfin le jour du départ! Yahouu!! First stop: Singapore