Japan · 8 Days · 8 Moments · September 2017

Chibi's voyage in Japan

25 September 2017

Today we went to a arcade and there were 6 floors! My dad won me a little kitten 🐱 called Sweet cheeks.Then we went to a curry restaurant and my uncle loves curry and my mum made fun of him! To order we had to order from a machine and it gives you tickets and it said the order to the chef and it was delicious πŸ˜‹. Then we went to a Kids plaza I had lots of fun!

24 September 2017

Today my family went to a massive mountain called Mt. Inari and it was 233 meters high. We had to go all the way up where there were one thousand gates and it took us an hour and 30 min. When we got halfway we took a little rest and saw a pair of girls complaining that we're only half way there! On the way there we went by so many shrines and fox statues on them and I learned the foxes are seen as the messengers to the gods in Inari shrines.

23 September 2017

Today we left Osaka and went to Kyoto to go to a bamboo forest and we got there with a bullet train and we were going as fast as a plane! We went to the end of the forest in Arashiyama then we went to see some monkeys πŸ’ and there was a sign that said at the time reach the top we would be 160 meters from the ocean. We had to hike all the way to the top and we were all a muddy mess at the time we were at the top but we saw pretty cute monkeys and I got to feed two so then we head back down and we went to our next Airbnb and I got a bunk bed and I got to sleep on the top bunk!

22 September 2017

Today we went to Osaka Castleβ›©and it had 6 floors! We took a few pictures from the top of the Castle and had a great view. Then my mom & dad surprised me and we went to an owl cafe. There were lots of owls πŸ¦‰ we got to pet 7 of them and they were so cute! I loved today!

20 September 2017

Today we went to the local train station and had some breakfast that was pizza sauce on light bread with melted cheese and some fruit and yogurt.Then we went to "Namba" and we went to a famous dept. store called Takashimaya we went to the basement to look for some lunch and it was a food paradise! It is a huge market of all different kinds of food and had so much to choose from like sushi or ramen (noodles) and many more. We finally chose a restaurant called Aha 'aina that featured spaghetti on pancakes! Yuck! We just had spaghetti and we loved it. After lunch, we went to a toy store called Sanrio Gallery and my mum and dad got my birthday present and got me "My Melody" stuffy that I love it so much! After we went to get some dinner at a bento place and I had some chicken karaage (fried chicken) and some onigiri (rice ball) and we also went to the bakery that had super cute pastry and got dessert and it was a great day!

18 September 2017

Today we're on the plane for 11 hours and we're heading into the sun so it's all day the entire time and I didn't get any sleep. 😴 But we saw Rachel and we got food first because we got a pack which gives us food first or Rachel is super kind and told them to give us food first. πŸ™πŸ£πŸœ By the time we got to the Osaka airport it was midnight in Canada. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ l got "onigiri"πŸ™ and onigiri is a rice ball with some seaweed covering it - sometimes it has salmon in the middle or other fillings. We finally got some dinner at a "kaiten" sushi place which means the sushi is sent around a conveyor belt like your luggage at the airport. You can just pick the plates that you want! I love the food here!
Today is the day we're going to Japan. Firstly my grandfather took my family to the airport. Then we had to go to the security check line and it took forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever but we got through and we're all happy but I'm super super tired. And we got some brunch because me and my mom we only had PBJ toast for breakfast it was yummy yet didn't fill me up.

17 September 2017

I went for dinner with my grandparents and we went for pizza πŸ•at a place called Bufala. Guess what happened? Our server named Rachel, saw my dad checking-in on our flight on his phone and told us she is also a flight attendant working on the same flight we are, going to Japan! 🎏 I want to go to first class but..... I will never go to first class. My grandmother told me that my mom went to first class when she was a little kid and got to see the pilot πŸ‘©πŸ»β€βœˆοΈof the plane and SHE GOT TO GO TO FIRST CLASS! So unfair! Too bad they never do that now. Times have changed, my mom told me that, did it really change? Did it? Did it? I don't believe her, in the 1980s, they peeled bananas 🍌the same way we do now - FACT! πŸ˜†