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China : Dreams Do Come True 2018

21 August 2018

20 August 2018

19 August 2018

The most magical place on the earth !

18 August 2018

The lovely friends we made :) Lynn and Rod Elizabeth and Ivan Maureen and Tony (Missing Warren and Janice)
The Manic Madness is Mongkok
Zoological and botanical Gardens Hong Kong
Local bus travel up to the views of Victoria Peak
View of Hong Kong Island

17 August 2018

Hello Hong Kong
Sooooooo many people
The Venetian in Macau ! Macau does Vegas
The museum complex consists of five houses, of which four display various artefacts and exhibits on life during Macau's colonial era while another serves as an event venue.[3] The houses were built in 1921. These colonial residences were restored to recreate houses of well-off Portuguese families living in Macau during the first half of the 20th century.
Senado Square
St Dominic’s Church
Ruins of St Paul’s
Lots of Fish farms. Carp, eels, turtles, crabs. All sorts

16 August 2018

Guangzhou - quick overnight stop
Guilin Train Station.

15 August 2018

Longji terraces rice fields were cultivated on the high mountain ridges with an average altitude of 1916 metres. The terraced fields have an area of 70.1 square kilometres.
Longji Terraces were started to be built in Yuan Dynasty. For hundreds of years, the Zhuang and Yao people have been working very hard here. Terraces were cultivated in every corner of the valley, forest and cliffs. Longji Terraced fields, which are changed from season to season in varying colours.
Elephant Trunk Hill (Xiangbishan) is the landmark of Guilin. Located in Elephant Hill Scenic Area (Xiangshan Park) at the confluence of Taohua River and Li River, it has been a famous tourism destination since the Tang Dynasty (618 – 907). The hill looks like a giant elephant drinking water from the river.
During the war, the giant open chamber known as the “Crystal Palace of the Dragon King” was used as a bomb shelter large enough to hold almost 1,000 people. But even after the war, the cave remained popular with visitors thanks to its natural beauty and distinctive natural structures.
The beautiful Reed Flute Caves Reed Flute Cave is a natural limestone cave in the Guangxi province of China. Its name is derived from a variety of naturally abundant reed that grows throughout the area, which can be used to make flutes. The Reed Flute Cave boasts bodies of water, extraordinary stalagmite and stalactite formations, as well as a number of ink inscriptions dating back to the 8th century. The sheer number of rock formations, paired with their variance in form and color, has led to the cave being deemed “The Palace of Natural Arts”.

14 August 2018

People’s Park Shanghai

13 August 2018

We navigated the Shanghai Metro by ourselves :)
Oriental Pearl Tower. 468 metres high it consists of 15 spheres of different sizes and at night colourful lights glisten. Shanghai Tower stands at 632 metres making it the second highest building in the world. We went up to the observatory deck of the Shanghai World Financial Museum. Getting off the elevator at 430 metres and then climbing steps to 474 metres to have a birds eye view over Shanghai
Ancient Water Town Shanghai was beautiful. The Venice of Shanghai is a well preserved old water town in modern Shanghai. It has a history of over 1700 years. 15 rivers divide the town into 7 islands with 49 historic bridges connecting the islands together.

12 August 2018

The Maglev was an awesome experience !
The Bund A symbol of Shanghai. On one side stands 52 blocks of tall, magnificent buildings with different architectural styles and the other a wide embankment where you can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the Huangpu River - mother river of Shanghai. When night falls, colourful lights illuminate the whole bund area.

11 August 2018

Three Gorges Dam! 28 Billion US Dollars to build it. 40,000 workers and 17 odd years. Takes 3.5 hours for a cargo ship to move through the Locke and 37 minutes for a smaller people’s carrier to use the boat elevator !
Sunrise on the Yangtze

10 August 2018

9 August 2018

Yangtze Cruise and Shi Bao Zhai Pagoda

8 August 2018

Leaving Chongqing on the President 7
During the Second World War Chongqing was the secondary capital city of China. 1937-1945. This was because this city was safer with natural defence of mountains, gorges and rivers. There are more then 400 factories in Chongqing. Largest industry and commercial centre in South west China. The Monorail is main public transport system of Chongqing.
It is a famous mountain city. Surrounded by mountains on three sides. There are Over 160 rivers in Chongqing and 10,000 bridges. 28,000 hot pot restaurants in the city. The largest restaurant has 1000 tables so 10,000 people can enjoy a meal at the same time. Chongqing is Famous for hot weather, hot pot and hot girls Females as in other places of China are the boss. Chongqing has History of more then 3,000 years. They have their own words, customs and cultures.
Chongqing. Very busy city. Biggest city by population in the world. 33 million people. City covers 82,500 square kilometres. 10 million people in the city (CBD) alone. In 1997 - Chongqing became a Municipality. There are only 4 municipality’s in China. A municipality consists of many small districts and counties (40) There are 170,000 enterprises in Chongqing (car manufacturers, computer and electronics, scooter factories and steel factories)
Bye bye Chengdu

7 August 2018

Traditional Sichuan Hot Pot was a highlight of the day :) one we must do with the kids one time around the table.
The Chinese people were impressed at Chad spinning a toffee dragon as it is very hard to get. Means a) more toffee and b) good fortune at home! Was delicious and she was very talented !
People’s Park was a lovely look at the Chinese people socialising and living life in their own environment. Not a populated tourist destination. Playing cards, dancing, cleaning ears, feeding koi fish with baby bottles or even marrying off their unwed children ! Yes a Marriage market. Where parents unbeknownst to their children do a little match making to organise an “arranged” marriage. Was a beautiful park and a beautiful environment
Jindi Old Street. Full of personality and vibrance with a mix of souvenirs and street food
The Giant panda breeding research base aims to preserve the lineage of the giant panda. The giant and red pandas are free to wander through a sizeable domain of bamboo groves and Forrest. There are only approximately 2000 pandas left in the world. Today we saw some of these incredible creatures as well as two baby pandas only two months of age 🐼

6 August 2018

The Small Wild Goose Pagoda was founded in the eighth century. The pagoda was originally 15 stories high but earthquake damage reduced it to 13 and left a jagged top to the elegant building. It stands at more then 40 metres high

5 August 2018

Snacking in the Muslim quarter was an amazing experience of the vibrancy and personality of this city. Here they had roujiamo (shredded lamb or beef in a bun) often called the Chinese Hamburger. Dumplings are another speciality cuisine of Xian.
Army of the Terra- Cotta Warriors Was stumbled upon by peasants digging a well in search of water after a prolonged drought in 1974. The 2,000 year old army of the terra-cotta warriors were originally covered with wooden roofs, under a layer of earth (3-4 metres). The tallest warrior stands more then 1.8 metres and all were equipped with still sharp bronze weapons (swords, spears, cross bows and long bows) Soldiers and horses had been modelled from yellow clay and painted after firing, but the paint work which must have been originally been vivid and colourful has faded all but completely. One piece discovered in excavation coloured lost its colour within 15 seconds of being exposed to current atmospheric conditions.
Xian is where the affluent Silk Road began. Xian itself is divided into inner city and outer city due to the imposing defensive Ming city walls. The imposing defensive walls 14km long, 12 metres high and 15 metres wide were built in the Ming Dynasty.
Continued on Tang Dynasty 1300 years ago this was the golden age of China. At this stage Xian was the largest and richest city across the world and the First city to reach the population of 1 million. 5% of population was foreigners at this time. After the Tang Dynasty the capital city of China relocated to Beijing. The Current populations Xian is 8.8 million. Water street every day to make it look clean and fresh. Have people cleaning the street everyday.
Western peaceful (meaning of Xi’an) Heart of China on a map is location of Xi’an. Xian is one of the Top 4 Asian capital cities in the world along with Rome, Athens and Cairo. A lot of history and culture. 600 years ago Xian was called Chang -An City (everlasting peaceful city) Chang- An was the capital city for thirteen dynasties. Jo Dynasty (Bronze Age) 3000 years ago NB: From this era still evident today: Chinese like to drink everything warm (including beer😳) They used to hold a liquor ceremony three thousand years ago, where they used to heat the liquor in this ceremony. That is why they still drink warm today. Qin (chin) Dynasty Old name of China. Dates back to 2200 years ago. Great Wall was created and Terracotta Army created In this era. This Dynasty only lasted for 15 years. Though A lot of great things happened in this time. Han Dynasty 90% of current population are Han people that speak Mandarin. Alot of current Chinese culture formed in this Dynasty.

4 August 2018

We took the train from Beijing to Xi’an. The train station was absolute hustle and bustle by definition. Without a tour guide there is no way we would have ever navigated ourselves into the terminal let alone into the train ! The train travels on average speed of 300km/hr and it was interesting observing the scenery so different from what we had seen in Beijing.
Temple of Heaven One of Beijing’s most prized land marks. This temple was designed according to Confucian principles, the temple - more accurately an altar- is a tranquil and harmonious retreat from Beijing’s congested streets. The three layers were built of wood without one single nail used. The conical roof is a beautiful site, it’s roundness symbolising the extent of heaven. It’s 36.5 metres high.

3 August 2018

Beijing Olympic Park ! The Birds Nest and the Water Cube
The Great Wall of China Juyongguan Great Wall is one of the three most famous passes along the Great Wall of China, together with Jiayuguan and Shanhaiguan. 37 miles (60 km) from downtown Beijing, Juyong Pass was a solid stronghold encircling a valley, which was the northern direct access to Beijing in ancient times. The Great Wall is regarded as the most magnificent military defence work in the world.

2 August 2018

Snack Alley Where nothing is off limits in terms of food !!! Chad tried some real delicacies of scorpion and cockroach whilst I played it safe with strawberries covered in toffee 😍
Beijing Hutong Beijing’s wise avenues, vast squares, huge palaces and rest distances can be overwhelming. However you can find the unique world of Beijing’s Hutong - a mesh of narrow lanes that thread across the city. We took a rickshaw through the Hutong in Old Beijing followed by a Lunch with a traditional Chinese family.
The Forbidden City Forbidden city was commenced building 600 years ago (1406) during the Ming Dynasty and completed 14 years later. Largest palace on earth - too big to call a palace .... 9999.5 rooms inside the forbidden city 30,000 people used to be there to service the emperor. It is the largest and best preserved ancient palace complex in the world.
Tiananmen Square The sweeping square of the Gate of Heavenly Peace - Tiananmen Square - is the soul of China. The vast expanse of paving stones, scene of the 1989 student demonstrations and their gory climax. It is a motley assortment of historical buildings, Soviet style monuments and huge museums flank the square. You can see the gate of Heavenly Peace with its huge portrait of Mao. The monument to the people’s heroes which remembers martyrs to the cause of the communist revolution. There is also the Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and the Great Hall of the people where parliament meets. Tiananmen Square is the Largest city square in the world. Built 1420 It is 90 acres - big enough to hold 1 million people

1 August 2018

So we have checked into the most magnificent Wanda Vista Hotel. The traffic resembles peak hour in any city in the world. So our guide Brenda who picked us up started teaching us a few fast facts about Beijing. Beijing is 22 times size of the county Singapore Beijing population alone is the same as all of Australia The city is over 3000 years old Hardly ever any blue sky - Beijing surrounded by mountains in three directions. According to Chinese feng shui this made it the most safe city. This is why the emporor chose here for his location. No typhoon or flooding in Beijing due to location. They Can have earthquakes but never any damage. Air can’t easily go out of the city. No factories are in Beijing anymore as they made the city pretty for the 2008 Olympics 1911 was the last of China’s emporor’s (lost power) Made in China means made in the south part of China near shanghai. Beijing is more expensive Jade is good for the health (symbolism for culture)
Ready to depart Hong Kong for Beijing!
Red eye flight !!! Seems sooooo long and a tad uncomfortable :) Finally relaxed and ready for what this adventure will bring 💕❤️💕❤️