Europe, Asia · 6 Days · 8 Moments · December 2015

Chiara's voyage in United Arab Emirates

1 January 2016

Malacca fruit - good for diabetics and high blood pressure

31 December 2015

Batu Caves 1890 Hindu / Thai month good month for God lot of festival for Hindu

28 December 2015

Dubai. Dubai was our first stop of our honeymoon, I hadn't been to Dubai in over ten years and much has changed in this ever growing 'Star Wars' city. It's like visiting another country from scratch, new super buildings, islands, attractions, shopping malls and so on. Our plane arrive around 03.00 am so we checking hotel by 04.00 and went right to bed to get some rest. We stayed at the Radisson blue Diera, the older part of Dubai. Good location extremely clean and good service. We had the morning free to roam around on the taxi boats

27 December 2015

As we go on the business class coach for our arrival in Dubai we travel a long way to the arrivals while on the coach there is a very loud background music very proud music while from the Windows you just see one mega emirates plane after the other -

26 December 2015

After the stop at Larnaca took off with some Bacardi rum and warm nuts. While getting into the Star Wars films... After an hour of flying we get to choose another dinner this time we choose the Lamb and sweet potato very rich plate with a apiterizer of salmon artichokes potatoe pure, cream cheese and hazelnuts...not to forget the roared bread with butter and load of garlic. Before we pass to the cheese tray and dessert, yes we have no finished yet, we order some tweny Port absolutely lovely with the cheese. Amazing! Will continue watching Star Wars now ;)
Our 1st meal on the Emirates business class Malta - Dubai. We decided to opt for the Stir- fried chicken served with steamed pak Chou with water chestnuts and thai- style vegetable fried rice- with the side of some fresh fruit and a lovely soft Black Forest cake. Accompanied with a glass of red wine - Chateau Olivier 2007 grand cru classè - a favorite of mine, "smoky, sugar box and cherry on the nose, leading to a palate soft and mature with currants, black cherry and fine mineral edge "
Cheers my darling ❤️
Our honeymoon had finally arrived after 5 months from our wedding day and many days of planning. From the rather warm weather in Malta to an even hotter and more humid list of holiday point. Very exciting . Our 1st stop - Dubai, we will being staying at the Radisson SAS hotel Deira. 7hrs to Dubai with a quick stop in Larnaca. Business class experience from Malta to Dubai- air hostess extremely friendly introducing themselves and getting to know you a little, offering some champagne ( Laurent Perrier Brut) oh and some lovely warm hand towels 😊