Singapore · 45 Days · 15 Moments · July 2017


19 August 2017

Start of his aussie trip and i have to count down to 22 more days to see him. Used to him coming to fetch me from work or me going to find him after my work... now after work only can go home alone ☹️☹️ Cried when he was going into the departure door cause i couldnt hold it in anymore. Tried my best not to cry so that he doesnt have to worry about me but tears just keep rolling down my eyes. have to act like nothing happened cause im meeting my extended family for dinner after sending him off. Then texted him when i reached home and i started crying again because i know i cant see him even tho its weekends 😢😢 Lets just hope work can make me forget him a little bit ☹️☹️ He texted me in the morning saying he reached Brisbane then he have to wait for another flight to his camp place. So xintong when he told me that it was super tiring for him 😫😫

28 July 2017

First day at gelato today !! Fun but hard to scope cause im used to scooping a round shape instead of just putting it in a cup... one bad thing is the manager abit xiao gl but its okay because no one is as bad as michelle(-417) 🙄🙄🙄 And going bkk tomoro !!! So excited woohoo !!! Finally get to do some shoppinng manz !!! But having a bad headache now 😫😫

23 July 2017

Went to national gallery with nhm today !!! It was fun until we started quarrelling !!! Haiz de. So here how it goes (': Today he ate fish soup eith me so he was complaining all the way about how full he is and how he is gonna get fat FROM A FUCKING MEAL 🙄🙄🙄 then he suddenly get defensive over me when i say i wanted to eat sushi !!!! He suddenly said 'dont ask me eat uh idw eat' like wtf ?!?! I was damn triggered because idk why he has to say that when i say i want sushi ??? I also nv ask him eat what siao eh 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ So we started fighting about it then we went into the mrt i asked him to stfu before i rage in the mrt ☹️☹️ Then we went back home to quarrel then we ended it by saying that we will just chill off until thurs !! But i failed, i went to reply him because he said sorry and keep saying he love me 🤣🤣🤣 So all well i guess... lets just really hope we dont fight again... its so tiring omg... and sometimes i wanna laugh cause his face fucking funny but i cant ca

22 July 2017

Nothing special happened this week... but i guess i saw hm more than usual (': and less quarrelling week !!! Isit he know he going stay in so he dw quarrel with me this week. Hes gonna stay in starting from next next week and i 好不容易 get used to him booking out everyday then now stay in again ???? Then i have to adapt again !!! Si saf 🙄🙄🙄 Now nobody cook maggie for me and no more impromtu meet up at night le and only sat and sun with him but sun i need to work ☹️☹️

18 July 2017

Went to drink again on sunday !!! And guess what... i got super wasted !! oh well it was a fun night from what i can remember but siamdiu isnt that fun afterall ??? Its super shady and scary like legit you will scared some siambu come slap you or sth manz 😂😂 Anyways, thanks joey and winston (no javern cause he useless AHAHAH) for taking care of me even though i burden that day🙃🙃

14 July 2017

Wahhh seriously hope sheena replies now so that i wont have to work tomoro onwards. Standing for 9 hours and without phone and nobody to talk to is the worst feeling ever manz. See all the two faced bitch is a torture to me omg
Simi fucked up company sia... no respect for the part timers. Full timers can talk to each other but part timers cant ??? Alr stand so far from each other alr still want say us. Anyhow move people to another side because we talking ??? Or isit you jealous we got people to talk to you dont have ??? I thought i experience the worst yesterday but cant believe today is even more ridiculous omg!!! Fucked up company with fucked people 🙃🙃🙃
Never have i ever be so angry at a manager before !!! Wtf ehh !!! All she does is eat slack smoke go missing and being rude !!!! How did you even become a manager omg... and how can you go tell someone 'eh your hair is very ugly' err wtf wheres the respect manz. I mean if its ugly then say it in a better way lahh !!! Must say until like that mehh... cb kia. Glad im quitting this month and not see all the annoying face of them... Felt so lonely today. Amanda and michelle just like talking to each other and amber and iris talking to each other. I only have the malay girl but dk she chiong simi sai also no commission for herself then she keep pulling people in for the full timers 🙄🙄 so only left me alone standing there giving out flyers. Felt so lonely. Cannot use phone only can look at the surrounding but nothing to see also then leg so pain and so hungry. Worst combination is hungry and dulan. And i finally felt it today. So much for a $10/hour job 🙃🙃

12 July 2017

Lost my SIM card on the second week of sch !!!! Legit not something i expected myself to do 😭😭😭

9 July 2017

Such happening night yesterday thanks to my camp group and joey manz. Went to meet them after meeting hm. Then had mac for dinner. Went to drink at clarke quay. Quite a shady place since its not like those very well done kind of bar but it was damn fun !!!! First time trying public karaoke and it was kinda fun or maybe cause im high so im not so self-conscious i guess ??? Then we started playing drinking games AND OMG JOEY NG WAS FUCKING FUNNY !!!! She went crazy after she came back from another table and rveryone was damn high eh !!! Sing until i sore throat today 😂😂 Joey vomited and became a public nuisance for a hour then we went to sweechoon to eat but i didnt get to eat my horfun again !! 😳😳 Fun night with fun people. So glad i did went for the camp and know them !! Now i know why people say when guys go army and come out they become a better guy 😉😉

8 July 2017

Went drinking after so long. Texted hm after drinking and since he hasn't sleep so we talked awhile on the phone. I cried to him on the phone omg... maybe because of my menses of maybe because i know hes going to Australia for so long... NO JOKE 3-24 sept lehhh 😩😩😩 Meaning i cant see him or maybe even cant text him lehh !!! This is the reason why i hate the SAF. Hes like a 3rd party but no matter how hard you tried to push it away from your bf, still its still there. And its ruining you and your bf mentally manz. This is no joke. Secondly, me and hm like going thr this relationship crisis(??). We are like super scared that both of us will leave each other because of the different stages we are going through now in life 😭😭 hes in army and im in uni and i'll bound to meet new guys and all so i guess hes scared someone will eventually steal me away from him. But what he doesnt know is that i love him more than he can imagine but idk how to express this love to him. Guess i suck at

7 July 2017

Sent jx off today and im so glad that i didnt send hm ro tekong today... i cant bear to see him leave me at that point of time. The thought of him not being by myself for like 2/3 weeks is super sad and it feels like sending him away from me. Its okay joey, its just 2 weeks and he will be by your side again. Every man have to go through this and i bet he will come back stronger and more matured !!! So just bear with it for another 2 weeks and he will be there again. Meanwhile you have me !!!! The part time boyfriend 😘😘😘
Isit i feel so bad from taking money from my dad again... consequences of not working for so long sia... broke until my bank left like less than 2 digit sia 🙃🙃🙃

6 July 2017

First day of school. Legit no feels for sch omg... sat there thinking why did i study uni AHAHAHAH but i guess its for my own good next time lo ??? Whole lesson talking to clauds gossiping about people because the lecturer ang mo slang too strong. WALAO I IN SINGAPORE OR AUSTRALIA SIA !!! AHAHAHAH But its good that we talked after awhile of not meeting. The school needs to step up their printing system... so messy sia. Paid so much for these kind of stupid facilities isit 🙃🙃🙃
First day of uni life. So not looking forward to it because it seems so hard and i doubt i'll do well so fuck ittttt