North America, Asia · 9 Days · 27 Moments · February 2017

China 2017

26 February 2017

Scenes from Gabriel's Bar Mitzvah. It was set at a movie set on the out skirts of Hong Kong. Very cool
Scenes from the ladies market in Kowloon and a visit with Jerry Klayman at the Intercontinental Hotel. The hotel lobby had a wonderful view.

25 February 2017

A visit to Ocean Park in HK. Great views with lots of roller coasters. The kids had a great time.

24 February 2017

Visiting the oldest Taoist temple in Hong Kong
A dry goods market area with lots of things to make tea including dried iguanas.
A short boat ride after lunch to see some of the harbor with old boats and new buildings.
Eating at the Jumbo, the largest floating restaurant in the world. We had a dim sum meal which was pretty good.
On the way to The Peak we ran into Renaldo who allowed us to take a picture.
Leaving the Mandarin for a day of sight seeing.
The prince with his morning bath.

23 February 2017

Our first meal in HK at Ciak. It was located right next to the hotel in a fancy shopping mall.
Arriving in Hong Kong
Leaving Shanghai and saying goodbye to our guide Chris.

22 February 2017

At another Chinese acrobat show. Really awesome. Everyone especially like the female acrobats on the bikes.
Yu Garden on a rainy day. The kids loved feeding the fish. And it was not crowded because of the rain.
Shanghai world financial center.
A quick visit to the French concession.
A visit to the museum.
Breakfast at the Peninsula Hotel in Shanghai.

21 February 2017

Waiting for flight to Shanghai
Saying goodbye to our guide Tata at Beijing airport.
Chinese kite making
Checking out a traditional Beijing neighborhood while traveling by rickshaw.

20 February 2017

Creepy statue at Indian Food place.
Visiting the Great Wall

19 February 2017

Visiting the Forbidden City. I guess slightly less forbidding now.

18 February 2017

Leaving for China