Chile, Argentina · 32 Days · 20 Moments · October 2017

3 November 2017

Torres del Paine - The W Hike
Puerto Natales

24 October 2017

Hot springs

22 October 2017

Kayaking in and around pucon Private beach πŸ– ❀️
Biking in pucon

20 October 2017


18 October 2017

San Jose del maipo Today was a disaster and yet for everything that went wrong someone was there to try help me fix. I think I knew the day was not going to go as planned, I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning. After a quick checkin with the tourist office, I sat in the square and waited for my white van. A Chilean guy (yerko) began to talk to me while I waited. We established that my van was late and he went into the tourist office again to double check for me. Turns out the van was coming to the other corner of the square. I then spotted what I thought were tourists, it turned out they were young (maybe 19) American missionaries. But these girls spoke English and Spanish. Bingo. Yerko (40 year old) was asking locals questions, then speaking to the American girls who then translated for me. I swear at one stage I had six people around me trying to help me out. 30mins later I gave up, yerko carried my big bag to the Santiago bus stop for me. There was no blanco van.

15 October 2017

Cerro Pochoco Lindsey wanted to do a hike. The more I travel the more I realise that its people that make a trip, we met so many nice people today. The hike was an hour out of town on a bus. Simply enough except when u need a card to get on the bus. The first bus driver saw our confused faces and let us on for free πŸ‘. It was straight uphill for two hours, sometimes using your hands to drag yourself over rocks. But the view from the top was worth it. Sitting in the sun eating pasta and looking out at the snow topped Andes was pretty cool 😎. Getting down didn't go well. We got lost about three times and ended up on our asses more than once. A Chilean lady and son gave us a lift back into town. Covered in dirt we went in search for water and somewhere to wash our hands. A caretaker outside a shopping centre ended up hosing us down. He thought it was hilarious πŸ˜‚. Another free bus and we made it home. Tired but happy.

14 October 2017

Wine tour

13 October 2017


12 October 2017

Couch surfing with Daniel
Vina del Mars

8 October 2017

Valparaiso I loved this town and I am not sure why. It mite have simply been the day that was in it. Lindsey and I simply got lost in it, walking for hours from one end to the other. Ok maybe we had two glasses of wine in a cute cafe along the way but apart from that we simply walked and enjoyed the views. Every building was a different colour and the murals were so detailed and bright. It simply made you feel happy. Even when we went to the murals at night with Daniel they were captivating.
Valle de equi Pisco distillary Star gazing tour

7 October 2017

La Serena We arrived in la Serena at the weekend and like most places in South America, Sunday’s are very quiet days. We decided to only stay one night in this town to do one of the star gazing tours. We really only slept in this town and walked to the beach.

5 October 2017

Iquique This city is in northern Chile and is meant to be great for surfing.. We spent the first day working out on the beach and sun bathing. It was our first beach in about a month. There was surfing πŸ„ but the waves were huge so we decided to watch the surfers rather than participate ourselves. Which was probably safer for everyone.

4 October 2017

Biking 🚴 Lindsey and I heading out of San Pedro on bikes to see some of the sights. We were a bit delicate from the night before so we took it easy. The German boys made us look bad doing about 100km in the day and we managed about 25km and did some sun bathing along in the middle. Still proud of us 😜

3 October 2017

San Pedro A cute little boarder town. We drove for an hour downhill after leaving Bolivia and the temperature change was unbelievable. I went from wearing four layers and shaking to a t-shirt. Lots of star gazing tours here but there was actually a full moon when we were here, so no luck. I soaked up the sun on a hammock in the court yard of my hostel and was happy out, especially when Taylor cooked us all carbonara.